"Ha ha really good! I’ve wanted to sit in your seat for a long time! Later, I will let the old man be the captain for half an hour. "Leno’s sexuality is hard to move."

"If you speak thoroughly enough, what’s wrong with letting Mr. Leo be the captain for half an hour?" Lin momo began to explore the surplus value of old catfish by persuasion. Adventurers who have lived for hundreds of years like this must know the information very well.
"You can want to talk calculate words! There is little chance of finding cosmic objects, but it is often heard that cosmic objects have been found in the world galaxy, and the corresponding levels of star cruises are consistent. Generally speaking, cosmic objects in the world galaxy are controlled by zerg, and the zerg will build insect towers with their own unique style, so it is necessary to jointly attack Lin Xiaogui and fool around in the public area first! The Phantom of the Opera has reached the bottleneck. Maybe you are as old as Jack. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a lot of boats running around with your wife and children? Long-term strive to live a few more years, waiting for that day to come. "Leno laughed and glanced at the red-faced Pearl Krabs and looked at Lin momo. He thought it was a good match for the" child. "
Lin momo didn’t get an accurate answer. Obviously Leo had reservations and winked at the crew, which means "Ask questions while the old catfish is patient. There is no such shop in this village."
"Mr. Leo, I have always had a question about animal training. I hope you can help me solve it." Payne went to the crowd and asked politely.
The crew "besieged" the old catfish Lin momo and simply closed the door of the master control room. This guy was lazy and ran away halfway, and the 30 projectiles always got back to success.
The Phantom of the Opera is galloping farther and farther away from the planet Tallman. The destination is a small black hole, where there is a big battle with the three-tailed worm.
After a day and a night, the Phantom of the Opera first entered the black hole smoking area, and the five-sided hairy three-tailed worm slowed down and hesitated.
Lin momo has made so many preparations that he will not give up all his efforts. The deck will release the brain worm with a delicate gel, and the ship will immediately arouse the anger of the three-tailed worm. Five figures rushed over in no particular order to smash the Phantom of the Opera into ten thousand pieces.
"Good sail forward three hundred seconds ready to engage" Lin momo confident because the phantom of the opera, has entered the home.
Volume 3 Out of bounds! Mirage Chapter 16 Against
Deep darkness seems far away, but the surrounding areas are strongly affected. As the name suggests, the smoking area is a place where black holes prey on stars. If it falls into the core area, even the light can’t escape. A spaceship?
Since ancient times, human beings have struggled against the sea and bad weather, and their own courage and perseverance have resisted the space age. This spirit has been magnified several times, and human beings have begun to struggle against various celestial bodies.
Phantom of the Opera is a galactic star cruise ship cruising out of bounds. It is very old and very young. The old ship is young because of its origin. It has a group of energetic crew. A young man who is beginning to emerge is captain Lin Sisuo.
"Sisso, what are you going to do?" Captain Payne is a very good friend. Perhaps it is his kindness that makes Lin momo feel that the phantom of the opera is pulled by public hazards.
"It’s very simple to compete with the insects for strength and attack strength. If you can’t beat them, then let Harley come out to block and force them into the black hole high gravity area. My salary of ten units of crystal refining a month is not for nothing. It is necessary to increase the interest rate of the wise under limited conditions." Lin momo is a good man who is good at living in the mouth of the incarnate son.
"alas! These bugs are pitiful. They have chased us for so long that they have to fight without taking a break. Try not to torture them. I believe that there is no pain in falling into a black hole because gravity is great in all aspects. "Payne mumbled and prayed that the bugs would hang up quickly and return smoothly.
"Hehe, have you met your opponent recently?" Lin momo took one look at Jenny, a woman who tortured Payne a lot. Now the gentleman feels the same way when he sees these worms.
Payne said awkwardly, "Well, where did you think? Hurry up and get the breadfruit done. I don’t think I’m strong enough. I won’t really start until I reach the sixth grade. "
Lin momo nodded, knowing that this may be Jenny’s expectation to Payne that women have a lot of attention when choosing men, while men should look pleasing to the eye when choosing women. Of course, this is his Lin momo-style emotional view.
Lin momo was talking to Payne when the five bugs on the screen suddenly formed an encirclement, and the comet-like light burst into the phantom of the opera energy shield.
Incarnate son escaped from three light groups and got two energy shields. The damage was really light.
"I fuck these bugs, so it’s time to kill them." Lin momo stared angrily and scolded.
The picture is fixed at a certain moment. Three-tailed worms spit out skulls in the light mass. They are human head ammunition and are decomposed into linear particles for bombardment. I don’t know how many adventurers these five worms have swallowed. Although they are out of bounds to make a living and eat on their own, Lin momo is influenced by the sinking blade. He really hates these worms and orders to fight back immediately.
"Hissing …" It’s unbearable for the soul to throb from outside the ship. It’s the roar of insects from the spiritual level.
The sudden fire in the battery area and the close-range pouring of cannon light brighten the beetle’s ferocious face. The Phantom of the Opera continues to drag the battlefield in the direction of the black hole, and the influence of gravity is increasing.
"Good steady preparation ship lighter popular" Lin momo methodically control incarnate son put vice mind to deal with the black hole gravity cooperate with each other to make the phantom of the opera, such as an armband.
Five insects tried to do the same thing again and surrounded the Phantom of the Opera. However, the solar sail seemed to burn with light, and then the crystal hit the corner and sprinted forward. Immediately, one insect was knocked out and watched unconscious and pulled to the black hole a little.
