Zhang Yang just took out a ginger flag after thinking, held a decree in his hand, and the flag suddenly flew up and turned into a yellow light and sank to the ground.

Then the gods moved, "Bang!" Behind a ring, golden wings burst, and with a flick of his hand, people have appeared for miles away.
With a flick of his wings, Zhang Yang’s realistic power can escape from more than ten miles and nearly twenty miles away, although it is not a wave of his hand, it is also several miles away.
A short time later, Zhang Yangren had circled a wooded hill two or three hundred miles away and plunged into the forest and fell to the ground.
Zhang Yang eye closure induction a break-up scene with officer Mo Er unexpectedly mapped into the sea of knowledge and nodded his face with satisfaction.
That little ginger flag submerged in the ground is a small array flag. Of course, this kind of small array flag can’t send the real thing, but it is not a problem if it is a picture.
Zhang Yang explained in his heart that this is equivalent to a camera that can monitor the place.
Although Zhang Yang is ready to help Guan Mo ‘er and believes in her heart, she can’t give her life.
With this arrangement, even if Guan Mo ‘er has any bad thoughts, he can be safe himself.
Of course, Zhang Yang doesn’t believe that Guan Moer will harm him. It’s just a precaution.
After landing, the sleeve robe waved several flags and sank into the surrounding ground to cover the range of Fiona Fang miles
This is a defensive array. This array is not too low in quality, and it is simple to arrange. If you want to break it, you can’t do it even if the strong in the then period don’t have a wick.
Zhang Yang doesn’t expect to rely on this circle to really defend the enemy, but with this circle, he can give an early warning so as not to let the enemy touch the crowd without knowing it.
The black circle was naturally drilled into the ground to condense Yin Qi for the first time. Zhang Yang also released bleeding slaves and ten mechanical puppets and ordered them to defend the circle and destroy everything that dared to approach the enemy.
After these preparations, Zhang Yang was slightly relieved.
Cross-legged sitting stretched out his hand and took out Yan Gong and Yan Po, and their faces immediately showed strange expressions.
God moved a pile of bottles and jars to appear in front of him.
But look at these bottles and jars. Most of them are visible to the naked eye. There are either some crawling larvae or some eggs, and some poisonous insect corpses are colorful. Zhang Yang’s scalp is numb.
With the help of powerful gods, Zhang Yang studied hard for three years and all kinds of classics were involved, but now it seems that he can recognize these insects in July 7th.
Looking at it one by one, Zhang Yang’s mouth is bigger than Zhang Yue’s.
Iron-backed centipede, two-headed snake, poisonous widow, psychedelic butterfly … all of them are well-known characters in the field of repair, and poisonous insects such as silver-winged magic ants and spider with human face are naturally included.
Each of these poisonous insects can be a big help once they are successfully bred and mastered.
Of course, it is well known that there are great risks and sacrifices when there are great benefits.
Each kind of poisonous insect not only consumes a lot of resources to hatch and grow, but also may bite its owner if it is not controlled properly after growing up.
There are not a few cases in which some people in the fix-true world spend a lot of money almost all their life savings on the cultivation of poisonous insects, only to be bitten by mature poisonous insects.
Therefore, is it worth cultivating that some people have to twitch even if they have good poisonous insects in their hands?
It is very rare for Yan Gong and Yan Po to cultivate two kinds of poisonous insects, namely, the silver-winged magic ant and the spider with human face. What is even more rare is that they can collect so many kinds of poisonous insects.
Zhang Yang was crying and secretly glad that they didn’t cultivate more successful ones, otherwise they would really be in a lot of trouble.
On second thought, now these poisonous insect larvae and eggs belong to themselves, and even if they don’t cultivate them, they can get some good things in the market.
Thinking like this makes my heart rise again
After sorting out its things, I found that the husband and wife of Yan Gong and Yan Po are really very rich, and there are a lot of spiritual stones, not to mention various instruments and magic weapons
In addition to Dan medicine, there are all kinds of poisons in the little black bottle. Zhang Yang checked two kinds and almost got the second bottle. When he accidentally inhaled some gas, he felt that the mana in his body was suddenly pumped away.
Of course, this situation did not last long, and it soon recovered after the mana operation.
Zhang Yang is expected to be breathing at most.
Rao is enough to surprise Zhang Yang’s eyes.
A breath! For a mortal, one breath is enough to kill a person. What’s worse, a strong man at his level?
With the strength of his body and the sharpness of his minions, one breath was enough for him to slaughter the enemy in the range.
Soon Zhang Yang had thought of several schemes to kill the enemy with this poison in his mind.
"Ga ga ga! God help me too! God help me! This kind of poison that makes people lose their mana temporarily is a perfect match with my strong body! I don’t know if this poison has any effect on monks in the golden elixir period? "
"Theoretically speaking, my purple and strong body is much stronger than the human monk’s anti-toxicity. Even I can’t resist the toxicity. I believe that the human monk of the same order can’t resist it. If he is a human monk then, even if he has a flash of mana, I can kill him!"
Zhang Yangyue thought more and more excited, and put this bottle of poison away as a baby.
But after this lesson, he couldn’t bear to hit it casually. He can be sure that it must contain all kinds of poisons.
Wouldn’t it be bad if any poison is not resistant to itself?
It can poison purple stiff. There are few things in this world, but who can say for sure what the fairy family means? It is really possible for those who are good at poison-fixing to make it up.
I continued to check it and found several jade slips after summing it up.
Try it with your attitude. God invades your face and immediately shows ecstasy.
Poisonous insect culture method!
These jade slips are actually a method of cultivating poisonous insects!
Although there are three or four kinds, it is enough to surprise Zhang Yang.
Look at these records, it should be that Yan Gong and his wife usually cultivate poisonous insects, and some of them are similar to training logs.