"I’ve had enough of you. I don’t calculate you. It’s just because I don’t like calculation …"

Looking at the distance, there is no human form, and Meng Chen’s eyes are indifferent.
At this time, the figure from the imperial sword in the sky slowly showed a complete outline.
It all happened so fast!
"Evil animals! You want to die! "
Bai Dujian’s face was cold. Although Bai Dujian was just a critical brother of the White House, a Meng Chen was so reckless in front of him that it made Bai Dujian’s heart suddenly and violently murderous!
At the same time, Bai Dujian’s heart is also a little surprised. Is this Meng Chen alive from the violent explosion just now?
"The Meng family really deserved to die!"
At this time, Bai Dujian simply put away his Excalibur and made a teleport towards Meng Chen’s side street.
The imperial city is very big, and the home is far away from the place where Meng Chen and Bai Zha fought. Although Bai Dujian is not far from the sky, it is also a long way to get there in an instant.
And the body Xuan Jing Bai Dujian teleport is not so easy to choose the royal sword.
Bai Dujian: It seems that Meng Chen, an air-conditioned person, saw him coming, and even he was scared and turned away. How dare he take the opportunity to kill him?
That’s what Bai Dujian thinks, and so does Bai Zai.
It happened that Meng Chen’s moment of dialogue and murder had already reached its peak.
He hates being set up! Especially three transgressions and five calculations!
But that doesn’t mean Meng Chen doesn’t know how to calculate others. Meng Chen rarely does that.
Rabbit says it’s best not to think when you can do it!
If Bai Zha chooses to fight him one-on-one, even if he dies in the end, Meng Chen may leave him a corpse, but in the end Meng Chen finds that Bai Zha is the kind of rat full of intrigue and intrigue.
Therefore, Meng Chen only calculated the white slaughter at that moment!
"Want to kill me? You have to pay a price! "
Meng Chen looked a little pale and exploded. He once again spent a lot of real yuan hiding in the mixed Yan. Although it was a moment, it also made him physically and mentally exhausted and overwhelmed.
At the moment, I look at the white sword Meng Chen who is teleporting, biting his teeth and looking around.
This moment Meng Chen found that Dahuang City Site was never alone again!
We have sinned against the White House and the identity of "The Hunger’s successor" has been taken seriously. I’m afraid that more than the whole imperial city, even the whole Warring States period, will have several fighters at the moment with the news of "Meng Chen" and "The Hunger’s successor" …
"oh! This is probably … what it feels like to be guilty! "
Meng Chen corners of the mouth peep out one silk wry smile instead of sighing, walking through blood with one foot and taking nine steps, turning around and sweeping away in one direction.
Even if there is a glimmer of hope, Meng Chen doesn’t want to give up
Feeling the murder getting closer and closer behind him, this moment Meng Chen’s mind is like a movie, and all kinds of past experiences, plus coming to this world for more than three months, have emerged in front of him …
"Mother … father …"
Thinking about thinking about Meng Chen, it’s not sad to feel a sour nose and tears in a man’s eyes.
In his previous life, he had never even seen what his parents looked like, and he had always been raised by the old director of the orphanage. He never had any concept of father’s love and mother’s love Meng Chen.
On that day, when I saw a small cryolite bed in the claustrophobic darkness through the screen in Li Haoyuan’s hand, a thin and gentle woman lay …
Meng Chen heart abrupt tightening up!
She has been sleeping for more than ten years, but she opened her eyes when she stepped into the Li family.
But she can’t say a word, a word, and tears only fall from the corner of her eyes, which seems to prove that she knows she is coming! Is this ….. is blood induction?
At that moment, the place in Meng Chen’s heart where no one had ever stirred up suddenly seemed to be alive.
"Never saw your face, never heard your voice, never wiped away the tears in your eyes … how can you be willing? !”
Meng Chen clenched his teeth and couldn’t help but leave two lines of clear tears in his eyes.
And the tears Meng Chen did not pay attention to when he dropped his chest.
At the moment, the rabbit’s eyes suddenly widened to a certain place in the mixed Yan Li’s huge word Daoyan remnant tablet.
"Hey? Blood traction? !”
The rabbit blinked his big green eyes and stared at a place where a faint purple soul fire was beating violently among a piece of jet …
Meanwhile, Baijia Shengdi
A dark underground world, the underground is like a long jump of dark and deep flames.
And the flame curled up in a huge prison with an almost unrecognizable human figure. The hair was withered and long, and the limbs were faintly engraved with countless mysterious runes.
Those runes, like living creatures, are attacking the eyebrows of the figure little by little through their limbs.
"Chen … Chen son …"
Chapter 23 Ancient wasteland
A white mountain flashed across the sky like a flash
"Evil animals, you will die today!"
When Bai Dujian’s figure reappeared, it was blown out of a huge pit by Tian Tooth.
In the end, Bai Dujian glanced at the humanoid, no breath, and the eyes were cold, but there was a trace of suppressed anger.
At the moment, Meng Chen is urging the blood line to take nine steps in one direction.
"You can escape!"
Bai Dujian slightly closed his eyes and read this moment all over Fiona Fang Baili.
Meng Chen figure soon appeared Bai Dujian spirit read range.
"This is …"
At this time, Meng Chen, who is far away, suddenly became surprised in his heart. When Meng Chen swept over like mercury, he felt that he was being watched by his eyes all the time, and the chill was even worse.
People’s mysterious fighters have already broken Dan Cheng Ying’s knowledge of the sea and expanded their minds, which can be spread all over Fiona Fang.
Such a means is no longer comparable to that of the fighters in the gas environment.
Therefore, the sense of crisis in Meng Chen’s heart is getting stronger and stronger.
"Is there any way for the rabbit to avoid his thoughts?"
At this time of disease from Meng Chen couldn’t help asking
Before that, he remembered that the rabbit had said that if it was not too close, it could cover all the smells.
"You are too young to judge people’s mysterious ability. If you want to return to the imperial city, you can’t escape his mixed thoughts, which can cover your breath, and your words and deeds can be seen by him."
Rabbit voice has also become a bit dignified, but now Meng Chen is facing the strong in the mysterious realm, even now it can also compete with the law
In the final analysis, the rabbit is just a spirit born from the word Taoist tablet.
Of course, if Meng Chen can find two words, Tao Yan, the remnant tablet, there is still a way to protect Meng Chen’s week, which can be a fantasy …
"oh! It seems that there is an adventure! "
Meng Chen gritted his teeth and suddenly burst into a bright fine mans speed soared again.
At the same time, the bloody scales gradually attached to Meng Chen.
Blood is evil!
"Hum! You are too slow! "
Just then a cold sound Meng Chen sounded behind him.
"Not good!"
A huge fist print with thousands of feet suddenly appeared, and the fluctuation of terror psionic power on Meng Chen’s head directly pressed hundreds of feet of ground in Fiona Fang to reveal a fist-shaped mark.