End …?

When the winter lasted for 300 days and nights, Lin suspected that the floating green carpet had become bigger and bigger, but once it suddenly floated to Lei Yun, it lost a part of it, and sometimes it was hit by a strong storm.
Getting nutrients is not that easy …
It’s 360 days and nights.
Chapter sixty-five Sting
Maybe we should have asked the brain worm how long winter would last.
The twisted jungle is covered with thick snow, which has covered half of the trunk. The twisted jungle will die. It is suspected that the original leaves will fall off and the twisted trees are asleep, but their nearest cells have also died.
Has there ever been such a winter? Look here, there should be biological reactions, but they are as alive as this snow?
Looking at gray tianlin, there is no answer.
At present, the bodies of frozen creatures can be dug up everywhere in the twisted jungle, and some hidden bark creatures are not lucky. More than half of the infantry in Yanshan Mountain have almost died, and most of them have frozen to death.
Everything seems to be slowly dying …
The floating green carpet method has always maintained the life of all the troops in Lin, and half of the arms in Lin are asleep. Lin is worried that it will affect herself sooner or later.
Lin intends to give up snow sweeping, and all the troops shovel up the moss and bring it to high school. At the same time, Lin’s floating green carpet combines more jet systems and creates some large and medium-sized bodies. The transporters dig up some living creatures and take them away, and seal off the cave base, leaving many sleeping troops inside.
Lin is going to leave. Maybe she should try to build an environment somewhere else.
But Lin’s idea soon stopped.
The cold wind continued until the 390th day and night … The temperature rose slightly.
Lin has a kind of tentacle that is very sensitive to temperature. She can feel the temperature change even if it is small. When the tentacle is placed all over the jungle, they feel the temperature rise at the same time.
Is it going to end?
The four hundredth day and night
It has been cloudy with dazzling light, and the snow-white jungle looks very shiny. The heavy snow finally stops increasing and the temperature slowly rises.
The temperature has been slightly higher than the freezing temperature of water for 430 days and nights.
Are you finally going to recover? ….. wait …
Lin suddenly thought of a very serious problem. Now the whole twisted jungle desert is probably covered with a lot of snow. What will happen if the number melts?
Will the mainland be flooded?
However, this is probably a white worry. After all, Lin once thought that the whole cloud would freeze and hit. Since there was a winter here, there is definitely no problem.
439 days and nights
Some of the ice and snow have dissolved, and the original river that has been dry for a long time is now rushing with a huge amount of water. However, due to the excessive water flow, the river rushes around to form a number of rivers that flow together in the direction of the low-lying desert.
The desert also has a layer of ice and snow, but it doesn’t form any rivers, but slowly disappears and dissolves. Lin feels that the water seems to have sunk into the sand.
Now many small creatures have come out to move, although the ice and snow are still thick, they are slowly returning to their old lives. Lin once again sealed off the base and the sleeping troops slowly woke up because of the warmth.
Lin asked the troops to go to the flash woodland to sweep away some snow and plant moss again. I hope they can recover soon.
The brain worm is still asleep at this time, but Lin found that its infantry has regained its vitality. When it was frozen, it even ate.
The 500th day and night
Winter seems to have ended. At this moment, Lynn suddenly wakes up when she sees the whole jungle!
Dozens of rivers and jungles crisscross like blood vessels to send dissolved snow into the desert. Many huge arthropods dig their own caves and drill out some capsules. Developed beetles howl loudly, and it seems that winter is over and they are excited, while some carnivores are ready to sneak up on these screaming guys with their fangs and claws.
The black-horned giant cockroach hit the tree again, shaking several pieces of snow, and at the same time shaking many newly awakened creatures. If you look up at the sky, you can see several giant-vein dragonflies flying from a distance in addition to the warm sunshine.