"The negative picture of the dragon shows waterinfo … here, the dragon refers to the fact that the second sentence of the original formula of the dragon turtle refers to this meaning."

"I don’t understand what the negative picture is, but it means that this dragon will surface." Xiao Lianshan leaned over and asked curiously, "But this golden dragon turtle is made of gold, and you can’t float in the water."
"Don’t wait for a while and you will know!" I said calmly
Everyone stared at the golden dragon turtle in the fish tank, except for Yue Qianling, who was heartbroken and looked at his goldfish. Suddenly I was surprised to look at the golden dragon turtle that sank to the bottom of the water.
The bottom of the water was motionless, and the golden dragon turtle suddenly shook and then slowly rose to the water like a dormant Millennium dragon, which was slowly swimming out to the surface. Everyone was dumbfounded, and a piece of gold actually surfaced.
Zhang Long, the dragon turtle, had a roll of paper in his mouth and I took it carefully.
"Brother Yan Hui, how do you know that the golden dragon turtle will float?" Gu Anqi but not white stare big eyes.
"Or the tea club was inspired. I suddenly understood what the small hole in the body of the golden dragon turtle meant when I saw watering the red-hot soup pot. This thing was really exquisite in design. After being heated, the golden dragon turtle expanded due to heat, and the water was poured into the dragon turtle from the small hole. There was a gallbladder in it that triggered the pressure of water. It seemed that the submarine drainage bin discharged the heat and water, and at the same time triggered the secret protection machine. Because the golden dragon turtle was in the principle of medium buoyancy, it would naturally float."
Gu Anqi suddenly realized and nodded. I didn’t expect things to be so magical hundreds of years ago.
"You are so lucky that you can be right." Yue Qian Ling Nai said with a smile.
"Brother, look at the paper and see if it says anything about the Fourteenth Mausoleum?" Xiao Lianshan leaned over and asked eagerly
I carefully spread the paper roll in my hand.
"Leading the finishing touch, the mountains and rivers move, and the main spring is Kun Yue …"
"No? Just these two sentences? " Xiao Lianshan looked disappointed.
I nodded silently for a long time and didn’t think about the meaning of two sentences.
"The wild goose returns to the elder brother’s faucet to touch the mountains and rivers. You look at the glans of Huang Jinlong." Gu Anqi said, pointing to the golden dragon turtle on the floating surface.
The faucet has a crystal clear opal just in the two tentacles of the faucet.
"Dragon turtle is Xuanwu. I’ve never seen Xuanwu’s head with eyes. This opal is obviously not the finishing touch of the decorative faucet … maybe it’s what this opal means when mountains and rivers move. I can’t understand it at the moment," I said with a sigh.
"It’s very good that Brother Yan Hui can solve the golden dragon turtle, and it’s a step closer to the Fourteenth Mausoleum. This is a good thing and should be celebrated." Gu Anqi smiled and said.
I can also nod and take the dragon turtle out of the water.
"Angie’s right. I finally got the secret of the dragon turtle. After seeing the dragon turtle from the clues of the paper roll, I still got to the place."
"Look, are you happy to know that you have found the Fourteenth Mausoleum?" Yue Qianling said coldly.
The words in the living room rang more and more. After two sentences, Ling reluctantly handed me the words. Her eyes were full of dissatisfaction and jealousy.
I never thought who would call me. I was stunned. When I got through the phone, Professor Jiang kindly asked me to come over and have something to discuss.
When I think of Professor Jiang’s interpretation of Yue Qianling’s bronze mirror poems, I can’t see the most beautiful Byakki Smoker, so I just want to laugh and feel that this old man is very interesting
Way I suddenly Bai Yue Qian Ling’s face expression Professor Jiang somehow also took the state allowance for the main-level cadres. Although he said that politeness was a discussion, I heard that there was something to ask for. Actually, Professor Jiang first thought that it was not his proud brother Yue Qian Ling but me. It is no wonder that Yue Qian Ling has been giving me a cold look all the way.
The place where the car stops is a Taoist temple gate with solemn and magnificent overlapping cornices, dragons and tigers, auspicious animals, inlaid cornices and pilasters, carefully carved and elegant in shape. There are two Youlong dramas on the top of the temple to grab the spirit beads, which are vivid and magnificent
The gold horizontal plaque hangs high above the mountain gate, and the square brushwork is vigorous
Qingyang Palace!
Professor Jiang asked me to visit Qingyang Palace?
I have always been very interested in Taoist culture. There are many Taoist temples in Rongcheng, and the Taoist culture is very strong. If it weren’t for the Fourteenth Mausoleum, I would have wanted to go out and have a look around.
