Although purple rhyme doesn’t look right at Yan Ruo Ning, she doesn’t want to joke about Yan Ruo Ning’s life. She immediately took out a fifth-order detoxification pill and stuffed it into Yan Ruo Ning’s mouth.

In an instant, if the inflammation coagulates, the venom immediately stops corroding, but the corroded wound is shocking in black and odor ratio.
Just better than some inflammation, if I feel that I have the strength to speak, I immediately struggled toward the purple rhyme and said, "Purple girl, please … help them …"
Purple rhyme didn’t expect inflammation if coagulation unexpectedly a bite is to save her is very appreciate nodded "well".
Then Zi Qingyun quickly distributed her detoxification pills, but after all, the limited detoxification pills she brought could save hundreds of lives.
Lin Yu held the inflammation and it coagulated. When the inflammation and it coagulated, she saw that she was strong and suffered heavy casualties. She finally could not help but shed tears.
From fighting inferno, this team has been following itself to eliminate tens of thousands of magic people for the family.
I didn’t expect that most of the team died here today.
And those who live have their faces destroyed and become ugly.
Spraying venom can’t corrode their armor, but armor can’t protect their faces
Inflammation is usually fought in armor, but her set of lux Yan Yan armor was broken by bone-eroding magic oil weapons in the previous battle. Just this battle, the body was eroded by venom without armor.
Those magic people must have arranged for the armor warriors of the inflammation family to send this batch of magic people with poison to poison the red armor guards of Yan Long through this batch of magic people’s explosive venom.
Soon the support team of Yan family arrived to help deal with the wounded and the bodies of Yan Long Chi Jia Wei.
Subsequently, the bodies of these soldiers in the Red Armor of the Dragon were buried together and a huge stone tablet was set up, and their armor was taken back.
They are dead, but the soldiers who inherited their armor have to continue fighting.
"Yan girl must tell you one thing" and Yan Ruoning returned to the nearby city with Ziqingyun and said "If you don’t treat your back wound, you will have to wait until Lin Yu reaches Yuan Shenjing or higher strength to recover it for you"
"What do you mean?"
Zi Qingyun calmly explained, "Well, your wound has just been poisoned and treated immediately, but it won’t take long for it to recover. But if you drag it away, you will need sixth-order medicine to make you recover. This medicinal material is extremely precious and can be produced quickly by Lin Yu Yaolingshou."
To be honest, if she is really inflamed, she is not in the mood to deal with her wounds, but after all, she is a woman who is still very interested in her appearance and skin.
If there is a big black scar on the back, it will be so ugly that you can’t even look at yourself.
So if the inflammation coagulates, it says, "That’s troublesome for Purple Girl."
Purple rhyme cocked his head and showed a full face of nai color. "You didn’t bother me, even if I can cure you now, I don’t have any medicine. You must bother him."
Purple rhyme pointed to Lin Yu and then attached his mouth to Yan Ruoning’s ear and said a few words. Yan Ruoning immediately blushed. "Is this really necessary?"
"Yes" Zi Qingyun said seriously that "it must be like this"
Lin Yu looked at the two women puzzled. What did they say?
Lin Yu soon knew what they said, because the purple rhyme also told him what to do, and he agreed if he was inflamed.
"No? Do you have to do this? " Lin Yu is also a full face of astonishment and said.
Zi Qingyun gave Lin Yu a contemptuous look at the bass and said, "Hum, I have never seen you shy when I was tossing around. Now I want you to do something to take advantage of it, and you are still so coy, you hypocritical guy!"
With these words, Zi Qingyun’s face turned red at once, and Lin Yu was flushed.
"That’s not to worry about you being jealous …" Lin Yu whispered a little, and then he saw the purple rhyme’s vicious eyes and immediately swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach.
Forget it. Touch it when it’s important to save lives. You won’t get pregnant if you touch it a few times anyway.
That being said, when Lin Yu saw Yan Ruo lying naked on the bed, he was still a little jumpy.
Although phlogistic if coagulation was lying on her stomach, she also covered her chest with a sheet, but in order to expose her back and let Lin Yu treat her, the sheet was not tightly covered, exposing her half "round".
A head of lux long hair naturally hangs over the round side, which greatly stimulates Lin Yu’s eyes.
Lin Yu struggled to swallow saliva for a long time without moving.
At this time, if the inflammation is condensed, "Hey, if you don’t come over to your house, that purple-haired woman will be angry again."
"I’m not looking at it!" Lin Yu didn’t react when she heard purple rhyme there Gherardini said behind her.
Lin Yu repeatedly fierce their dare little bitch staring at yourself!
Lin Yu is very discontentedly hum two brisk walk to see if inflammation condensate back injury.
"How terrible!" Lin Yu breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
If inflammation sets, there is a large piece of black carrion on the back, which occupies a third of the back. The carrion gives off a stench and black pus flows out, which is disgusting.
Lin Yu took a deep breath and said slowly, "Yan girl, you have to endure some."
Yan Ruoning said grumpily, "When have I ever frowned?"
It is true that inflammation is much more tenacious than most men’s beards. She never cried out for pain in such a heavy wound.
Lin Yu slowly raised his left hand and gently stroked the inflamed carrion.
When Lin Yu’s left hand touched the rotten meat on his back, Lin Yu quickly mobilized the shura magic flame in hell to slightly burn this pile of rotten meat.
"bursts-"inflammation if coagulation just teeth took a deep breath and didn’t shout out pain to forehead is already cold sweat dripping wet.