Lingcang looked at Sun Haoda and said, "Aquilaria, you go first and I’ll be behind the house."

Sun Haolai should retreat first and go first.
Sun Haolang said, "The first wounded swordsmen; The second batch of intermediate swordsmen evacuated his swordsmen and arranged with me … "
Ling Cang called "Chen Xiang you?"
Sun Haoda said, "My Lord, you, me, Qi Xin, together with the low-level swordsmen, won’t leave some for me when I leave. They didn’t abandon me. Even if I die in Weidao, I won’t abandon them and listen to my command …"
Lingcang face upwards roar loud, "Good me, Ling Tianjian Sect, will never leave the array and fight to defend the island. At the last minute, killing one is enough to kill two people, so as to get killed …"
Is this killing yourself?
A man with lofty ideals and benevolence survives, but a man who harms others dies.
Sun Hao’s heart moved slightly, and his fighting spirit rose greatly. He laughed and rose from the sky. The agarwood sword "Ding" screamed and rose to the sky. Sun Hao drank violently. "The gentleman died and died, and he was famous for a long time."
Ling Tianjian sent swordsmen to cheer up their swords and shout for great morale.
Every heart surges with this kind of war, a hearty feeling, even if it is to die.
Sun Hao carries his hands and aloes hovering over his head, and he is combative and majestic.
Sun Hao’s eyes swept across the ground. Swordsman Lang said, "Senior Swordsman Yu Gang, please organize the evacuation in batches. Remember that we can give you five batches of brothers at most. When evacuating, the general principle is that the wounded and repairmen evacuate from low to high. Is that clear?"
Yu Gangda, who is organizing the evacuation of the wounded, said, "It is under orders that the first batch of evacuees will be in place quickly. Don’t dawdle. If you are injured, you must go …"
Some wounded people shouted at the sky with boiling blood, "I’m not leaving, I want to advance and retreat with my brothers."
Gao Sunhao’s heart felt the swordsmen’s desperate fighting spirit. Lang said, "The wounded should go first. Don’t hold the brothers back. You can rest assured that Sun Haosun Chenxiang will try her best to bring every swordsman back unless the enemy can step on my body and the first batch will leave soon …"
Many of the 500 wounded were stained with blood and silver armour.
When the light of the array came on again, the wounded couldn’t help kneeling on one knee with their swords in their hands to give the highest sword ceremony to the left-behind Lingtian swordsmen.
Yu Gang quickly organized the second batch of swordsmen to evacuate.
At this time, the fire on the lake has begun to extinguish, and the Lakers soldiers have begun to surround themselves.
Sun Hao shook the agarwood sword in his mouth and quickly shouted, "If the snow first meets the array in front of me, Peng bird’s sword array will move first, and the moonlight sword will get the driving force …"
In this array sword camp, Ji Ruxue organized swordsmen to practice according to Sun Hao’s requirements.
Corleone the words sound just fell Ji Ruxue has a crisp drink "good" with his godsworn Corleone began to pick up ahead.
Sun Hao’s agarwood sword said in one fell swoop, "The crow willow first picks up the array, and the right side picks up the Peng bird sword array, and the right wing moves the wind sword to take the wind, meaning Peng bird speed …"
Ji Tiliu stands out from the crowd. "Tiliu listens to orders …"
Sun Hao, the head of Ji Tuokou, meets the water array on the left and moves the water sword, which means "Kun bird sword array takes Kun Peng’s wings and becomes the left wing"
Ji Manqing’s first head, Sun Hao, took over the sword of benevolence to form a bird’s body.
Behind Sun Hao, the elite swordsman of Ling Cang, his body is breezy, and Liu Jian’s intention is to form a bird’s tail.
As Sun Hao ordered Ling Tian swordsmen to be divided into five parts, Sun Hao quickly formed five swords on the ground.
Five sword arrays tightly surround the sending array in the center, while the weaker monks in the sword array happen to be on the periphery of the sending array.
The greatest feature of swordsmen’s sword array is that a small number of swordsmen can still operate.
Sun Haolang said that "the weaker ones will be sent to him in batches to defend with me."
Five sword arrays echo each other from a distance, and Weidao waits intently.
Lakers soldiers put out the lake fire and rushed to Wei Island.
Sun Hao’s aloes sword flashed on his head and he drank "Dapeng spread his wings and hit me back"
The swordsmen’s morale was boosted, and the five large arrays were driven in unison, and they rushed out of the shock wave vertically and horizontally.
Ma, a Laker warrior who just rushed in, saw the white firm but gentle pouring out from Weidao. Many soldiers didn’t respond, and they were directly pierced by firm but gentle and fell into the Gehu Lake.
Send array lights up Guanghua again and a group of swordsmen send away.
Sun Hao binge drank "Love ties, love bodies, swordsmen return to their places …"
Attack on all sides, four large arrays quickly sensed the position of Xiaoqing Peng’s body, and the horse shrank back again after a sword attack.
Five hundred swordsmen sent Pengniao away, but its size has shrunk a lot, but it is still surrounded and ready for battle.
Lakers soldiers attack again
The agarwood sword vibrates and blesses the fighting spirit, and the bird sword array strikes again in all directions.
The four swords were fighting in the first place, and when the shock wave broke out, the Lakers soldiers were once again pushed back into the Gehu Lake.
Not far from the lake, three giant turtles emerged.
Three Lakers warriors taller than him, many of them were dark and shiny, and one of them was Ke Bi on the back of the giant turtle.
Their eyes tightly focused on the agarwood sword gaining momentum.
After attacking the island for a long time, they already knew that the biggest enemy of the island was the owner of the flying sword.
Now that Weidao is broken, it is necessary to be able to keep the flying sword and the Terran warrior, so the loss in front is acceptable.
At that moment, Sun Hao’s three men floated on the lake, and an enlightenment surged in their hearts, as if they had been firmly locked by three ancient fierce beasts.
Sun Hao’s face smiled faintly.
Three of the Lakers’ five great warriors came in a row, and they paid great attention to themselves. It seems that their battle to defend the island should have hurt them.