At this time, Tianlin suddenly asked, "I don’t know the current situation of kindness?"

"Kindness is a little better, but it is often influenced by the memory of the dark Lord. Brother Chu went here to solve this problem and prevent the dark Lord from being special," Chu Xin replied
Day’ continue to ask "the dark Lord? Has he not been wiped out? "
Vientiane Xuanzun took over the topic and said, "In fact, the dark Lord represents the dark side of the world, but it is transformed by eternal dark forces. Three years ago, the dark Lord projected a trace of life mark on the kind-hearted body, thus occupying the reincarnation of the kind-hearted soul, but it was not the body."
Days’ some clear Lu Yun serious way at this time "so that …"
Vientiane Xuanzun said, "It’s true that the World War I in Tianlin on that day can be said that the projection power of the dark Lord is far from perfect, and the root of the wild world is suppressed, which does not show half the power to dominate the world of heaven and earth."
Hearing the word "wild world", Tianlin seems to have realized something, but he was just about to ask questions, but Lu Yun stopped Lu Yundao. "So please ask the girl to start the law, and we’ll prepare for it."
After seeing the number of people coming, Chu Xin said, "You are all heroes from all over the sea. Now you are the second group of people. After I start the array, Master Lu Tianlin Shaoxia will control the array and others will inject their own strength into the array. This array has the effect of assimilating all the truth. You don’t have to worry."
Chapter seventy-five Blood Shadow King
Chuxin’s words also make people feel at ease.
Say that finish to see her hands a lift not far from the deep pit when the wind suddenly rises, it will form a line in the middle. At first glance, it is quite scary to see that the whirlpool is running in a Taiji diagram with a force that devours everything.
Lu Yuntianlin is sure to stand in the eye of the array, and his mind is controlling the vortex power.
Being in Lu Yun, I clearly feel that this array is powerful and unparalleled in the world. If it is enough to move a group of people millions of miles away by distance, what is the concept?
But relatively need to consume great power.
Yu Tianlin, on the other hand, is thinking about the power of assimilating the truth element and purifying the different truth elements. This day, the mind formula has a unique effect that cannot be imitated by the general method formula, which makes him very confused.
After being Lu Yun motioned, everyone entered the vortex in succession, and at the same time, it was fuelling the vortex when Zhenyuan injected power.
At this moment, the vortex situation is very interesting
Chen Yuluan transported the blue waves and misty clouds, Lin Yunfeng naturally moved the yin and yang forces, burned the sky to display the fire and inflammation force of the sky and the north wind to promote the ice force, and so on. Now, a colorful energy barrier is formed, and the vortex constantly supplements the power.
In this way, I don’t know how long it took. When the vortex broke through and traveled thousands of miles, a hard land finally fell slowly.
Lu Yun and others are in a better situation because they consume a lot of real money, while those who are in a worse condition, such as Situ Chenfeng, are a little uncomfortable. Obviously, traveling at this time is very exhausting.
Seeing that everyone was safe, Lu Yun looked around and sent out dozens of thoughts to look at the world before him.
The environment is bright, and a crescent moon hangs high in the west, giving off a strong golden brilliance. Moonlight illuminates the whole world as if it were a scorching sun.
The surrounding mountains are undulating and the topography is very different. All kinds of flowers and plants grow everywhere, but no wild animals and birds appear.
The ground is dark and hard. Lu Yun tried it. The rock composition here is very special, firm and dense, just like fine steel. Obviously, it has been tempered for tens of millions of years. There is a virtual shadow of ideal city in the distance, but it is not very real.
As for Lu Yun overlooking the distant mountains, the moonlight suddenly changed from gold to blood, and the earth bathed in blood, and it seemed a bit enchanting and strange. This change made Lu Yun very knowledgeable, and was also very surprised. In the day, this round of crescent moon, ghost day, and black month of beasts and monsters are different, and this aura is extremely thin, which is very unfavorable for people who fix the truth. It is not only difficult to cultivate, but also difficult to recover from injuries.
At this moment, the evil spirit can’t die. Tiantong takes out a gray gourd from his arms, pours out a number of pills with shining light and distributes them to everyone one by one, saying, "This is a panacea refined by the seven-star tripod, which can activate meridians, relieve fatigue and speed up the recovery of truth."
