See GongSunQi has action thousand hands column and thousand hands leaf and Hōzuki Gengetsu also printed at the same time.

"Birthday in the Wood Shield Flower Tree World"
"Water eludes water in Yu Xiang"
"Magic Mirage"
Kakashi also moved the "soil to escape the soil and flow to the city wall"
"Exotic Magic Statue"
A black spike appeared in the heretical golem, and it pierced Nagato’s back. Nagato growled in deep pain. A heretical golem’s black spike plunged into Nagato’s long door, and the body nutrients were taken away by the heretical golem, and the body was sucked into the palm by the heretical golem.
"Door dun armour JingMen! ! !”
Authentic door dun armour and heat wave hit instantly. Looking at Ah Kai’s red face, looking at the steaming body, Ah Kai’s blood is boiling like a beast about to run away.
Boom ~ ~’
With a loud noise, Deidara’s avatar exploded. Although it was not as horrible as the body explosion, it was not too much. With the explosion of Deidara’s avatar, the war also began. "
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Chapter 372 Guarding animals
""this is the real door to escape armor. "
Gong Sunqi’s heart was not as loud as Ah Kai’s when he shook his door, and Ah Kai could beat the other side with a single door, let alone make it match the door.
Ah Kai has just opened another door from Jingmen, and the seventh door is shocking, and the momentum of the heat wave is even more rapid. A wild animal is about to break the cage and bind the surrounding animals. When Ah Kai opened the seventh door, some low-level animals were scared to death by Ah Kai’s momentum.
Lift the restriction. Kai is relieved of his weight. The battlefield runs as fast as a red flash. Every time Kai punches, he can do great harm to animals. He has taken over more than ten four-star animals by himself.
"konoha is a whirlwind"
At the center of its axis, the body rotates rapidly, and the cold Gangfeng spreads out. Anyone who comes into contact with Gangfeng’s animals is either upset or broken by the middle. That horrible spirit is responsible for supporting Gang Shou, and he sighs that his body is not as strong as Gang Shou’s. He wants to be much weaker than Kai Men’s armor.
More than ten four-star animals were easily solved by one move. They just died, and another batch of animals poured in, without giving Akai a chance to breathe. They rushed to Akai one after another.
"Kay, watch your back."
A speed-type five-star animal bypasses Akai with its small body, exposing sharp fangs behind him. The sharp fangs have black liquid, which you can know at a glance is highly toxic. Once Akai’s fangs have a hole, even six things can be saved.
Kai-kai, who opened the door to escape armor, reflected that it was called a rapid leap with the help of the body and feet of an animal in front of him, which just escaped the fangs of the animal.
"Konoha kicks for half a month"
Akai, who was covered in red gas, crossed to form a red half-moon shape. Akai kicked the back of the six-star animal with his right foot, which kicked off the back of the five-star animal directly from high school in one go.
Ah Kai’s fighting is so crazy that Gang Shou’s palms are sweating. There are also beasts in such crazy fighting methods. "It’s not the kui is a konoha beast, but he is in a situation."
Akai’s situation is still not good. Around him, animals form waves of animals, one after another, and they haven’t landed yet. Akai’s fists are tightly aimed at those animals that form waves. There are fierce sparks in the atmosphere of boxing, and it’s so strong that he can get rid of Akai’s fists. It’s as fast as the speed of flashing fists. At first glance, it looks like a lux peacock screen.
"Toward Peacock"
Aside, Gong Sunqi felt the real kaleidoscope towards the peacock, staring at Akai’s sense of movement and being influenced by Akai’s breath, punching speed and punching strength.
"This is the real peacock. Compared with me, my root is a newborn peacock baby."
Gong Sunqi relies on the ability to carry several animals to attack, just to witness the real strength of Kai Huang, the master of the door-hiding armor. That’s why Gong Sunqi will exchange it for Akai. The purpose is to learn Akai’s body-hiding armor and door-hiding armor wearing skills.
"Hey, GongSunQi, now is not the time to be absent-minded. Pay attention to the front."
Kakashi came to GongSunQi with the help of Susuke, and shuriken helped GongSunQi block the attack of the six-star animals.
GongSunQi smiled at Kakashi and didn’t say much. Ah Kai’s mind still echoed with every move and every style, trying to learn as much as possible.
"The big ye is not a vegetarian! ! !”
Deidara, who was chased by hundreds of flying animals, was so angry that he threw an extra-large bomb. This explosion really shook the earth and was as powerful as the explosion of two places at once.
"Wait ten minutes, not five minutes. I’ll be right back."
Deidara’s clay pocket has run out of clay, so he can’t continue to play with the explosion. Can you call a pause? Can the animals listen to him? The answer is impossible. The group of animals flying in front of Deidara chased after them to form another strange landscape.
The battlefield has been continuously expanded, and the periphery of the whole forest has become a place of war. It has been devastated by war. After several hours of fighting, those three-star animals have been solved, and some of them have been dismembered and hung here, and the other end does not know where they have gone.
There are four-star animals, five-star animals and six-star animals left in the whole battlefield. The animals rely on the beast sea tactics to keep pressing on Gong Sunqi, even if they are tired and want to catch their breath, they just want to kill them.
Returning to the fog, Kai Huang’s body has been dyed red with blood, and I don’t know if it is him or an animal. There are several wounds that shed blood, so it can be clearly distinguished that it is Kai Huang’s side Gang Shou who keeps treating him.
One side has a broken arm, and Jiraiya leans on one side with a wry smile. "I didn’t expect such a familiar scene to be different."
"Deidara is fast"
GongSunQi shouted hand I don’t know when a lot of smoke bombs.
Together with the explosion in Deidara, the surrounding area was surrounded by smoke and explosion dust for a while, and the animals in the southeast, northwest and northwest did not dare to pursue them deeply. Both sides were tired from the day down to midnight.
Rao is strong, and the animals also need to rest, but one or six-star animals don’t think so much about smoke and dust. What the animals want is to pursue them with the help of this fog and explosion dust.
"There is a six-star animal approaching at three o’clock."
Smoke and dust GongSunQi they really can’t see it, but someone can. Hyūga Neji’s eyes are not white. He reports the battlefield situation when he makes full use of his eyes.
Gong Sunqi showed an evil smile. "Since I’m here, I won’t go."
Bijyudama was ready for the animal to step into the attack range, and suddenly a lot of vines came out to bind the six-star animal, and then a dark Bijyudama appeared in front of it. "
Chapter 373 Return to companion
"The fighting is still going on here, where is there to go to the rich and beautiful forest? It’s already messy and everywhere, and the sky and the earth are full of potholes. At first glance, I don’t know if it’s still on the surface of the moon.
There are casualties on both sides in proportion, and the casualties on the other side are even heavier than those on the other side. The death of Jiraiya on Gongsun Qi’s side ignited their anger. In the face of 26 stars of animals, Jiraiya was sacrificed, and the other side was abruptly destroyed. Now there are 22 animals.
Retreat for the time being, GongSunQi and others huddled in the dense fog, which has the boundary of flowers and trees and the wall of earth flow as a shield, and became a place easy to defend but difficult to attack. At that time, the animals also broke through the dense fog.