"Art is always for the broad masses of the people, who not only need political guidance, but also have their own artistic pursuits. These have nothing to do with class struggle, but aren’t they important for our society?

Great attention should be paid to the critical inheritance of previous dynasties, not only to criticize their crimes of exploiting and oppressing the people, but also to inherit some good things, such as family feelings, moral sentiments and the spirit of fighting at all costs when facing foreign enemies. Should we give up? "
Zhao Xirui’s speech was very eloquent and said a lot of people who had doubts about it.
So Zhao Xirui presided over the drama troupe and selected the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen to create a play and arrange a new play on this story.
When time is tight, Zhao Xirui takes the lead, and everyone musters all their energy. One hundred and twenty percent of the spirit is put into the work.
Chapter 144 Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen
Zhao Xirui chose this story not only because of the feelings of home and country, the bloody battle and the tragic tears, but also because there was an unnamed female participant in it.
After the car driver, the king and the ancestors were Han Chinese. She missed the national conditions and secretly supported him to stick to it with Geng Gong and others’ information and food.
Although she didn’t leave her name, what she did can also be praised.
Zhao Xirui personally participated in the scriptwriter and director’s work, and made a very important contribution to the rehearsal of this play. He also publicized it through the Renaissance Association, and advertised that the Renaissance Women’s Subordinate Drama Troupe was going to perform a play. Welcome to watch it.
The announcement of the Renaissance Association was very powerful, and soon the whole people in Zhongdu City knew the news, but they were not too white about what drama was.
At this time, the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen played a great role.
With the upsurge of the western regions, many people don’t know what drama is, but since it involves the stories of the western regions, they are still willing to go and have a look.
Anyway, it won’t hurt to take a look at it for free.
Su Yonglin, the choreographer of Zhao Xirui’s efforts to promote "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen", strongly supported Su Yonglin to watch and join in the last rehearsal before the performance with senior officials of the court and the main cadres of the Renaissance Association.
And then gave a quite good evaluation of this play.
Zhao Xirui has a good foundation in historiography. Earlier, she was in the home front, and the longest view was history.
After reading this play, she also made a surprise visit to the history, learned about the background of the times and consulted some historians in the Department of National History, which did a good job in restoring history.
Then the actual director Zhao Xirui also did a good job in setting, actor selection, lines, transitions, props and so on.
Because Geng Gong and others fought in the western regions for more than a year and experienced four seasons of hardship, Zhao Xirui also focused on showing the passage of time.
When the summer sun shines brightly, the actors will take off most of their clothes and put on leather armor to perform.
To show the bitter cold in winter, actors need to wear thick clothes and find catkins to serve as snowflake fans to shake the wheel to create a large air volume to show the cold wind and so on.
In rainy days, the amount of water sprayed from the ceiling of the performance platform is from small to large, and finally it reaches the simulation state of pouring rain.
You Genggong took advantage of the stormy night to attack the Xiongnu barracks, and I don’t know how much water Zhao Xirui got. All the actors showed the strong expressive force of the stormy night desperate fight scene just like a drowned rat.
In addition, they also prepared large-scale props such as sand, stones, loess city walls, etc., and tried to demonstrate the difficulties and obstacles that Geng Gong and other Han Dynasty soldiers struggled to support.
Of course, such a successful rehearsal of this play needs special thanks to the help of the samurai guards.
In order to perform the play well, Zhao Xirui found Su Yong and asked him for help, so Su Yong sent several samurai guards officers to help Zhao Xirui train actors and let them know less about how the real army defends the city and fights hand to hand.
After the last "live-fire" rehearsal, Su Yonglin took the lead in standing ovation, and the officials and cadres joined the actors and founders to warmly applaud their professionalism and treat them to a big meal out of their own pockets.
With Su Yonglin, it is certain that the theater members will be high-spirited and confident. On the evening of May 15, the tenth year of Hongwu, a stage was set up at the corner of the bustling street to formally perform this performance destined for history.
Su Yonglin took a little time that night to pack a tea room on the top floor of the teahouse in the south corner of Taitung, and watched this performance that will surely go down in history.
From the bustling audience to the crow, to the crying, and finally to the tsunami-like clapping and shouting of Su Yonglin.
An hour later, when the performers made a curtain call, the audience clapped and shouted from the bustling street to Jiefang Street, which surprised the street diners and made them wonder what happened here.
After that, things will be natural.
After the performance, the audience watched the performance, and the tap water strongly recommended the performance to people around them, saying that it was a new performance that they had never seen before and brought them a new shocking experience that they had never seen before.
Many people who haven’t seen it are very curious about it.
There are also some people who didn’t go to a better viewing position for the first time and seized the position. They regret that they have gone too far and don’t have the best viewing angle. Seeing the wonderful performances of the actors is very strong and they want to watch it again.
So they went to the gate of the women’s department of Fuxing Association to petition or went to the public consultation room to respond to the workers inside, hoping to know when and where a performance would be held and whether such performances could be held more often.
Because the response was too enthusiastic, the staff of the public consultation room had to report this matter to the palace and let Su Yonglin know directly.
Su Yonglin was very happy to tell Zhao Xirui about it after knowing it.
"This battle is really beautiful. What are you going to do when I get chess from the Queen’s Temple?"
Cherish core zhao quite proud smile.
"Why? A single spark can start a prairie fire, but you told me that now a single spark has become necessary to tour the country step by step, and everything will be achieved. We want to see what it looks like, and I want to make the women’s drama troupe famous throughout the country! "
Zhao Xirui said that action follows the craze of the western regions. The drama Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen caused a fierce response at one time, which caused a drama frenzy.
In the next few days, in response to the people’s desire to watch the drama, the drama members performed "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen" twice every day after sunset, which exhausted their energy.
But it can’t satisfy more people’s desire to see a play.
The people’s feelings consulting room still keeps receiving responses such as "I went late and didn’t even have a place to stay" and "I couldn’t hear the actors clearly because I was too far away"
These circumstances fully prove how popular this new performance drama is.
Chapter 1449 Both watch drama frenzy
In order to comply with the people’s desire to watch the drama, Zhao Xirui asked the women’s department staff to help the drama members to liberate the street corner and set up a drama stage of the same scale.
One night was divided into two performance groups, and each group performed twice, expanding from two performances to four performances.
In order to let more people see that they will have another performance, we will persuade the audience to give up their seats to those who have not seen it, so that more people can enjoy the experience of watching the drama.
Nevertheless, it is difficult for the drama troupe to satisfy the desire of more people to see the performance, and some people are not satisfied with watching it once.
Limited by the technical conditions and the shortage of actors, the performance efficiency can no longer be high, otherwise it will be a huge burden for the actors.