There was a violent roar, but after the explosion, spy and Bilu continued to run.
Because of the spy, the hair was coiled into a circle behind it … The shield resisted the bombardment.
However, Spy and Bilu can’t continue running for too long. Not far ahead, there is a huge rift valley.
This rift should be more than 100 meters wide and deep … I can’t see it clearly.
It is possible to see that there is something huge in the rift valley … It should be a creature. Lin thinks they may be aborigines.
Maybe we can learn more about this place from them …
"What should I do? Veronica! We have fought with them! " See the rift valley than dew immediately turned around … and made a counterattack posture.
At the same time, the second thunder jumped up.
Finally, the spy and Bilu flew away from the rift cliff together.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixty-three Called
The height of this canyon may be … more than one kilometer.
If you fall flat from here, you may not be able to save it.
But this time Bilu did not fall flat, but fell a very soft object.
The spy also fell into this place. This place … seems to be the back of some creature.
"wow! Veronica seems to be very flexible here! "
Beecher bounced off the ground and jumped to the spy’s side, while the spy looked at the surroundings …
At present, the location of spy and Bilu is quite like an island, with a diameter of more than ten meters. The ground feels soft and is … dark red.
Lin feels that this is a jellyfish-like creature, and there are still many in this rift valley, and they are all floating around.
These are not cellular creatures. They are numerous … and the ex-Bomber didn’t seem to follow.
In that case, let’s stay here for a while.
"Veronica classmate! This creature is so fun! " Bilu kept jumping here, but it stopped jumping because it almost fell off once.
"It’s so dangerous here, Veronica …" Bilu clutched the creature tightly and said, "Let’s go home quickly."
"Wait a minute" spy decided to stay here and observe these creatures …
Because Lin thought they might be flying high with Qian Lin’s annihilation ship and saw those bubbles.
So it is …
After waiting for a while, Lin found that these creatures were indeed different from bubbles. Looking around, she could see that many creatures were flying together.
First, they fly around in a big circle, and every flying creature secretes and produces a … sticky substance.
They stick these substances together and form a huge bubble as they move.
This bubble is exactly the same as what Lin saw outside, but there is no scenery reflected on the surface, and it should be inside …
It slowly floated to high school and then disappeared from spy view.
Lin thinks that these creatures are the first step in making bubbles. These bubbles will float to other places and something else will add more to it.
I don’t know what the point is …
Bilu was very excited. When the spy told him about the bubble outside, Bilu thought it was like …
In the fairy tale world, there is a world in every bubble of the scene, which is really similar.
So the spy and Bilu continued to observe here … until the second day and night.
Lin thinks it’s almost time to leave here, because the creatures that Bus Man has to feed to collect food are coming soon.
It’s easy to get out of here. You have to wait for this jellyfish-like creature to float near the cliff, then jump over and grab the cliff and climb back.
It’s easy for spy and Bilu … The spy didn’t see the bomber after climbing. It seems that this man has already left.
The spy and Bilu returned to the college smoothly and climbed back along the wall of the college.