Burning the lamp nodded again and again. "It’s exactly like this. If you gain something, you will lose it."

Wu carefully thought about the monkey king in The Journey to the West who went to heaven to eat flat peaches, steal the elixir, and turn to the fairy Brewmaster cuisine. Anyone who gave the monkeys in Huaguoshan Mountain more murderous and aggressive, was greedy and vengeful … All this seemed to have gained many benefits but unconsciously entered the Tathagata trap step by step … Wu shivered and was glad that he was afraid that he had never thought about it.
Burning the lamp and then saying, "I, you, Daoism, and Taoism are all randomly selected from my ancient books. You were unconscious at that time. I want to see your understanding, such as awakening your spirit as soon as possible, so that you are disturbed by the world’s miscellaneous ideas. It is really unnecessary to think about it at first."
Enlightenment "Master said so?"
Burning the lamp, "The last time Han Fei came to you, I found that you had gradually become a Taoist in the abdomen, and even I didn’t read it carefully, but it was by no means inferior to a Taoist in the world."
Wu asked, "Master, do you remember that you said the words’ pitiful and pathetic’ after watching Han Fei?"
Burning the lamp and laughing, "You have a good memory. I lamented that the ape was so mentally ill-fated and had a bumpy life. Isn’t it deplorable, pitiful and pathetic to be at the mercy of laymen like us?"
Enlightenment: "If Master hadn’t given me karma, I wouldn’t know whether I was alive or dead in this life."
Burning the lamp, "I’m just redeeming myself. If you thank me, I’m really ashamed."
The original burning lamp realized that he was a high-ranking person in his heart, but after saying this, he found that burning lamp was so amiable and seemed to have many difficulties in his heart, which was slightly the same as when he first met Dayu and others.
Wu asked, "Master, where are you from?"
Burning the lamp, Zheng laughed. "You are not only me, but also from a meeting place like Sanqing and others?"
Wu did have this idea in his heart and asked, "Isn’t it?"
Burning light way "nature is not! I’m a real Huiyuan middleman. "
Wu smiled and said, "I don’t know master’s ancestral home?" He was joking, but he thought, "When I was born, the land was still in the country … I should be from Chenjiazhuang, Chechi Guoyuan County."
Wu was shocked and said, "Tongtianhe!"
The burning lamp moved slightly. "It’s the Tongtian River. You just walked there. Naturally, you know it, but you’re so surprised?"
Wu naturally thinks of the nine-day array in Tongtian River. This Tongtian River is really mysterious! Enlightenment: "I guess Master must have been born in the middle of the river, right?"
I can’t sit still when I light the lamp. I turned and said, "My parents are the biggest secret. How can you know?"
Wu wry smile way "I don’t know is this tongtian river is a bit weird and quite a lot of vision".
Burning lamp said, "When I was born, everything around me was like a lamp. This is probably the biggest vision, so I named myself burning lamp. What do you mean by vision?"
Wu took out the cat stick and gave it to the burning lamp.
The burning lamp took the cat stick and looked at it again and again for a long time. "Who helped you refine this?"
Wu’s heart thumped. Isn’t there something wrong? So he said, "Dayu and Zhu Rong helped me forge."
Burning the lamp nodded. "It’s hard for him to be able to refine the cat stick at the beginning."
"Chucheng?" Wu Jue, this secret club is already the best weapon. How can a magic weapon be formed?
Burning the lamp, "The secret stick has a wonderful effect of connecting yin and yang chaos, and it takes five elements to forge to show its true power."
Wu Dao said, "Isn’t it right that Zhu Rong’s sister forged with fire and mixed with blood of nature?"
Burning the lamp laughed. "It’s not far from the difference!"
"The five elements are objects again?"
Burning the lamp, "Many five-element experts around you have come to ask me. I have seen Kirin, Dayu and others respect you and value you. It is natural that these small things are not worth mentioning."
Enlightenment: "Although I made friends with them, they didn’t know anything about the secret stick, so they asked Master for advice."
Burning the lamp said, "Earth-based wood will ignite the fire and mediate the water, and eventually it will help the blood and gold essence to become more than enough. Ask them. Now the lack of wood and water is only half-finished."
Wu couldn’t help telling the story that he made the cat stick pass through the formation array in the Tongtian River. He lit the lamp and meditated for a long time, saying, "I can’t see that array."
"ah!" Realizing that burning a lamp can’t be done, I didn’t expect him to be able to do something, so I said, "What’s the reason for crossing this array only when you have a magic stick?"
When I reached into my arms and took it out, I realized that it was actually the "Qi Dian" burning lamp. "This is the original" Qi Dian "in your hand. That’s the extension of the original. Some words are invisible."
When I turned the page, I realized that there was a big word written on the page of Ruyi’s secret stick-"The secret is mysterious again". I couldn’t help frowning. How could he expect the afterlife when this "Code of Instruments" was written by people?
Burning the lamp and turning to the page of Pan Gu Axe, I saw that this huge axe was lifelike, and I realized it. Looking at this ancient axe carefully, I suddenly had a strange feeling that I had seen this axe before. Have you seen it or not? Is it past life or present life? I must have seen it! And I can’t remember where it is in this life.
Pan Gu axe also has a word-born in chaotic world. What does this mean? The word "born in chaos" is natural and easy to understand. Pangu Pangu Pangu axe is born in chaos. Does it mean that Pangu Pangu axe will become many pieces and become a magic world? Is it a rumor that the ancient axe is still alive when it is broken? Is "land" in the meaning of the land?
I don’t know if it happened by accident or on purpose that I turned to the page of xizhang in the Ninth Ring Road. Wu quickly held it down and asked, "Master, is this nine-ring xizhang in the hands of Tang Priest?"
Burning the lamp "exactly!"
"This xizhang is not bad, but the magic weapon behind it is far from being ranked twelfth?" Wu Wen asked