Poverty is not in Lin ‘an.

Now it’s different.
People such as gentlemen can’t see the well-dressed, arrogant and expensive, and ladies can’t see it. Instead, most of them are working-class people who dress simply and smile.
Most of them wear various workshop systems, and most of them come out together as a family. Both husband and wife take one or two children and buy whatever they want to eat.
A strong husband raised his son to one side of his shoulder, while his wife held his little daughter’s hand. The two children held candy snacks such as Little Sugar Man and licked them while laughing and ringing.
Men are not wearing brocade, and women are not wearing ladies’ clothes and holding cattail fans.
No man dresses up in an expensive hat symbolizing his status, and others are afraid to get close to him.
There is no woman who wears makeup and lipstick to make her face pale and can’t bear to look straight, making her lips red as if she had been painted with human blood.
People no longer pretend to be luxurious, people no longer look exquisite, people no longer look arrogant.
But I can see that their spirits are different.
At that time, Su Yonglin walked around the north and south, and the people at the bottom saw the most numbness. After suffering too much, they were numb and angry, just like walking dead, which was a relief for them.
But what we can see now is a smart expression, a vivid appearance and a smile without oppression and exploitation.
There are no people here, such as hardworking people, who belong to them after a hard day’s work and enjoy their own happiness in their hours.
And all this was once something they could never enjoy.
They don’t dress luxuriantly, but they are clean. They have no silks and satins, but their faces seem to have the whole world.
So Su Yonglin knew what changes his revolution and everything he had done had brought to this country and this nation.
With such a change, then what he pays is simply blood money.
All the doubts and worries in his heart were swept away at this moment, and a great sense of spiritual pleasure hit his heart, and he felt unprecedented happiness and satisfaction.
So he pointed to here and smiled at Zhang Wei and Su Changsheng around him-Jingfu, this is our revolution.
Zhang Wei and Su Changsheng look along Su Yonglin’s finger, and there seems to be light flowing in their eyes-well, this is our revolution.
There is nothing you can’t pay for the revolution.
Su Yonglin, who wants those noble ladies to come back, is determined to move their heads.
At that time, Zhong ‘anqiao Street was a gourmet, which not only had Lin ‘an characteristics, but also had many local people gathering in Lin ‘an City because of its position as a land and water transportation hub, which made Lin ‘an cuisine also have other local characteristics to meet the needs of diners from all corners of the country.
Fifteen years later, Su Yonglin of Hangzhou Avenue can still see the special flavor of other regions belonging to the old Lin ‘an specialty food on Zhong ‘anqiao Street.
He walked happily along Anqiao Street, looked everywhere and wanted to eat. The aroma of delicious food constantly impacted his sense of smell and awakened his sleeping appetite.
Following the memory and smell, Su Yonglin bought the crispy yellow sole, the fried sausage, the braised chicken leg and the suet leek cake.
He didn’t recognize the vendor, and he didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but the taste of the food has always been hidden in his memory. If he eats the same thing, the dusty memory will release the taste that once went through fifteen years and hit his heart.
Therefore, his eyes are a little tearful as he eats.
Bad things disappear, good things, there is nothing better than this world.
Su Changsheng next to him ate a chicken leg stewed in oil with one hand and a big pot helmet with the other, so that his cheeks rose like hamsters, which made it difficult to chew, but he still didn’t want to let go and fight with his mouth full of food.
Compared with the two men, Zhang Wei was born well. Although he chose a lot of things, he ate more elegantly.
He likes sweets, so he bought baofan, sweet jujube cake and tremella sweet soup. Although he is not slow at eating, he looks elegant and unhurried, which makes a fresh contrast with the other two.
The three people brought their favorite foods to a low table on the street and ate them fiercely. Hangzhou workers sat together to eat supper.
Talking and laughing, the fireworks slowly make the three people relaxed than relaxed and happy.
Su Yonglin was thirsty after eating, and wanted something to drink. He looked around at the surrounding stalls to find out if there were any good drinks or soups.
Suddenly, his eyes seemed to see something that surprised him. He got up and left, which made Su Changsheng and Zhang Wei curious.
Chapter 1561 A bowl of clear juice snail soup
Su Yonglin moved forward step by step, hiding somewhere deep in his body, and memories of 15 years ago came to my mind bit by bit.
A familiar and move feeling made him deeply moved.
Slowly walked to a stall selling clear juice snail soup, and Su Yonglin stared at the vendor for a long time without talking.
He didn’t expect such a thing to happen before. He felt that this wish had been realized all his life, but as the saying goes, it was too sudden and unexpected to meet in life.
The peddler selling clear juice snail soup is a small middle-aged man. He was bowing his head and busy when he suddenly felt something was wrong. When he looked up, he saw a brave man staring at him and was startled.
"Sir, you … have something to do?"
Su Yonglin’s mouth hesitated for a moment before she smiled.
"I’m here to buy clear juice snail soup."
"oh! How many bowls does a good guest officer want? "
"three bowls"