Found JingXiang expression change Jiang Shuo also can’t help but turn to look at found a gloomy Zheng Nuo there.

Jiang Shuo twisted his head and picked an eyebrow at Jing Xiang, which means to say take care of yourself …
Jingxiang glared at Jiang Shuo. At this time, he had the nerve to gloat!
"It seems that I am disturbing you." Zheng Nuo leaned against the door with his hands in his pockets, and his smile was very cold.
Jingxiang’s agent rushed in from behind Zheng Nuo and walked beside Jingxiang and quietly said to her, "I came to help you stop it, but I didn’t stop it."
"Forget it, it’s all right." Jingxiang turned to look calm and said to Zheng Nuo, "I’m wearing makeup. Do you want to sit on the sofa and wait for me?"
Zheng Nuo expression changed slightly but did not leave, but directly came in and sat down on the rest chair and waited for Jingxiang.
All the workers around don’t know who Zheng Nuo is, but they all feel a frightening momentum from him and get nervous silently.
In the process of makeup, Jingxiang always felt that Zheng Nuo’s eyes were put on her back with a blade, which made her afraid to talk to Jiang Shuo.
If you dare to chat with Jiang Shuo again at this time and show a little intimacy, Zheng Nuo will definitely go wild here.
Jingxiang can already feel Zheng Nuo in a very bad mood at the moment.
He may have been on the verge of breaking out.
Finally, when Jing Xiang wanted to get up and say a few words to Zheng Nuo after the modeling was finished, someone came in and urged them to "shoot the horse and take your positions!"
Nai Jingxiang shrugged his shoulders at Zheng Nuo. "Do you want to watch us shoot in the past? Or just wait for me here for a while and come to you when it’s over. "
Zheng Nuo hooked his lips and laughed. "Of course I’m going to see you shoot."
Zheng Nuo specially stressed the two of you literally.
All the preparations have been completed, and the photographer is waiting for the two of them to go there.
Jiang Shuo’s styling is particularly simple, so he doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. When he walks to the front and back of the camera, he directly takes off his shirt to reveal his regular abdominal muscles.
Jing Xiang looks like a blooming flower today, passionate and sexy, and the contrast with Jiang Shuo is really strong.
"Do you remember to approach some Jingxiang later? Put your hand on his shoulder and put your face on his bar." The photographer gave his own request.
So it’s not too difficult for Jing Xiang to take pictures according to what he did, especially with an international supermodel like Jiang Shuo. He can lead Jing Xiang to take pictures with Jiang Shuo whenever he meets any problems.
But today, with Zheng Nuo watching Jingxiang not far away, I really can’t relax. The whole person is stiff.
"Don’t be nervous," Jiang Shuo said quietly to Jing Xiang. "You ignore him or you’ll never get a good photo today."
How can you ignore Zheng Nuo’s presence? This man’s eyes are burning at her as if to burn two holes in her body. There is no way to calm down.
However, after the photographer was dissatisfied and scolded Jing Xiang, Jing Xiang still had to work hard to ignore Zheng Nuo.
"You look at me and don’t care about him." Jiang Shuo helped Jingxiang with his own experience. "Or do you imagine me as him? Don’t be nervous. "
Jingxiang slowly adjusted his breathing before entering the state.
In all the movements, she and Jiang Shuoji are very close together, and their heads and necks are intertwined, which has a feeling of love and hate.
Finally, when the photographer was satisfied with the work, Jingxiang quickly took a step back and separated himself from Jiang Shuo.
She was guilty and didn’t dare to see Zheng Nuo dare to take the corner to glance at Zheng Nuo. Even her heart stopped.
Zheng Nuo look has been cold to an extreme. All expressions on his face have disappeared, and his eyes are dark as if there is no end.
It’s over, it’s over, it’s really over today.
Jingxiang said with a sigh in her mind that she wouldn’t tell Zheng Nuo that she wanted to take a magazine photo with Jiang Shuo, which was to let him know.
Assistant Jiang Shuo handed Jiang Shuo the clothes and passed by Jingxiang after wearing them, but he didn’t forget to tease "Good luck"
Jingxiang really wants to pinch Jiang Shuo out.
But she promised that if she dared to get close to Jiang Shuo again and have physical contact, Zheng Nuo would definitely go completely wild.
Pacing slowly to the foreground of Zheng Nuo’s novel "Well … I’ll take off my makeup first … you wait for me for a while"
Zheng Nuo laughed coldly at a "good"
It’s been a long time since it was completely packed. Jingxiang switched back to his clothes and found Zheng Nuo sitting in the lounge.
Just in the past, Zheng Nuo grabbed Jingxiang clothes and carried her to the outside.
Section 31
Jingxiang dissatisfied struggle "what are you doing! You let me go first! "
Zheng Nuo kept walking with Jingxiang, regardless of the strange eyes from people around him. When he walked out of the door, his clothes wrapped around Jingxiang and covered her up.
By the way, he also said, "I really want to cover you like this. No one should see you!"
Jing Xiang retorted in his clothes, "You can’t deprive me of my personal freedom!"
"If you dare to be so close to other men again, dare you dare me!"
"I’m an actor, okay! Well, I’ve kissed a lot of people before, and I’ve taken a sex scene before. Why didn’t you say anything? Now you’re just taking a picture next to your body and you’re angry. "Jingxiang has been outspoken and angry.
Came to the place where Zheng Nuo pushed Jingxiang into the car and slammed the door.
"You are still very proud, aren’t you?" Zheng Nuo also sit sideways near Jingxiang whole body tightly with her.
"I’m just stating a fact. These are just jobs!"
Zheng Nuofeng’s eyes were slightly cold and snorted. "I don’t want to shoot these scenes whether I am next to my body or kissing in bed!"