At the same time, Chu Yun is also fighting back. He motivated the source of the source of power to condense into a handle with a strange shape, and the combating Dao slammed away at Dreadwind.

This knife cuts out a moment and looks dull.
But in an instant, the whole world is vast, and all the stars are covered with a layer of edge color, as if the whole world and the outside world were bathed in a vast amount of color.
This is not a bloody evil force, but a kind of killing skill that is hard to find in the world. This trick is not a trick of this era, but originated from several eras ago. It was Chu Yun who got this trick by chance. If he had not experienced extremely special experiences, he would definitely not have succeeded in uniting such magical powers.
This move belongs to the powerful avatar of heaven and earth, a blood-drinking sky!
Chu Yun’s own cultivation has more than several sources, and his experience is bumpy. The special person is even more knowledgeable than the cultivation of knives and swords.
This blood-drinking vault technique was originally put to use by a powerful self-jingxie, while Chu Yun used the knife to break the tertiary force to trigger the tertiary blood to kill and rob the layers of blood to extract strength to cast this powerful knife to bathe the whole world in blood!
Chapter two hundred and fifty Dreadwind blood
"Blood drinking is a god!"
Drinking blood and killing the heroes in the sky, this far-reaching ancient powerful magical power and Chu Yun’s own self-cultivation have brought it to an extreme to display the thick blood, which has dyed half the sky red. There is really a kind of momentum of killing the sky with blood.
Dreadwind flew into a rage when he saw this type, which seemed to stir up a trace of memories of his past. He made a palm across the sky, which contained heaven and earth, and he attached a kind of horror that made everything tremble. Even Chu Yun’s face became very dignified.
The mysterious master on the horizon had a bloody tunnel, which meant that he was going to cut through the imaginary line. Chu Yun joined forces to stop Dreadwind, but where did Liu Dao get him to do this? When even a struggle to make the method busy.
Emperor dharma body did not move, but suddenly got up and drifted away and gave up Chu Yun’s gesture. The corners of his mouth slightly raised and a mysterious smile made people puzzled.
"Chu Yun is Chu Yun after all. We underestimated you before. It was me." The Emperor whispered that he had drifted to the top of the empty sky to return to the boat of years.
Cloud road and others are low curse a dark scold this emperor unexpectedly chicken out at the moment. Isn’t that driving Chu Yun to a dead end?
Dreadwind forced everyone to pinch the staff and feel panic and shudder. If the emperor dharma body moves, at least the Terran here has a better chance of winning.
Two people hit the sky and formed a destruction. Even the stars in Xing Xuan trembled. Some small stars were directly separated, broken and annihilated.
Chu Yun even took seven steps back, and the blue clothes were stained with blood, and the corners of his mouth were also overflowing with blood. The whole person was seriously injured and worried.
The cloud-chasing guest’s eyebrows are locked, and the cloud-chasing road wants to rush out, but it is widely pulled by the cloud, and the remaining frost fairy’s eyes shed tears, and the tears fell on the wall, which made several monks sigh sadly.
So powerful, a peerless figure won the Terran sentient beings. Do you really want to fail in the end at the first world war in Dreadwind?
If such a master hides enough to keep safe, he will go to a peerless enemy to fight to the death?
On the other hand, there was a deep wound in Dreadwind Dreadwind’s chest, and the insides of the wound were faintly visible. The beating and trembling heart were faintly visible. The blow was also a gap in Dreadwind’s heart, and blood poured out!
But Dreadwind, this blood is not ordinary friar. You can imagine that this blood splashed out and scattered stars immediately frozen and petrified. That one eats out the ShaQi of heaven and earth and can not be eroded without contact with everything.
On the contrary, it’s like a flame spewing and a bleeding arrow lasing out. The goal is Chu Yun, and such a change has surprised everyone.
"Shit!" The figure of the cloud-chasing guest sacrificed a treasure fan regardless of his own injury. Such treasures are called mixed yuan and fan stars. Refining in chaos also belongs to the artifact that is close to heaven. The fairy device is not weaker than many contemporary artifacts. The cloud-chasing guest is naturally a powerful weapon in the hands of such strong people.
Guang Cheng, a cloud-flowing road, also offered a cloud-flowing umbrella, the Xuanguang Road Tower. The former is a magic weapon of cloud-flowing road, and all of them belong to first-class objects. It is much more earth than a mixed fan. Naturally, it is also because Chu Yun is a good friend and the two have joined hands to refine it many times.
The magic weapon inspired by Guangcheng comes from the fact that the wild things left behind by the wild and powerful foreign experts after the battle belong to the palace treasure of Xuanyu Tiangong Town. Without the overlord of Jin Xian, the cultivation of roots is the method of urging. This is a different treasure refined by the powerful people in the other world for the perception of Taoism. It is also a very powerful defensive treasure. The specific level is unusual. It is widely heard that an old-timer who is about to sit in Xuanyu Tiangong said that it is with this different treasure that Xuanyu Tiangong went to the door several times. Naturally, the effect is quite amazing.
When the three treasures came out of Chu Yun to fight for a blow from Dreadwind, such a change can be described as quite exciting. Even though the three people have different injuries, it is more beneficial than standing by. After all, Yu Xiu has the heart even if he wants to kill the sky!
Dreadwind’s heart is like this world eroding all powerful evil things, eroding everything without saying that it is also extremely destructive. As soon as he touches this Dreadwind blood vessel, the spirit will moan, as if it had been eroded by the dead sea. It seems to have drowned the soul symbol, and the humming and moaning are extremely heavy. At the same time, even the Xuanguang Road Tower has done its best, and the Xuanguang Yuan seems to have formed a big world. At this moment, it is also rapidly disintegrating to restrain Dreadwind.
Dreadwind’s evil star has been strong since ancient times, and even the powerful people with wild eyes have made moves, such as Chu Yun’s cloud-chasing, so powerful that the role team can’t even crush each other.