"In addition, all gods have a very powerful talent, that is, if they are not afraid of death, they will be resurrected in a short time and cannot be destroyed by any means."

The night mark said, "can it live if you kill the gods?"
"Gods and gods can’t be destroyed because they are a part of heaven and earth, just like there is light when there is fire. They live and die with heaven and earth. You can crush them and banish them to the absolute emptiness, but after several years, they will still reunite and recover, but this is no longer something we are worried about," Li Yan said.
He also learned these things from Yuan Xiang. After listening to them, he had to feel that God is powerful and can’t be killed or destroyed. After several years, it will be resurrected. The only thing that the Gods of King’s Landing can do is to suppress them. The source rules make them lose their power. The gods can’t gather in hundreds of millions of years, so let future generations deal with it.
A good thing is that there are only a few gods in the earth, but they don’t have this honor. They are gods and their descendants, although they are also gods, are not born in a nursery. The Hebo before being beheaded is a good example
The two people have already flown out of the original Dahan Dynasty, and the northern part is Datang.
I haven’t been to Datang for a long time since the failure of the Northern Expedition, but it’s a little different from this time because of the large-scale encirclement and suppression of magical things by the army. The original Datang was barren, and the trees were towering. These trees were connected into a dense jungle, and all kinds of wild animals shuttled more than just like an old forest.
But who knows that a few decades ago, it was a battlefield with many bones and rivers of blood? Who knows that it used to be a prosperous city car hundreds of years ago? Several literati in Ma Rulong sang the praises of romantic affairs, but all this drowned the long river of years. However, Li Yan believes that after the robbery, it will become prosperous again after hundreds and thousands of years. The only difference is that a group of people have changed.
Because he just happened to meet this great change, otherwise he would die of old age in seclusion like a monk for thousands of years, but this is not a kind of happiness.
"It used to be too Amen." Li Yan’s field was shrouded and he saw a familiar hill, but it was as lush as other places, and only a few broken boundary copper columns stood here, which seemed to tell the prosperity of the original place.
As far north as I can remember, it is a desert. He still remembers that he took Wang Xinmei through this desert and met robbers. Of course, there is also a golden dumpling. He and Wang Xinmei also bathed in the blood of the golden dumpling. Now the golden dumpling has been turned into a golden dragon with five claws and has been taken over by him. Now he is honestly staying in the eternal life hall to guard the house.
Although I have remembered the past more than once, I still can’t help but see those memories every time I pass by.
As soon as I flew into the original Tang Dynasty, Li Yan saw many monks in the field. These monks occupied several peaks, built halls, made cliffs and made several caves to live in, and a group of people continued to go north together. These people were not more than 100 thousand and all of them were of extraordinary strength
"These people, like us, all want to kill the gods." Li Yan smiled and said, "God is a little unhappy, and even some words have been robbed by others."
The night mark said, "People stop here, so it can be seen that these people are afraid before, so there must be a god ahead."
"Yes, as I thought." Li Yan smiled at the corner of her mouth. "And there is already a situation in front."
His idea can cover thousands of miles. When he came to Datang, he had already covered more than half of Datang’s territory. Although the territory of Datang is vast, Li Yan can cover more than half of the Eastern Han Dynasty and naturally cover more than half of Datang.
"Is there a god?" The idea of night mark can’t cover that far, or it’s not as abnormal as Li Yan. He’s integrated into the power of Cheng Baozhu, and his idea has soared a hundred times, which can’t be viewed by ordinary people.
Li Yan said, "God and luck turned out to be a Vulcan. Haha, it should be mine." What he needs is the fire source. Is it unhappy to meet a Vulcan now?
Chapter one thousand six hundred and seventy-six Single-handedly against God
Thousands of miles away, a giant in red armor stands here. He looks similar to ordinary people, but his hair is condensed with flames. His eyes have no eyes, and there are two flames beating. This god holds a fireball like a hot sun in one hand and a flaming broadsword in the other. His forehead has a scorching sun-like tattoo that shines with golden light. This tattoo is exactly the same as Li Yan’s.
With this god tattoo and the rule that gestures contain thick fire, he can immediately judge that this is a Vulcan, and it is also a god level, because this Vulcan breath is particularly strong.
But this Vulcan is surrounded by many ancient strong men and women. They all besiege this Vulcan and want to suppress it.
"This is the ancient prose that Vulcan Huilu is a god with extraordinary strength. Now this Vulcan has dragged himself into the world to learn from the power of heaven and earth. It will never be tired. If we can’t delay the suppression for a short time, the worse it will be for us. Why don’t we join hands? Will this Vulcan repression to turn again after ownership "an eternal condition the strong nasty roar.
"Only human beings dare to try to suppress our God family. We wake up today to compete for the Universiade and reproduce the scenery of God’s rule of the world. We dare to stop it and destroy it." Vulcan Huilu’s sound vibrates in nine miles, and a vision is born with his sound.
White clouds turned into fire clouds, trees ignited flames, mountain peaks turned into volcanoes, rivers turned into lava, and everywhere you look, you can see songkhla.
Moreover, this fire is not an ordinary fire, but like Li Yan, the golden flame of the sun can melt everything. If the monk’s body is contaminated with a wisp of it for a moment, it will burn to ashes.
This is not the realm of Vulcan returning to the capital. The God family has no realm. This is the gift brought by Vulcan. If he wants to, he can make everything he passes into a sea of fire, and everything will burn his will.
"In front of my eyes, people will burn in the fire," said Vulcan Huilu Majestic. Although this is a short sentence, it is a unique magical word of the gods.
