Lynne felt hungry with a wry smile on his face, but his mother simply forgot his share when he bought snacks.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have watched Lin Jin eat it over there.
"Do you want to eat?" Lin Jin held up a rice rolls and bewitched Lynne, "You can do whatever I tell you to do after you want to eat."
"Isn’t it now?" Lynne wry smile way
If you think about it carefully, it seems to be true. So Lin Jin gave the rice rolls to Lynne and Lynne. This guy lived in Guangzhou for a long time. Of course, he is familiar with rice rolls. It doesn’t taste as amazing as Lin Jin.
"Lin Jin" mother shouted at the living room, "Get up early and have morning tea with me."
"Morning tea?" Lin Jin was stunned. Of course, she was familiar with Cantonese morning tea. Although she had never eaten it once, it would be a sin not to know such a famous thing. A foodie Lin Jin did not hesitate to respond, "What time do you get up?"
"Seven o’clock"
"It’s so early …" Some people were dissatisfied with getting up early. After a while, Lin Jin mumbled, there was nothing more to say. She could eat good food. She didn’t have much rejection of getting up early. After all, she could sleep in the afternoon.
"What is morning tea?" Lin Jin shouted "delicious!" outside the living room.
"I made an appointment for a good morning tea shop nearby. Just go there directly. It should taste very good." My mother felt that it was a little troublesome to publicize and went directly to the front of Lin Jin’s bedroom and said, "I’ll wake you up if you don’t want to go."
"Go! Definitely go! I haven’t had morning tea yet, okay? "
Jin Lin nodded without hesitation.
Lynne also kept echoing, but mom and Lin Jin ignored him at the same time.
Because it was already late, Lin Jin and Lynne didn’t think about going out to play any food taken late at night. At this time, Lin Jin sat directly in front of his head and prepared to find a video drama to pass the time. Of course, Lynne also meddled in the game. What happened some time ago when the college entrance examination ended? Almost all of them wanted to throw up. Now it is better to look for it with Lin Jin.
Sitting by Lin Jin’s side, Lin Chen secretly glances at a serious face from time to time and looks for a TV play. Lin Jin thinks that her sister is really beautiful enough for people to adapt to the law.
When I sat with Lin Jin before, there was no pressure. When I was a child, I didn’t think about it. When I grew up, I had less contact. When I met again, Lin Jin was already very beautiful. This time, my sister was as beautiful as those beautiful actresses.
Want to know what stars usually wear makeup, but my sister has never seen makeup habits, which means that even Su Yan’s sister is more beautiful than those ordinary actresses.
If you put on makeup, will it be more beautiful than those in Fan Bingbing and Jing Tian?
First, I secretly looked at my eyes, but after watching too much, I found that Lin Jin didn’t seem to be aware of his eyes and looked at Lin Jin’s side face.
It will be a shame to find a girlfriend later if she is not as beautiful as her sister.
"Why are you staring at me?" Jin Lin turned to him and turned supercilious look.
Finally, I found the movie name I was interested in. nirvana in fire starred in her favorite star Hugh.
Former Lin Jin also heard of this TV play, but when I went to look for it at that time, I found that it was really too long, and at that time, Lin Jin didn’t watch it every day sometimes, so I forgot that now I have nothing to do in the summer vacation to make up for it.
At first, Lin Jin found that the advertisement was a bit crazy. It took two minutes, so she said to Lynne again, "Do you have a member?"
"No," Lynne just took a glance at Lin Jinbai and then converged a lot. The whole person was sitting still staring at the brain advertisement, and no one knew what he was thinking.
Without a member, you can wait slowly.
Lin Jin sighed, his legs shrank to the chair, and he lowered his head to play with his mobile phone, waiting for the advertisement to end.
Because he lowered his head, Lynne was reckless again. He looked straight at Lin Jin’s side face and looked at the slightly erect chest and hips that were quite warped even when sitting in a chair.
The more I look at it, the more I think there will be some strange plots after this …
Lynne didn’t dare to look any longer, swallowed and got up and said, "I’m going back to play games."
"Don’t watch TV dramas?" Lin Jin didn’t realize that she was swept again. She looked up and buried herself. "No wonder you can’t find a girlfriend if you play games or basketball every day."
"Aren’t you a salted fish every day?" Lynne disgruntled retorted.
