That is to increase the dose.

It doesn’t seem to cost much to cross the border, but for her now, it doesn’t take much psionic energy to release this violent flame.
She can attack without fear in the great inflammation world.
Chixiao thinks that even if Zhongdun has the ability of cross-border defense, the ability of teleportation can dodge.
But at this time, her great inflammation has wrapped the whole area in interest.
Level rules even blocked.
Unless that puppet rule absolutely override her, it can’t be cracked.
In this way, Chixiao’s violent attack on the shield is getting slower and slower.
And less and less flame are removed.
"Yan Di!"
Another flame that Emperor Yan was directly detonated by Chixiao almost ignited the ancient sound mother tree beside them.
But these violent flames touched the mother tree and were instantly extinguished by the purple fusion power.
Chixiao is deliberately causing range damage, that is, testing a mother tree.
However, it seems that I don’t know whether the projection of the mother tree or the mother tree has self-defense ability.
She attacks less, and there is no way to penetrate this defense with such a aftermath attack.
If you can’t hurt the mother tree, you can’t hurt Zhongdun Fat.
The shield doll’s transfer flame is getting less and less, and its palm has been burned red before you know it.
An inflammatory snake in Chixiao attacked its humanized skin and finally burst, revealing the different material structures inside.
Like a mechanical maid, a gear that keeps turning is a running quality.
A dragon’s wrath hits in the red sky
After the violent explosion, three inflammatory lines appeared immediately after it.
Continuous strikes completely blocked the border crossing.
There is no way to remove the shield in the inflammation line, and it can be resisted by itself.
At this moment, Chixiao also hit the inflammation line accurately and hit the gear by mistake.
Bang! Gear crushing
The middle shield fat doll immediately applauded like a clockwork broken toy
"creaking" stopped.
There is a little joy in the center of the sky, but she doesn’t have much joy.
Familiar blue appears in the middle shield fat body.
"Secret method-ancient sound for life"
At this time, the blue light emitted by the middle shield fat body is the card that Xu Le often saves his life.
Gu yin duo ti Ming operation
This is a very good protective operation, and a mechanical puppet body actually works.
The broken gear is quickly repaired, and the fat body of the shield is quickly intact.
Unlike Feiyu, Chixiao didn’t pause and be distracted during the battle.
Although she was disappointed when she noticed the life-saving operation, the attack in her hand increased a few minutes.
Substitution for life? not
Because I specially consulted Xu Le and practiced this technique, Chixiao also knows that the damage transfer of life-saving surgery is limited
This has never changed.
Even Xu Le is often strong and strong to eat soul tree branches to replace life.
There is no way for the substitute to suffer great damage many times in a row. After being attacked to a certain extent, the substitute will collapse and hurt the body.
According to this theory, Chixiao thinks that if he keeps beating the shield doll to death, there will always be a node for him to kill.
But now the problem is not the shield doll, but the black pocket watch not far away
Just now, Chixiao, the sword maid and the flight feather, also noticed it.
It’s not that she is distracted in battle, but that she also has the ability to take care of both sides in battle
Just now, she clearly saw that the broken body of the sharp-edged maid was quickly repaired when the black pocket watch turned counterclockwise.
This is an ability that seems to be more difficult than life replacement.
It’s been a while since I fought the puppet.
But they haven’t really understood the puppet’s ability yet. Is it her or it?
Creatures or dolls?
Is that blue maid decent or not?
I don’t know these things, but they are very important, which can be said to be very important.
At present, there are three extra people who even count the black pocket watch.
Will there be more dolls?
Is the blue maid capable of fighting?
The thought of these things is troublesome even for Chixiao.
Can the ability of black pocket watch make Chixiao feel that there is no need to consider it?
Puppet’s ability is absolutely common, which should be similar to those of puppet masters.
Moreover, the puppet’s ability will be stronger than that of the puppet master, not weaker
"It’s getting more and more troublesome."
Chixiao suddenly appeared in front of her when she launched a new round of attack.
The accumulated flames seem to have gathered at this moment.
The energy that is about to erupt will make several people look askance at him.