Zhang Hongzhi can feel that the Excalibur of the Three Lights is extraordinary, and Lingqing is also good at fencing.

Want to prove two swordsmanship.
Chapter four hundred and ten Is an alliance Wei Dao spirit god cut star jun.
"It is now that I have seen the disciples, please ask the Taoist priest to show the Laoshan Dafa." At this moment, another middle-aged Taoist priest wearing a red robe said with a sling.
"After all, how can a child afford to teach such a big title in Laoshan? Don’t you think so, Taoist Qing? "
This person is also the third place in Zhang Hongdao’s Longfeng Yuanchen row, Zhang Danyuan.
In the third generation of the Zhang family, there was a Zhang Yuan who broke through the fairy tale, while in the second generation, there were only three or five people. This person was one of them.
At this time, he also saw a brainwave to win. Zhang Yuan Huang felt that Lingqing and others were pushing their noses and faces and wanted to make a name for themselves by standing on Tianshi House.
Words are also can’t help but cynicism.
"Don’t blame Dan Yuan, the Taoist priest, for being a bit unpleasant to hear.
But sophisticated also really want to confirm two practices with long "Zhang Hongzhi listen Zhang Danyuan talk some blunt smile to Lingqing a hand way
Say so, but he didn’t think Zhang Danyuan shouldn’t challenge Lingqing.
Although everyone has already done it, we should respect the heavenly teacher and help Laoshan make a name for itself.
However, it is very likely that Tianshi Disun will inherit Tianshi’s position in the future, and it will be different at the moment when Zhang Yuanhuang loses.
This means that the new generation of Laoshan Mountain has overwhelmed the new generation of Tianshifu.
These people belong to the gang, but they have no reason to put their own future into it.
The next step is to see if they earn it back
Lingqing turned to look aside, but Zhang Hongdao saw him ha ha a smile. "Daoyou might as well show them if you don’t mind."
He said that pointing is not a provocation, but a sincere one.
At the same time, there is also a sense of spirit and youth
"Since Tianshi is interested in being original, he will make a fool of himself." Ling Qing must look at Zhang Hongdao’s idea in the white heart and give him a moment.
A swing sleeve turned to look at Zhang Hongzhi and Zhang Danyuan and said with a smile, "I wonder who will come first?"
Zhang Dan yuan knows that if Zhang Hongzhi wins or loses first, there would be no need to make moves himself, so he got up first and said, "Trail first."
Speaking of them, these Zhang’s second-generation brothers are somewhat embarrassed.
On Xiubi’s elders who have been involved in Taoism for decades since childhood
In the face of outstanding talents such as Lingdao and Lingqing, when Zhang Hongdao talked about peers, they were also a little worse.
And a generation of Zhang Yuan Bai, Zhang Yuan Huang and others are not much different in age from those of Taoist Ling and Lingqing.
In this way, it seems redundant that they are not caught in the middle.
However, after all, they are also successful in practice, which can share the worries of the older generation and shelter the younger generation from the wind and rain
It’s true that Tianshi House has found its face, even if it loses, it also shows that Tianshi House is full of talented people.
"Zhang Danyuan, Tianshi Prefecture, please ask Taoist Qing for advice!" Zhang Danyuan stepped out of the lotus leaf in the step pool.
The left hand pinches the Sun Jun tactic, and the right hand pinches the Moon Jun tactic. The red and white light flashes and the top of the head condenses into an acre of Xu Dayun light.
Show two divine kings
One of them is crowned with a flying crown, and his face is red and his forehead is three-eyed. Zhu Lingdan’s clothes have a "day" in the golden mirror.
The crown of one person is like a full moon, and the crown of the seven stars is like a full moon. The Luo Fei skirt has a "moon" in the silver mirror.
It is the sun in the Japanese palace, the emperor Yu Yi, and the moon house, the Taiyin knot.
The Tianshi House of Longhu Mountain revised that only when a league of prestige is granted can it be "famous as a heavenly Cao" and only when a clergyman is appointed can it be blessed by the gods.
But in today’s world, the heavens and the earth have changed at the beginning, and where are there any heavens and gods?
Therefore, Dragon and Tiger Mountain also refined a large number of ghosts and gods in the mysterious altar like Lingqing.
Every brother can summon ghosts and gods in the mysterious sky to fight the enemy.
However, not everyone is like this. Some younger brothers can worship the gods in their own mysterious altar.
In this way, there are gods with you wherever you go.
It seems that Zhang Danyuan is like this. These two statues of Sun, Moon and Stars were refined by his "Great Sun, Moon and Sagging Wisdom Sutra".
Not only can the sun and the moon stay in the body, wash the fire and train the soul; You can also ask God to call the spirit to subdue the demon and get rid of the powerful enemy.
But when Ling Qing saw it, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.’ Well, didn’t this just hit the gun?’
Be careful, there will be an acre of milky way hanging behind his head like a light wheel
Among them, 365 stars are floating and sinking.
There are two stars, one red and one white, which are released from the Milky Way and rushed out of the front of Zhang Danyuan to become two gods.
One is wearing a latosolic red robe and driving a six-dragon chariot, and there is a hibiscus tree with ten rounds of red sun, and there are three feet of the sun flapping its wings.
One is wearing a silver robe and driving a nine-Luan chariot, and there is a Dangui sacred tree with twelve rounds of silver moon, and there is a three-eyed jade rabbit jumping in the middle of the month.
It is the sun god xi he, the moon god Chang Xi.
Seeing Lingqing, the two gods of the sun and the moon, is not only Zhang Danyuan, but even Zhang Hongdao can’t help but be surprised.
I never thought this Taoist priest was also good at practicing the method of ghosts and gods.
They don’t think that Lingqing stole their achievement method. After all, what kind of achievement method can be learned by this shakotan land deputy.
What’s more, what they are refining is the door star king, while what Ling Qing is refining is obviously an ancient god.
"Laoshan Lingdao Qingdao friends are invited!" Lingqing blunt Zhang Danyuan a moment to say