Seeing that Dan medicine is round and crystal clear with a refreshing aura, I don’t know how many geniuses it has consumed. Everyone knows that it is not that everyone who has swallowed instantaneous fatigue will be dispersed, and Lu Yun, Tianlin, Hai Nv and others will keep Dan medicine for collection because of repairing the problem.
In the distance, three shadows are flying rapidly and a blood shadow is in the middle. On both sides, a black and a white blink of an eye comes to the front of everyone.
Looking at the bearer, Green Ying’s face turned alarmed. "The king of blood shadow turned out to be you!"
A blood shadow, red eyes and a tall and abnormal figure replied, "Yes, the two behind us were once black and white evil in the sea. You don’t have to worry that the three of us have converted to the door and no longer ask about personnel."
Vientiane Xuan Zun responded to the green jade-like stone and others. "We’ll talk about this later. We’ll go to the city first and believe that the master has arrived."
"What? Is the Lord of Heaven and Earth here? Lu Yun, such a giant in the fix true world, has only seen it once, and I can’t think of meeting you again today. "
Lu Yun muttered in his heart very surprised.
Blood shadow king gently waved behind several wooden carts rolling in like a carriage, with about seven.
Everyone looked intently at the horse that pulled the wooden cart. It was not an ordinary horse, but a multi-white horse. Its main body was tall and strong, with wings on its back and an ancient animal breath, including Lin Fan.
Seeing Hai Mengyao, he said with emotion, "It’s a strong flying horse, so this car can also travel in the sky, just like a flying car with colorful flags in the sky."
Chu Xin gently nodded and affirmed Hai Mengyao’s words and explained, "Yes, this is a flying horse chariot, which is pulled by a flying horse at a very fast speed. Each chariot can take up to six people. It has a core array to protect the car body, and the soldiers in the flying horse are injured by the outside world. At the same time, the soldiers can launch long-range attacks such as tactics, ofuda and instruments. Please sit down and we will go to Crystal City."
Knowing a little about the crowd, three or five colleagues went to their destination in flying horse chariots.
At the same time, in another place, a strange figure is moving through the sky. The speed is one hundred times and one thousand times faster than that of the flying horse. If the time is almost tearing, it will be empty.
Wearing a Xuanyuguan and holding a folding fan, it is the mysterious man who took away the soul-locked sword from the new moon.
However, at this time, he seems to be having a hard time with his original spotless clothes and bloodstained clothes. He was injured in many places, and his face was broken and his face was uncertain.
The wind and dust in the whole body fluctuated violently and obviously experienced a fierce fight.
A blow from the wind and dust can avoid the whole world, and who can hurt it?
Flying low in a valley, the dust suddenly slows down
It’s an underground crack about hundreds of miles long, only a few tens of feet wide and bottomless. It’s more appropriate to call it "a sight"
At the end of the crack, the dusty body faded through a shape barrier and the whole person entered another place.
It is a huge cave with a sense of eternal silence, and there is no natural light source, but there seems to be an enchantment around it, and all kinds of brilliance light up the whole cave.
There are many grotesque rocks in the cave, and there is a large stone forest with different sizes and shapes in the center. The material of the temple door seems to be inlaid with several crystals, emeralds and precious stones. A bright passage leads directly to the main hall, which is straight and flat, with a bit of mystery.
Chapter seventy-six The origin of the wild
But as soon as I approached this hall, I was suddenly awed by the suffocating breath.
It is highly cautious for the dust to approach the door of the main hall but converge to the limit.
Walking towards the main hall, the dust settled slowly and carefully. Take a closer look. It turns out that the light spot on the road is covered by the fix-true man Yuan Shen, the supernatural spirit, and the god beast Dan Zhu. The road is covered with stars. How many fix-true men will be destroyed and how many gods and beasts will be captured and killed?
At the same time, there is a mystery hidden in the dusty walk through the temple door, which is what he already knows.
Careful observation reveals that it is a strange array composed of 30 yuan gods, and there are not a few fairy yuan gods with the lowest cultivation and the realm of immortals, and even a few masters in the realm of Lingxu are even Jin Xian yuan gods! However, being trapped by the secret method of a peerless murderer, you can periodically send out a bunch of brilliance to illuminate the stone carvings at the temple gate, which just forms a couplet.
I will kill people, kill gods, kill immortals, kill buddhas, kill demons, and kill demons!
What does such an evil statement portend?
A moment later, the dust came to the door of the main hall but did not enter. Instead, a sound came out to talk.