"But I am beautiful!" Lin Jin confidently held out his chest and said, "I am beautiful and want to be my boyfriend or girlfriend. Can you photograph the school gate from the teaching building?"
Lynne recalled a trip to Lin Jin’s school and suddenly found that it seemed only three or five steps from the teaching building to the school gate.
Okay, you have big breasts. It’s your call.
Chapter 47 466 Chen Sa
Lin Jin here in Guangzhou is comfortable, but I don’t know it, but I always feel very chatted. I can find something to do for myself and get rid of the black cat as soon as possible. Lin Jin decided to finish it as soon as possible.
Therefore, in the past two days, Lin Jin has practiced dancing again. Of course, without teacher Lin’s choreography, Lin Jin practiced dancing on the Internet, so she only made a little change herself at most.
And Lynne also Lin Jin asked to learn photography, which was very soft and hard. Mom bought him a basic camera. Although the photography technology is not so good now, at least the hand holding the camera will not shake. If you want to shoot a dance video, it will be no problem.
The only problem is that Lin Jin didn’t bring her notebook, and in the summer, because he had already released the editing, he gave it to Lin Jin long ago and didn’t keep a backup, so Lin Jin still needs to prepare the video to make the picture more beautiful and have some filter effects.
When you are busy, Lin Jin doesn’t feel that chatting, getting up at about 10 noon every day, having a meal, practicing dancing for two hours, taking a nap and making a video template at night. When the video is taken, it can be released directly into the template without any treatment.
On this Friday, Lin Jin’s dance has been learned almost. This time, it’s not the kind of dance in which classical dance elements were added to the house dance arranged by teacher Lin, but the kind of dance that is ruined and cute on the Internet, that is, the kind that dances simply to sell cute.
However, in order to look pleasing to the eye, her movements are not as soft and weak as public house dances, but slightly more powerful.
The name of this dance is Russian Doll, which is a very fast-paced song, and it has also been popular, especially the piano music and Xiaoqin music, which have been played and sung by famous performers on two days, but the dance is rare. Lin Jin is also unwilling to dance those special popular dances, otherwise it will be compared and compared, and others may be tired of watching the popular dances, and the rare ones may attract some audiences.
Change into a white short-sleeved white shorts and wear white stockings. Although it doesn’t match the dance, it is also eye-catching. Lin Jin intends to use whatever means to write the title, which seems to be a shameless word like "Miss Long Legs" or "White Silk Long Legs"
After changing his clothes, Lin Jin walked out of the bedroom, and Lynne had already prepared the camera to wait for Lin Jin outside the bedroom. When he saw Lin Jin dressed up, he was shocked.
Although he has seen Lin Jin’s female costume many times, this kind of white costume is rare nowadays, and Lin Jin’s slender legs can keep his legs fixed. Now, with white silk as a foil, it can be called a leg play year.
"Why are you dressed so beautifully?" Dazed for a moment, Lynne immediately laughed and quipped, "See your boyfriend?"
"No one can watch the dance if it’s not beautiful," said Lin Jin, pushing the door in her high shoes and "walking to the rooftop."
The rooftop greening here is very good. The rooftop is full of all kinds of bouquets, and I don’t know who placed them. Because of the many flowers, the environment is naturally much better. At first glance, it looks like a flower sea. It is a perfect venue for Lin Jin’s dance video.
Let Lynne clean up a piece of land of about three square meters. Lin Jin stretched herself and did some pre-dance preparation activities, then she recorded her first video in Guangdong.
Because she danced in public before, now Lin Jin won’t feel shy because she danced in front of others, and she danced in front of Lynne.
This dance is not particularly soft and cute, but Lin Jin doesn’t like that kind of hilarious dance. If she can show her thief beauty and show her dancing skills, it will be pleasing to the eye.
So although the whole dance is still in that style, Lin Jin tries her best to make her movements more regular and smooth, and from time to time she also does some cute little movements of pouting legs and the climax of the dance seems to be just a symbolic rotation.
Lynne has never seen Lin Jin dance. At this time, for the first time, I saw that the whole person was transfixed, but it also had the advantage of being transfixed. At least the camera at hand would not shake.
Lin Jin is very happy to dance. She is lively and lovely, and she feels free, but the movement is still strict, and it doesn’t have that kind of joyful taste. This dance is not difficult to prepare for two days. Lin Jin has long known that she dances like this, although she can’t see it, she can probably imagine it in her mind.
Great dance!