Lin Yue will directly look at the said after income.

"Toilet set, low water consumption, high-grade ceramic toilet pipe glaze release, 36-degree water distribution nozzle design, jet siphon function, sewage outlet, sewage pipe septic tank"
"This is because I have too much water, right?"
Lin Yue now also don’t understand this is white or black face.
You say it’s important, right? It is.
Eating and drinking Lazar toilets are exclusive to the old, which includes
Excretion of this kind of thing can avoid it at its roots.
If we can find anything that makes Lin Yue feel "uncomfortable" in these twenty days, it is to go to the toilet late.
Small solid can be tolerated, but not big.
Can’t be in the big room?
Lin Yue really has no choice but to endure or endure when he can’t bear it.
It’s crazy to mutate creatures at night, and there’s nothing he can do. If he is attacked or hurt by this, it’s really not worth the candle.
Usually, he digs a hole far away from the shelter during the day, and there’s nothing he can do. After all, it’s a different world and he can’t be too particular, right?
Now that he has got this toilet suit, Lin Yue has fallen into a new trouble.
This thing is water, and it takes 3 liters to 5 liters of water at a time, which is huge.
Even now, with hundreds of liters, he can’t afford it.
It has to solve the toilet problem late, and it will be the same as before.
It’s really difficult to deal with
Lin Yue walked to the front and was separated by him. He didn’t have a house for a while and wanted to think about it or took out the toilet suit directly.
"Toilet set toilet, sewage outlet, sewage pipe, septic tank"
[Please select installation location, pipeline direction and septic tank location]
Boy, that’s so sweet
However, before the installation, Lin Yue still thought about where to put the sewage outlet and septic tank.
"It’s a problem to settle down, but post-processing can’t. If you settle down …"
Lin Yue suddenly thought of not directly leading to the acid rain lake?
But the length of this pipe is a problem. Should we break it down and make some more?
Take the pipeline to Lin Yue and put it directly on the high-precision research bench, and soon get its design.
【 FRP 1 for sewage pipe 】
FRP? This thing happens to be there.
Lin Yue took out some white glass fiber reinforced plastic from the warehouse. This is what he got when he disassembled those cars. When he looked at the name, he really knew what alloy it was. Later, he found out that it was the kind of plastic with stronger hardness.
"What are you waiting for if you have enough materials?" Lin Yue came to the shelter and chose to make it!
Soon, one meter with three pipes has been done by him!
The acid rain pit is almost 300 meters away from here. If it is not enough, it can be extended.
[Please select the installation location, pipeline direction and septic tank location, and please unify the panel-shelter interface operation]
Lin Yue didn’t talk nonsense. Fuck up.
Location is chosen. This room is near the edge. Lin Yue also specially left some.
The toilet doesn’t need to be too big, and 1 square meter should be enough, and this 1 square meter can’t be shared, so it’s not too small
Lin Yue continued to operate the toilet with sewage outlet installed in the panel, and then connected the pipeline and set the septic tank in the acid rain lake.
With a white light on and dim, the toilet set is finally installed!
If you can get a lot of water later, it won’t be difficult to go to the toilet.
Lin Yue pulled out his arms and legs and looked at something else coming out.
Single person sofa put the cooking oil directly in the living room and put it in the warehouse.
Point the regional map fragments (in the middle), and he soon saw a large number of filled fragments in the map panel.
"oh? There is also a lake in this place. It seems that it is not far from here. "Lin Yue accidentally found that the fragments of the regional map that came out this time actually directly linked his position with a position a little farther from here.
And this direction also makes Lin Yue have some ideas.
"That seems to be … what is the name of a giant creature?" He held the bar and thought of it.
According to his previous conjecture, this giant creature, Crocodile Snake Dragon, should be guarded by something in this wasteland, and it will wander around this vast area, except eating crazy poisonous English grass, and its roots will not leave that circle.
Do you want to have a look? Lin Yue thinking.
Just killed the giant creature, so this "guarded" thing is completely unguarded. It seems better to search it once.
Moreover, he also saw that the group and the world channel informed the survivors in the world that he had killed the giant creatures.
Since he wants to be guarded by a giant creature, someone will definitely think of it.
It seems that it is more urgent to go there than to go to the land and the ruins.
He tried to sit on the sofa for a long time and didn’t feel soft. He decided what he would do later.
"There are a few design drawings left, regardless of the treasure chest. We must do this first."
Put the garbage compressor, which covers an area of not too small, outside. Lin Yue frowned and looked at the melting furnace.
Although there was no damage in the acid rain flood of the smelting furnace, a lot of acid rain was left in the furnace body.
Look at the motionless ore pile in the yard, Lin Yue feels that there are too many things to do.
The box is endless, the ore is not refined, and it is not enough to go to the Shengdian Mall, the group and the world channel to blow water.
"I wish I had a busy person. Although the little ice lizards can already pick, I hope they can do more."
Ordinary survivors don’t trust him. After all, he now has secrets that must not be known.
Otherwise, that consequence will be disastrous.
It is estimated that everyone will unite to catch him and then use him as a tool to explode the treasure chest until he is exhausted.
"Xiao Bai Xiao Meng, let’s exercise to help digestion."