Chapter 14 One-year period

Su Li crossed his legs and sat down on a light beam from the sky to hit his body, then melted a light liquid into his body, gradually covered with flesh and blood, and the veins on his body surface emerged with ultimate sanctification.
With the completion of the ultimate holiness, Su Li feels that the body is flowing with unsatisfactory strength, and this body has really reached a near-perfect state.
The massive sacred fragments and the fragments obtained by just killing the sacred beast are all merged into his field.
This time, he crossed his legs again and digested this increasingly huge sacred fragment. After five days, he completely digested his sacred realm, reaching three kilometers.
In the past five days, he has not increased the scope of that field to three kilometers, and the prayer power of that ancient temple has also been refined by three fifths.
With the prayer power being continuously refined into the body, Su Li’s body contains strength and diligence. He now holds the power to what level, and it takes hundreds of millions of pounds to estimate that a thousand-meter peak can be easily destroyed with a single blow.
After that, he entered the 14th floor challenge area.
In the center of this area, there is a sky-high light beam, and a few stars can be seen sitting there with their legs crossed.
All the races on the fourteenth floor are only a few dozen together.
They’ve been practicing here for years, and they’re more inward-looking than holy. Dugen doesn’t know who Su Li is.
When I suddenly saw a young man appear, I was surprised to see Su Li, who was too young.
There was such a young saint in the old Terran?
Su Li noticed that one of these saints was an old Terran.
The old Terran Saint has been practicing here for many years and has been reluctant to leave looking for a breakthrough.
This fourteenth challenge is getting harder and harder.
The weakest person who can pass this challenge is a junior race god.
Su Li walked into the sky and sat cross-legged in the light.
Then he felt the pain of being refined when the soul came.
This challenge tests the soul.
But it is not a test of the strength of the soul, but a test of purity.
Su Li’s soul is more powerful than it is, but it has blended too many soul-like gods. Although it has gone through the cultivation of the dead sea and was crushed by the gods of the dark families, after refining, its purity has greatly increased, but there is still a gap compared with the top ten in the total list.
He soon chose to give up. The purity of his soul is not enough to make the general list.
"It seems … I need to enter the sea of the dead again."
Su Li secretly shook his head but already looked silly around those saints.
Because Su Li just insisted on far exceeding their peak level, it was because he chose to give up and take the initiative to withdraw.
"There was such a young god in the old Terran?" These holy voices whispered that Su Li had just shown that he was a racial god.
Su Li ignored them and found a beautiful place to practice.
It’s still half a month before the end of the month, so he can stay here for another half a month, and then leave the sacred tower for the sea of the dead to continue his soul cultivation.
Although those saints are curious about Su Li, they dare not disturb him. After all, this is a young race god.
Half a month passed quickly.
In the past half a month, Su Li has been constantly understanding the field and wants to refine all the prayer power into his body. In addition, he also wants to combine the immortal bones of Tianen and Tianwei in his left arm.
The combination of the immortal heart furnace and the thirty-six sacred lines inspired him, and he wanted this immortal holy road to go further.
Since the immortal heart can be combined with thirty-six divine lines, can the same immortal bone be combined with the power of heaven and earth? The immortal power in this immortal sacred skeleton will be triggered out, and then the combination of divine power and divine power will inevitably produce terrible destructive effects.
In the past half a month, he has been tempering the power of heaven and the power of heaven into his body and bones to stimulate immortality, and these two forces have gradually merged.
Although the progress is not fast, it has achieved initial results, which means that his thinking is right.
By the end of the month, the sacred tower challenge will be suspended for three days to leave the sacred tower.
After leaving the sacred tower and arriving at the entrance island again, Su Li looked up at the blue sky and breathed softly. The whole world felt different in his eyes, and it seemed to be more vivid and vivid than ever.
Become a saint. His mood has changed slightly
His mind soared, and soon he arrived at the altar of burial.
He thought that Yuntang once said that he would come to the altar when he was sanctified and came out of the tower.
Yuntang sat cross-legged on the altar of burial, and now there is no god to protect Suli, and no race dares to come to the old Terran to make trouble.
"God …" Yuntang immediately got up and saluted when he saw Su Li coming back.
Su Li waved her hand to make her not thank you.
Yun Tang took a look at Su Li and immediately felt his difference with a slight shock, then smiled and said, "Congratulations, God, you are finally holy."
It feels strange to say it out loud.
Su Li Zheng and then couldn’t help laughing.
He is what the old Terran gods call him, but congratulations on his holiness.
Yuntang leng leng and then smiled.
She flipped her hand and carefully took out a memorial tablet.
Su Li saw that there was nothing in this memorial tablet and then looked at her.
Yuntang said, "The old Terran has become a sacred city. There is a memorial tablet on this burial platform. Just drop a drop of blood."
Su Li knew this rule early, but he didn’t resist it. A loose finger of his right hand controlled a hole in the muscle, and a drop of ultimate sanctified blood dripped out and dripped to this memorial tablet.
Immediately, the surface of the memorial tablet fluctuated violently, and this drop of blood slowly spread to penetrate the surface of the memorial tablet, slowly showing a fuzzy tower pattern.
Su Li was slightly surprised to see this memorial tablet. He felt a little flesh-and-blood connection, and he entered the holy road by the immortal furnace. This memorial tablet shows that the immortal furnace is somewhat miraculous.
Give the memorial tablet to Yuntang.
Yuntang carefully placed the memorial tablet on the top floor, where there was another memorial tablet representing another old gods Yuan Yan.
"There are still half a month before the new couple comes."
It’s the end of September, and the horse will be in October. Su Li clearly remembers that he entered this flooded world on October 15, and he has been in this world for a whole year.
According to the rules, a new group of human beings is about to appear.
"Yes, God thinks of his former relatives and friends?" Yuntang was very clever and immediately thought of the reason for Su Li’s note.