Skeleton monster stomped on the ground with heavy steps and several bones were crushed, but this monster was oblivious to Zhang Yang as the target.

Zhang Yang eyes a clot just now big nirvana palm, although not his strongest attack, but the power is not weak, but it didn’t cause any trouble to this skull monster, which bothered Zhang Yang.
Without too much hesitation, the skeleton monster has arrived.
Zhang Yang was inspired by the ferocity of the zombie’s heart, and it was also a roar, a foot fertility and a leap to meet the skeleton monster
A black shadow flashes, and it’s hard to imagine how fast the first two apex angles of the skeleton monster suddenly pick up.
In Zhang Yang, the gods know each other, and the young mans flash and crouch the sword, offering both hands holding the hilt and cutting it across a radian.
Hey, hey!
Two clear and louder skull monsters’ heads, which seem to be harder than sharp, are very sharp, but they were cut off with one chop.
But the skeleton monster ran with great pain and hit Zhang Yang with great power.
Zhang Yang’s body fell heavily.
Knock, knock, knock
Just fall to the ground skeleton monster hooves trample and blunt come over, thick hoof on the verge of stepping towards Zhang Yang.
The skeleton monster roared, its front hoof lifted high and stepped heavily towards Zhang Yang.
Violent trampling force the whole ground is a quiver of broken bones flying around.
And Zhang Yang figure is a flash.
Almost at the same time, a burly figure flashed, and the skeleton monster’s back was taller than Zhang Yu’s hand holding a blue wide sword.
Zhang Yang eyes red light flashing a roar loud wide sword a row toward the skeleton monster neck cut.
The sound is almost as clear as the resistance, and the skull monster’s head falls down and rolls towards the ground.
In the waves, the skeleton monster collapsed, and Zhang Yang dodged and was buried by disorderly bones
A shadow flash Zhang Yang has ejected from the disorderly bone.
Landing with heavy feet
FuCang sword sharp blue light to slay and then cooperate with Zhang Yang teleport to slay the skeleton monster in succession.
Zhang Yang heaved a sigh of relief. This Fucang Sword is not the kui. It’s a fairy. It hasn’t recognized the main power yet, but it has helped him defend against the enemy several times.
I’m really looking forward to Fukukura’s claim to the ocean.