"Brother smashed so many military police?" Xiao Lianshan was surprised to ask as soon as he got a car
At this time, I found that the ticket office of Qingyang Palace was closed with many tourists wandering around or looking inside, and a large number of police and armed police were on guard at the door with guns.
"Don’t let this go." Yue Qianling handed me two badges.
The badge says temporary observer of Archaeological Research Institute.
I’m a little surprised at my new title, and Xiao Lianshan smiled and followed Yue Qianling into Qingyang Palace after glances.
The view of incense clouds fills the air, and the solemn majesty is that too many people are rushing in and out, which destroys the peaceful and quiet atmosphere here. I followed Yue Qianling through the Doulao Temple and came to Houyuan Santai. I saw a large number of people squatting to dig the ground next to Houyuan Santai, and a pit of more than one meter has been dug.
Professor Jiang, who was touring, saw me smiling and greeted me at once.
I smile and look around and say
"I’m afraid you didn’t take me to visit Qingyang Palace when you asked me to come today."
"I have something I want to ask you for help. Will it bother you?" Professor Jiang said with a pleasant smile
"Professor Jiang, please don’t be polite to him. Tell him what’s the matter. Anyway, it is estimated that he can’t help you when you are old." Yue Qianling said in a sour tone
"You are welcome, please don’t ask. What can I do for you?" I said calmly.
"Three units in the backyard of Qingyang Palace were renovated due to drainage problems the night before yesterday. As a result, some workers found porcelain in the process of excavation, and the person in charge of Guanli informed the police. We then rushed to the exhibition to excavate and found that there were a lot of cultural relics buried here, but things were messy and didn’t look like tombs. I want you to see more ancient times and ask you to help me."
I nodded and walked around the excavation site. Sure enough, there were many antiques buried in the soil. I just picked up a porcelain bottle and was snatched away by someone before I saw it.
"Song Fen Qing glaze official kiln bottle mouth is broken, the bottom of the bottle is seriously damaged, and the bottle body is broken and cracked. Three straight bottle mouths go to the bottleneck, and Ma An arranges people to rescue it."
I looked up and saw that it was a woman who was young and should be about my age. Her face was beautiful and she couldn’t see a trace of superfluous expression, giving people a noble Leng Yan’s hair was neatly curled up.
☆ Chapter 35 Qingyang Palace
"Who are you? Do you understand the rules? These are important cultural relics, and it is possible to damage them if you take them casually. "The woman looked at me coldly.
"Qiu Nuo, I invited guests to help me identify it together." Professor Jiang hurriedly explained next to it.
"Ha ha this girl is good" I squatted back and smiled and said to Xiao Lianshan.
"Yo, I knew she was good at first sight," said Yue Qianling with a cold voice behind her.
"It’s not that she’s good-looking, it’s that she was right just now." I twisted my head and said solemnly, "She can recognize the vase just now at a glance. It’s a really good eye."
Qiu Nuo Gong Xian is responsible for preliminary identification and classification, and all excavated cultural relics are sent to her. I am curious and have been watching her.
"The complete glaze color deviation of the baby pillow in Ding kiln in Song Dynasty was sent to clean up the storage file."
"The third-class classification of the defects in the opening of the blue-and-white pearl-catching dragon plate in the official kiln of Ganlong"
"Chongzhen Blue-and-White" Picture Blue-and-White Glaze in Long-necked Bottle with Bottle Neck and Crack File Classification "
Qiu Nuo seems to have a good inventory of all the antiques sent to him. The more I look at them, the more she smiles and says
"Professor Jiang, you have such a powerful hand. What do the experts want me to see?"
"Oh, you said Qiu Nuo, this child is good and talented, but … but this child seems to have no interest in antiques, which is a pity for her eyes."
Professor Jiang said this, I also found that an antique was sent to her, and Qiu Nuo’s face always kept the same expression, even if it was priceless and precious, it seemed to be all the same to her.
However, this summary is also wrong. When a silver bowl was delivered to Qiu Nuo’s hand, her face suddenly burst into a happy smile. Although I was not close to her, I could see clearly that the ordinary objects in her hand were not in the same class as the previous cultural relics in terms of value and craftsmanship, but Qiu Nuo seemed to be valuable in her eyes.
I suddenly became interested, jumped into the digging pit and searched everywhere. Finally, I picked up a broken and shabby pottery figurine from many cultural relics and handed it to Xiao Lianshan next to him to get it to Qiu Nuo.