"It seems that there is something special inside."

"Special? Do you need to go in? "
"Don’t worry, try him again. Besides, let me try it a few times first. If there is no result, the probability is to go in and have a look."
Xu Le meaning is very clear, ChiXiao side nodded and immediately followed suit.
The two of them continued to go deep into the prison and let Xu Le continue to peel off the soul of the distorted body of the gods many times
After repeated experiments, Xu Le found that every time these red crescent creatures were stripped of ancient sounds, multi-energy and dead souls before they exploded wildly.
At that time, these weird States had actually entered a sober mode.
Xu Le’s medical technology is not good, and it is not clear whether it can survive after layers of corrosion and peeling.
But under normal circumstances, biological energy should make them struggle to survive.
But these biological reaction departments are against the normal biological reaction.
It seems very strange
Xu Le repeated the experiment four times after the first two times, but he still didn’t get the answer he wanted. The problem is very obvious.
Xu Le threw away his weird head and turned to look at it.
"Now it seems that there is no better way."
"Do you mean to go in now?"
"Yes, it seems that there is also this choice now."
Two people at the same time look at the deepest part of the dungeon that darkness not only makes Xu Le feel weird, even Chixiao is faintly aware of some dangers.
This is a bit strange.
Today, Chixiao is not far from the ceiling of this world’s combat power.
Warlock, she is almost tens of thousands of people.
Even if there are level 7 creatures in this prison, it is unlikely that Chixiao will feel too much threat.
It’s like the former capital or Meris
At present, there is an inexplicable sense of crisis at a distance, which is not quite right.
"There was something in it that made me feel dangerous …"
Chixiao is really trying to wake up. It may be dangerous for Xu Le to take over.
However, Xu Le’s brain circuit is somewhat different.
"It’s nothing. I often encounter such strange things when I’m with you. It’s something I can’t help."
Chixiao …
"I won’t go in if you think it’s bad luck to be with me."
"Alas alas? Why are you still angry? You’re kidding me. It’s all brothers. How can I throw you in alone? You see, you say this. "
Chixiao refrained from punching Xu Le on the spot, feeling tightness in the way
"I’ll take you as a joke."
"Are you leaving now?"
"Let’s go. I also want to know what’s inside the prison."
Chixiao walked ahead but was suddenly stopped by Xu Le.
"What are you doing?"
"This time, let me rest assured that my ability to run away is trustworthy. I mean, if I run away on the spot, you can have some extra time and fight back."
Although Xu Lexing seems to have taken some risks, Chixiao knows that what he said is reasonable.
Then nodded his head.
"All right, then be careful."
"Don’t worry, I am the most greedy person."
Chixiao’s mouth twitched, and the person who can tell the fear of death so openly is really a talent.
But she also knows that fear of death is no big deal, because normal people are afraid of death. If a person is not afraid of death, it is abnormal.
"Cut the crap and let’s go."
"I’ve already explored the road. Don’t worry."
Xu Le stand stand hand ChiXiao immediately felt a dark spirit can flock to the surrounding.
This darkness makes people feel scared and familiar.