Galway said, looking back at Lin Dong with a slight nod and smile, his eyes were full of incomprehension. Obviously, he wanted to think more about Lin Dong’s appearance.

Lin Dongze’s so-called following them in here is also quite luxurious and not bad, but in Lin Dong’s eyes, there are many problems. He didn’t really see that he met a good natural scenery, and they built many self-rich and luxurious things, which made Lin Dong shake his head slightly and sigh. Unfortunately.
However, Lin Dong’s move fell into the eyes of others, especially in the eyes of Galway, the owner of the galloping club, and it became a provocation. Galway said that Donggang Province’s galloping club can definitely enter the top three. Although this is not the case, it is also a natural evaluation of him. Who is he?
Chapter ninety-one When will you chase me
Because Lin Dong came with Tang Shan late, they didn’t rest and stay directly in the arena. Gao Wulai also wanted to take Tang Shan to see the warm-blooded horse he wanted to give to Tang Shan first, but his brother was stopped by Gao Wu’s eyes. He really liked Tang Shan, but Tang Shan didn’t like Gao Wu. If he didn’t stay aside, his brother would definitely be fooled by Tang Shan.
Besides, at this time, Tang Shan has been talking with Lin Dong from time to time and thought of two people sitting together in Tang Zhishan’s car to Galway’s heart and thought of many more.
"It’s not bad here, is it? It’s a warm-up match, where some horsemen can challenge someone in their own game, or they can make a pact with each other to gamble. If they want to gamble, they can agree with each other from tens of thousands to tens of millions. There will also be a professional jockey who will decide the monthly champion every month and then hold an annual race every year. It will be very lively then," said Tang Shanlin.
At this time, they have come to the venue and the surrounding construction is very luxurious. There are more than a dozen spacious, luxurious and luxurious bags without ordinary audience seats. In addition to the bags, there are also some places on both sides. On the whole, there are only more than 100 people with some bodyguards.
At this time, occasionally, a few people joked and shouted that the people in the field were running slowly, shouting that they were running faster and shouting who and how much money they had bet.
Looking at Tang Shan talking to Lin Dong, my brother couldn’t interrupt. Galway slowed down some steps and came to Lin Dong’s side. He didn’t directly take the people into the huge bag to watch, but pointed to the inside outside the railing.
"Brother Lin, are you interested in playing? I can buy horses from all over the world, which are cheaper and more expensive." Galway asked with a little provocation and a little temptation.
Buy a horse and raise a horse every year. If you train a professional jockey, you need more money. This is definitely a luxury and entertainment activity that ordinary people don’t know.
But Lin Dong didn’t feel anything after listening to it, not to mention the value of his friends playing with those horses every year. Just raising horses will be worth tens of millions of dollars. Just a few years ago, a two-year-old pony in Florida was auctioned for $160,000, which set a world record in the history of horse racing auction, or it was worth $1.31 million for Seattle dancers more than a decade ago.
And these horses just flowed out from the Lins or some of his extended families and were eliminated. As far as Lin Dong knows, the pony was eliminated when the king of Dubai chose their department for horse racing. In that year, the king of Dubai was lucky to get the best result in history and entered the top five. This was a few years ago. Lin Dong clearly remembered that it was because the horse of the Lins created a prehistoric case for three consecutive championships.
"I have cash and my card money, including the salary I just got this month, and there should be more than 20,000 yuan." Lin Dong calculated carefully and immediately attracted people around me to look at monsters. This money is not enough for the jockey’s monthly salary. Lin Dong added, "It is said that I still have 3,000 special bonuses this month and I don’t know if I hit the card, but even if I hit the card, I promised to go to the orphanage and buy some gifts. Forget it. This level of horse racing is not for me to play or not. Of course, if you can find that it is worth more than 50 million dollars
"Ha ha … he’s crazy."
"50 million dollars, how can a horse in this world be worth 50 million dollars?"
"That’s funny. Who is this?"
There are still many people in the field who don’t know that Lin Dong came with Tang Shan and didn’t hear Tang Shan’s introduction. Suddenly, they burst into laughter, and those people around Tang Shan, including Galway, all looked weird and tried to laugh.
"Ha ha ….." Galway laughed. "As far as I know, Lin Xiong’s most expensive horse has not exceeded $20 million. It seems that the horse has not been born yet, but it is estimated that Lin Xiong’s ability can earn enough $50 million by then."
Tang Shan frowned, although she also felt that Lin Dong’s words were very … very human, but after all, Lin Dong came with her and she had already picked the words from the beginning.
What makes her even more strange is that Lin Dong said that he couldn’t play this level of competition and finally added a sentence that made people laugh and cry.
"Look at the sky." Lin Dong smiled and suddenly pointed to the sky at Galway.
"Well …" Galway looked at the sky along Lin Dong’s fingers one leng. The night was good, the moon was high and the stars were flashing, and others were looking at the sky.
"You see, the sky covers your head, and you will never get out. I think the universe can’t stop me. If you don’t understand what I’m telling you, you can ask your father to ask people near your house. There will be people who understand that there are several horses in Beijing who spent $67 million two years ago to buy a pony. Now who should be able to compete soon? You can ask a horse slayer and a horse meat seller, and he won’t believe it. Just tell me that a horse can exceed $100 million, and you won’t believe it."
Of course, the feeling of the party Galway is humiliation and irony, comparing himself with killing horses and selling horse meat. Galway’s face suddenly became gloomy, especially for some people around him.
"Who are you? You …"
"Come here to brag. Do you have eyes?"
"Over $100 million are you crazy? Do you want money to be crazy? Do you know how many $100 million there are? Replace it with cash and crush you. "
Lin Dong’s words brought them all in, and immediately someone said you’re welcome. Galway looked pale at this time and a cold smile appeared on his mouth, but he didn’t speak.