"hiss" more than four worm throat peristalsis and spit out to the phantom of the opera, comet-like light, human skulls in the light rub against each other and then bombard the energy shield into light particles.
At the same time, the body angles of the two insects in the thick beam explosion in the battery area are just right, and the two insects are forced to the black hole.
Phantom of the Opera came to violently shake the hull, and only two worms collided with each other and wanted to fall with the enemy.
"Hum want to cross the rubicon? Then I’ll counterplot the charm son to move in the direction of the black hole for one hundred seconds. The propeller power of Phantom of the Opera starts Harley to block it for me. "Lin momo’s eyes are as sharp as eagle eyes and raise my hand to type in instructions to prepare for a stronger ship lighter.
Just now, the two insects were forced back by the cannon light and struggled to fly back. Harley disdainfully skimmed the pie mouth and adjusted the focal length values of the main gun. The screen of the thick finger gently scratched and sealed the two insects again and again to prevent them from approaching.
At the same time, Harley manipulated the auxiliary guns to attack the Phantom of the Opera, and the three-tailed worms on both sides of the crowd supported the situation alone.
When the Phantom of the Opera is getting closer and closer to the deep darkness, it is bound by the gravity to escape. Lin momo decided to hammer the screen with the light breaking and flying around the hull, and there was a sudden lag.
"Feather drift …" Lin momo read aloud.
Feather armor at the bottom of the ship converged into a vortex, and the attack of the four insects was suppressed like earth-shaking. They felt the movement for a moment, and the six huge metal wings at the tail of the Phantom of the Opera stretched out and the propeller flashed bright light, and then the figure disappeared.
The Phantom of the Opera didn’t really disappear, but moved to the edge of the smoking area for hundreds of light seconds as soon as it broke free from the gravitational bondage of the small black hole. Before leaving, it prepared for a long time. The positive and negative matter annihilated the light cannon and thundered to attack, as if the roaring behemoth shouted to the insects to cut off their last way.
In this battle, Phantom of the Opera also did its best to announce the success to everyone when the charm son watched the state of the five-sided hairy three-tailed worm.
The advantage of the home game is naturally very strong. Old catfish Leo estimates that if it is hard to fight in the end, it is likely to lose both sides. At this moment, the Phantom of the Black Hole takes away most of the dangers except energy loss, and the hull foundation does not cause damage, which can be said to be a great victory.
"Report on the fall of the three-tailed insect department. We can get back to Tallman planet with high anxiety." The incarnate son’s screen made a beautiful woman form and saluted Lin momo in a bright army.
"Why? Has your physical appearance finally been finalized? Look at the delicious food! " Lin momo jokingly asked.
"Oh, uncle captain is good or bad! Who finalized the design? That depends on what you mean. "The screen incarnate son gathers beautiful women and blinks wittily, which is in bud.
Lin momo smiled. "It’s up to you to know that I am the first captain, but I really want to go back soon. Don’t let Burton and those people take advantage of our Phantom of the Opera. The other party is not slow."
Lin momo’s worry is not superfluous. The Phantom of the Opera sails faster and faster at most. Burton’s clippers have saved more than ten or thirty-seven days of sailing, and when they come, they have few efforts to turn back.
Speed or Speed Phantom of the Opera, after a tense flight of more than ten hours, once again returned to Tallman planet.
Mei Er carefully monitored the nearby activities and found that the competitors had not arrived yet.
Real Jack’s opponent Burton is a little underestimating. No matter how severe the D-class star cruise ship just arrived in the out-of-bounds galaxy, it is also possible to complete the C-class alone. Unless it is in a bottleneck period like his stormy boat and two powerful helpers, it is possible for the Zerg territory to grab the breadfruit and recognize the Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps it was before the fight. Therefore, Burton’s ship is still some distance from the Tallman planet. Although it is a few hours away, it misses a good opportunity to pick up bargains.
Incarnate son observe zerg territory that there is no danger after landing sparse bread trees across the eyes Lin momo gently fell to the ground.
"Does Old Master Lin help?" Leno also jumped up, breathing thin gas to stretch his muscles.
"Without the teacher’s help, some experience has already benefited our junior generation." Momo Lin said, waving to the boat, Cui Hetang and Connor jumped forward and joined the thugs around the captain.
Bread tree branches and vines are like human blood vessels winding to branches and leaves like perming hair and rolling fruit, which really looks like bread. However, Lin momo is a little depressed, and each tree bears at most five or six fruits. More trees have nothing at a glance, and you can see that the specific harvest amount is 45 in total.
When the charm son observed this place, he had returned to the image place. Lin Sisuo was psychologically prepared. Relatively speaking, this place is already a very good zerg tribe. The amount of bread and fruit in its place is not as much as it is here. It is probably as much as it grows. After all, the number of zerg is huge.
Lin momo reached out his hand to the bread tree and closed his eyes slightly. It took about half a quarter of an hour to recover his arm and gave me a weak smile.
"Lin Xiaogui, don’t tell me that you still have the ability to deal with plants?" Leno watched along while and guessed along while.
"It’s just a small skill of carving insects. I just chatted with the bread tree. What did I learn about the reason why those aristocratic zerg stayed here? Every February and March, the bread tree needed flour to bear fruit. The original powder creature here was destroyed by the zerg and pollinated by some slave worms among the zerg. That is to say, once the zerg were driven away, the bread fruit in Tallman would cease to be artificially pollinated, and the lack of special hormones encouraged it to bear a few uncooked fruits at most. It seems that the real method is transplanted." Lin momo sighed. If the bread tree was planted in Phantom of the Opera Ecological Park, there would be