God’s words and deeds represent heaven and earth, and his words are taken from this god. He wants you to die every day. Can you go against the sky?
Instantly, there are two ancient strong people who screamed at the fire and set themselves on fire, and even their thoughts were destroyed. When they saw the defeat, they quickly gathered together and fled.
"His mother said earlier that we would join hands to suppress God’s war and they would be beheaded one by one. I said that God will not get tired. Even if he fights with us for a year, it is worthwhile to kill one of us." The former strong man shouted, but Li Yan was really impressed with him.
This person met a businessman named Yan Xi in vain and sold him the will of an emperor.
"Yan Xi, don’t talk like it’s easy. It’s not like we didn’t fight together. It hurt this god. He immediately recovered his roots and couldn’t die unless he could destroy his thousand-foot body in one breath." A man said with some anger
However, it is difficult to destroy God’s body, and God’s body is comparable to a spiritual treasure. Although they also have spiritual treasures in their hands, the problem is that God’s body will not continue to recover and the speed is extremely amazing. I am afraid that the degree of physical cultivation has reached the realm of immortality.
The immortality of the flesh can only be achieved by the great emperor unless he specializes in practicing the flesh and has the opportunity to do so.
"You can’t beat a bird, but you still swear that it’s as easy to cut a god as a dog. This braggart is blowing up. Bah looks down on people like you the most." Yan Xi swore and he himself married more than 20 people in the eternal world. The strong should be able to suppress a god. After all, putting six or seven strong people in the ancient times is enough to suppress a god. Now three or four times the power is unreasonable and will lose.
It’s Yan Xi’s omission that almost everyone in the Middle Ages had three or two spiritual treasures, but now the means of refining treasures are lost. It’s good for the strong to have a spiritual treasure. Is it simply not?
Without weapons, the same realm can play a very different role.
At this moment, Vulcan returns to Lu, and the road split in the hands of Shenwei Dafa is a flame. The river is full of fire rules. These fire rules limit the monks’ thoughts and make them unable to teleport. Plus, they lose their momentum and can passively defend, which makes Vulcan succeed again and again. One after another, the strong people in the ancient world have been bombed
"It seems that you can’t beat it or leave it to me." At this time, two Changhong swept Li Yan and night marks have arrived.
In the bitter battle, the strong in the ancient world are slightly different. At Li Yan and the night mark, I feel a little incredible. How can these two people be so confident to deal with a Vulcan?
At the moment, the fat profiteer Yan Xi looked at Li Yan quite pleasantly surprised. "Li Xiong, who are you? You just come and help me suppress this head quickly. After Li Xiong’s success, I’ll give you a 50% discount on your business. "
"Yan Xi, you are really a profiteer, but this god belongs to me. You can go back." Li Yan waved his sleeves and showed his majesty, which made people unable to recognize that there were such talents.
Delay xi one leng immediately see Li Yan forehead when the god tattoo suddenly white what heart suddenly andao bad "this Li Yan is also a fire rule, this is like a hungry Chinese into a restaurant where there is a reason to eat, this is not good, this is very difficult to fight with god for so long, is it going to be lost in vain? No, no, it’s not too bad. "
But he doesn’t want to think about Li Yan. When will these people last? Sooner or later, they will be killed by God.
"I don’t want to make moves before World War I," said Night Mark lightly, and rushed out without waiting for Li Yan to answer.
Li Yan couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing at this. "Then be careful. I’ll sweep the array for you."
That’s what night marks are like. People are belligerent.
After all these years, nothing has changed, but he is much more calm than before, and he will not rush to compete with night marks to see who killed God first, but choose to watch.
If anything really happens, he will take the first action without any danger, and he can also prevent these people from making any disasters.
"You’d better avoid him. He’s not as accommodating as me. If you interfere with his hand, you may be beheaded together," Li Yan said casually.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and seventy-seven Tu Shen Gun
However, no, he said that after the night mark rushed out, the horrible murder was enough to make these powerful people in the ancient world jumpy. This murder can already destroy the idea comparable to the avatar. How many creatures must be killed to have such a scale?
"Absolutely a murderer can’t offend."
"Let this man fight Vulcan alone. It is better to lose both sides. Vulcan is not so easy to deal with."
There were more than a dozen people left to see someone make a big decision, and they immediately retired to watch the war.
Night mark has been practicing pan-ancient mainland for many years, but his fame is not much better than that of Li Yan, because he has been practicing and never stopped. In addition, Li Yan believed that night mark’s strength would not be worse than himself, otherwise there would be no such thing as killing God in the North.
If it is not courage, it is more strength. If it is not strength, it is no different from suicide. You can see it from Yan Xi, a strong man in these ancient times.
"Are you human?" Vulcan’s tone became dignified. Even when he was robbed, he could feel some hidden crises. Now he feels the sudden crisis in front of him.
The Terran with Vulcan veins has a slight sense of crisis. The Terran friar is a demigod. Although he has the rules of fire, he can’t compare with Vulcan himself. This man with a silver gun has a murderous attitude like ink, and his will is even more full of the breath of slaying everything. He is not afraid of dividing his identity as a god at all, which has not had any impact on this friar.
It stands to reason that the Godsworn has some fear of God in his subconscious. This fear does not come from strength, but from reading and seeing from childhood. This kind of psychology will affect the exertion of Godsworn’s strength.
But there is one kind of person who can resist this understanding.
Obviously, night mark is such a person.
In the face of Vulcan Huilu asking about the night mark, he ignored him. He suddenly appeared on Vulcan’s head and then dived, and the whole person seemed to be integrated with the pike and turned into a sword that tore heaven and earth.