Jun Moying’s eyes darkened and she said, "Well, what did she say?"

"After all, that’s all?" Feng quietly pulled the topic, "You can’t let me recall every sentence, can you?" The palm of your hand was held by him again, and he went outside and was blown by the breeze. "You said that if Yunluo followed me every time she entered the palace, wouldn’t it be a big sin?"
Say that finish nose was ordered a "know suffering also see her? If she comes back again, just refuse to see her! "
Phoenix light eyebrow eye light smile glazed eyes flashed sly "that’s not good, but his brother is a famous military general. If his sister wants to see me, I’ll refuse it once or twice. If I don’t see it every time, won’t it make me particularly petty?" People don’t know, but I still remember those things in the past and I’m not jealous and I won’t see her! "
Not jealous?
Jun Moying could naturally see that the career in her heart was humming and Junyi’s eyebrows slightly picked "What?"
Feng Shao smiled. "Why don’t you just order her not to enter the palace so that she can connect with me and have no chance to get close to me?"
"Um … huh?" Phoenix shallow surprised to see him really agreed?
"Didn’t you give me a promise and give you that look again?"
Phoenix shallow eyebrows twisted twist strange tunnel "I this is not surprised? I didn’t expect you to promise so simply. You made her refuse to enter the palace and I turned her out. The effect is really similar. People dare not say anything about you. Then the natural charges are all on my head. "She said it casually at first, but she really got some temper when she said it." Don’t blame you for causing too many romantic debts in the past. "
"This also blame me?" It seems that the man didn’t expect things to turn out like this in her mouth. I want to defend her, but she is charming, soft and charming. Finally, she raises her forehead. Nai tunnel: "It’s all my fault to be good and shallow. Don’t be angry. If anyone dares to talk nonsense and say that you are not me, will you cut him off like this?"
It is good for him to come to her, but his temper has become more and more gentle over the years, which is simply called no temper.
"Tyrant!" Phoenix gave him a shallow push on the lip angle, but it was a hazy smile.
"Why don’t we pick him up together in the cold class later?"
The man frowned and disliked the tunnel. "He doesn’t know the way back?"
Feng gave him a simple white look. "You will know that you are good to your two daughters and will not recognize you later. You will cry!" Say that finish, no matter whether he answered or not, he walked out. "Warm and far away, I don’t know where to play. You go and get them back, and we’ll pick up Han Er together."
Jun Moying was not satisfied, but she didn’t refuse her request.
It’s not necessary to have it once in a blue moon.
Watching him leave, Feng Xiao-faced smile gradually gathered and gathered away. After his figure disappeared, he found Qingyu.
Qing Yu respectfully asked, "Does the empress have orders?"
There are some glimmers in phoenix’s shallow eyes, and finally slowly settle down to settle the tunnel. "You go and help me with one thing. Chapter 17 I have never loved you."
Yun Qian-su didn’t return to the general’s office when she saw a man blocking her figure.
After a slight hesitation, he bent his lips clearly, and the bitterness in his eyes was very strong.
This man who said he didn’t want to see her just before going out now appears in front of her voluntarily because she went to find Feng Shao?
"Big Brother, what can I do for you?" She looked at him and pretended not to know that he was looking for her.
Yunluo looked at her coldly and then dragged her into the alley without saying a word. It seems that even saying a word to her is a wave.
After the decision, he made a determined effort to wind her thin lips tightly and called her a straight line. After half a day, the depression seemed even worse. It was like just dyeing a circle in the thick snow in the twelfth lunar month, and it was full of ice. Yunqiansu doubted that he was stimulated by the palace.
"Did you enter the palace without my permission?"
The voice of precipitation is as sharp as a sharp sword, so sharp that it cuts iron like mud and stung Yun Qiansu’s heart straight.