One arm slowly turns reddish, and it can be seen that the flesh is like a flame moving, as if the flesh is red-hot steel.

The other arm has a slight light blue halo, and the flesh is as thin and secret as a water wave, and it can be seen that if there is liquid flowing, it will bring cortical ripples.
Ai You didn’t pay any attention to these things, but he was busy looking for opportunities for him to build a number of shuttles around the scorching sun, trying to confuse the scorching sun and distinguish vision like a buffoon.
But when he once again created a black fog from himself and suddenly appeared, his stomach suddenly got a heavy kick!
After being kicked, Ai Youpiao jumped out of the distance, brimming with looking up and looking around in a hurry, but I didn’t see any figure, and the scorching sun was waving and laughing at him almost 100 meters away.
Who hit me?
Ai you was fooled in his heart and looked around carefully. No one really is there! What’s going on?
Just thinking about "pa", I was punched again, and I was so sad that when I turned around, I suddenly jumped out of the distance and stared at my eyes nervously
Or is everything different except the sea?
Strange, there is a slight noise behind! This time, Ai Youke learned his lesson and quickly leaned over to dive with strength, then looked up and watched this time. He finally saw it clearly!
Beating him turned out to be a human form completely condensed by liquid!
Grandma! What is this thing!
Ai you lifted up her head and just screamed out. She was kicked again behind her!
Fly out and turn around. Another liquid figure!
Twist one’s head and get beaten again, this time with a heavy blow to the head!
Don’t even look back. It’s still a liquid figure!
Is this Xiaozhen similar to Shui Rou? Does he now have both fire energy and water energy? These liquid figures ….. are his aquarium abilities?
Ai You was completely panicked, even rolling and crawling and dodging, watching with horror whether there was any dead-tired humanoid liquid approaching around him, and the liquid humanoid seemed to punch and kick him at any time and place. Even though the line of sight could be distinguished and the body could dodge, these liquid humanoid hit him like a horse and then merged into the sea again. On the other side, a part of the seawater horse once again condensed into a liquid humanoid, which made Ai You hard to prevent and fight back.
This side dodges the liquid humanoid attack. It seems that the liquid is composed of fists and fists, and it is desperate to cope with the mourning and being beaten again.
This time, he didn’t pay attention to being hit on the back by a fire ball behind him!
The burning tingling of that distance made Ai You scream out and quickly turned his head and looked sideways-the scorching sun was floating firmly and holding the arm that was burned red from the inside out and nodded and smiled at him.
So Aiyou broke out, and this outbreak was desperate!
He worked hard to build a shuttle, suddenly flashed from one place to another and dodged several liquid figures. He also planned to get closer to the hot sun and give him a fatal blow again!
However, contrary to expectations, he suddenly flashed through the shuttle when he was elsewhere, and how thin and inconspicuous the wisps of black fog he released. However, there are several liquid human natures waiting for him from the front of the shuttle probe. When he sees him, he will add his fists and fists and give no chance.
Even if Ai You was lucky enough to appear, he noticed that the liquid humanoid could fight back with his own fists and feet, but the speed of the liquid humanoid crossing around his body was much faster than his shuttle ability. The left side melted into the sea and the blink of an eye made another humanoid attack on the right side!
And the scorching sun does not hesitate to send out a flame from time to time, just like teasing. The flame is not affected by the seawater at the bottom of the sea, but it is still hot and hot, and it is especially sorrowful to rush around and fight back.
Hehe, where is this? The bottom of the sea What’s under the sea? Water! Half of them are aquarium soft thunder and scorching sun. Here, the initiative is completely mastered. The sea water is not his weapon. He can attack at any time and anywhere, and transform into several liquid figures at will, looking for traces of mourning, and seeing it is a beating.
It was once said that hooligans know martial arts and no one can stop them! No … The advertisement says that my territory is my master! -that’s what it means.
When crossing again, Ai You doesn’t even have to identify the direction. It’s good to cross to the safe zone. But when he jumps out of the shuttle probe again, the horse is surrounded by several liquid humanoid figures, and Ai You desperately parries. When he is preparing to transport, he turns around and runs away again. He just turns back and a flame hits him in the face!
"Boom" A sad head suddenly turned into a ball of fire, burning with sorrow and screaming, and my legs kept pedaling through the sea, and my hands were desperately beating my head wildly.