Chixiao released Ding Ke with metal and then let those metals wrap around Ding Ke to prevent her from running around.

"Go Ding Ke if we had an accident …"
Chixiao wanted to think, but he didn’t say anything in the end.
Time is running out.
Ding Ke flew away from this place with a cry of firebird and a confused whisper.
On the other side, the branches of Xu Le’s soul-eating tree collapsed
He fell by half.
Ok, there are some soul-eating tree branches that will be left to attack, so as not to let Xu Le be killed by one blow.
But now it’s outrageous that Xu Lejin didn’t lock the position of Red Feather.
He’s just too fast …
Xu Le’s eye perception can’t be chased.
"Is the dark shuttle force familiar?"
What surprised Xu Le even more was that Chiyu, who had been in a state of madness before, actually stopped talking at this time.
And a bite said that his current moves are the dark shuttle before Xu Le.
Red feather shuttles through every corner of the soul-eating tree world
Shuttle distance and speed are stronger than before in Xu Le.
There is no way to compare with the explosive level of Xu Leling. At this time, the red feather is too strong
He has exceeded the limit of level 7.
Now no one can know whether he is a grade or not, unless he is a grade.
"The fourth god of the Red Crescent?"
"Red crescent? Ah "
In the shuttle, Red Feather has come to the front of Xu Le to solidify his body and prepare to attack that moment. Xu Le finally saw him clearly.
Covered with eyeballs …
But these eyeballs have gradually formed a film.
"This guy is? He has been able to control some eyeballs. "
When Xu Le was shocked, a part of his eyes had been turned to him.
It doesn’t feel so good to lock more than three dead eyes.
"Dark shuttle!"
Xu Le just shuttled through the instantaneous red feather, which was not far behind.
"You are so slow, Xu Le!"
Red feather especially emphasized the word Xu Le, which means that he already knows the identity of Xu Le …
They didn’t communicate before. What is this knowledge?
The eye of death passes through layers of soul-eating trees and branches of soul-eating trees to protect Xu Le to the death, but the destructive power of the eye of death is too strong
Even Emperor Chixiao Yan is nothing more than this.
Continuous breakdown of many soul-eating tree branches and red feathers finally came to Xu Le.
The sharp palm directly pierced Xu Le’s abdomen and pinched his dirty.
Gently pull Xu Le’s half belly was torn off.
But this situation is nothing for Xu Le.
Life-saving blue light desperately repairs the injury, and the body is in severe pain, but there is no trace of Xu Le’s face.
It’s like having no feelings at all.
Real Xu Le also worry because so far he didn’t think of a way to beat red feather.
My own home, the soul-eating tree world, is my own home.
Xu Le couldn’t think of a way to defeat Chiyu?
Equal absurdity
"Faded fire!"
Fading flame instantly arrival, every branch of soul-eating tree ignited a faded flame.
But when I came to Xu Le, I saw a scene that completely shocked him
See has been dark shuttle red feather actually stopped his footsteps and figure slowly flew to the front of a faded fire.
Gently pinch a faded flame on the armrest.
"Faded flame can illuminate all rules and make everything return to its original state … what an enviable power."
Xu Le eyes flashing, he really didn’t expect the faded flame to affect each other.
This kind of situation can be … The ancient sound is acquiescent.
Fading flame can hurt people’s biological rules, but it is the law that hurts the ancient sound mother tree.
It’s like Red Feather can be mastered as dark as Xu Le!