Everyone looked at the boulder in the past, and everyone looked at it a little bit, and a small crack appeared from the upright position, and this crack became bigger and bigger, and the boulder extending from the middle end shook with the "Kaka" sound.

"Back" summer throat toward jun Zhang arms low awake people around you.
Long Xiao had already stepped out and looked at the nearby boulder carefully, his eyes panicked.
Nan Rong Magic quickly pulled a baby, took her back a few steps, and Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Roulei moved backwards with the summer throat toward Jun.
The scorching sun tugged at Yang Ye’s arm, but Yang Ye was staring straight at the motionless face of the boulder in front of him.
Muyangzheng came and pulled the scorching sun. One or two people stepped back.
Yang night remained motionless, directly facing the increasingly cracked boulders, and the scattered rubble smashed his face, but he didn’t even lift his arm to resist a.
Everyone can see that the boulder is about to burst. If there is no doubt in the Ci-ren Valley, their horses will face each other in the summer and Yang night.
The expression is very calm, and my heart is a little nervous. Baby Long also knows what a terrible person she is going to see. She has consciously moved her steps to the back of Nan Rong’s phantom body.
There is a Yang night that seems to be as calm as waiting for Cirengu to come out.
Behind Monsieur beaucaire Ling motioned for Roulei to pull Yang Ye over before. After all, no one knew what was happening, but the scorching sun gently waved his hand to stop Roulei from moving forward. He knew that no one could pull Yang Ye over at this time. Yang Ye was determined to face Cirengu face to face.
As expected, the boulder finally burst from it, and the residual stones and slag collapsed left and right on both sides, splashing out on the ground and crashing out a thick smoke.
Everyone did not move Long Xiao but carefully stepped back.
The smoke and dust gradually dispersed and three figures gradually appeared in the haze.
A breeze swept across and blew away the smoke. Yang Ye leaned back slightly and finally saw three figures in the thick dust.
How can there be three people?
Yang night was a little surprised, but he didn’t move in place. However, Xia Hou Chao Jun also saw three actresses, and he was very confused. He turned his head and stared at Long Xiao coldly.
One of the three people is Lotus, which Yang Ye not only saw the South Glory Illusion and Baby Long not far behind him, but also looked at the pathetic Lotus with her shoulders shrinking and her eyes frightened and uneasy.
Another one turned out to be an orc’s crazy expression, where Kong Wulai’s eyes were pointing straight at Yang Ye, but there was something strange in his eyes as if he had something to say.
Then there is no doubt that the person in Furong and Crazy Sui is Crazy Mercy Valley!
But to Yang Ye’s slight surprise, Ci Ren Gu was quite different from his imagination.
Yang night imagination since it is called crazy benevolence valley, it must also be fierce, at least it’s a kind of fierce face.
But before mercy valley was so gentle!
Thin face, narrow shoulders, thin waist and slender eyes can’t see the fierceness. The eyes are very calm, and some people are sad. The body is not so strong. I am wearing a long gray dress with a big collarbone at the neckline and a scar at half of the chest. Except for this scar, this Ci Ren Valley is almost fragile and weak!
Cirengu slightly lifted the bar and looked in the direction of the front crowd. The corners of her mouth became warped, and she smiled and lifted her legs and stepped out of the rubble.
Lotus and crazy Xiang followed him left and right
Summer throat looked at jun CiRenGu also nodded and gestured around, so they also moved closer to Yang night.
The two groups are getting closer and closer.
Cirengu has reached the front of Yang night, but she didn’t even look at him directly. Instead, she put her eyes on Yang night and pegged the summer throat to Jun and others behind her.
When Ciren Valley is set, the distance between Yang Ye and this side is about six or seven meters.
"CiRenGu long time no see" summer throat toward jun came to Yang night side blunt CiRenGu nodded his head.
CiRenGu eyes some doubts and then a bright very insipid laughed out and said, "I’ve always looked so familiar that it turned out to be a summer throat facing Jun." Said the eyes moved slightly. "Oh, Monsieur beaucaire’s soft thunder, hehe, I didn’t think you were all alive."
Ciren Gu Yin is very light, as if it were distorted, and it is like poor dubbing.
Monsieur beaucaire ling and soft thunder also came up and nodded at CiRenGu.
Monsieur beaucaire Ling smiled, but Soft Ray didn’t smile, but the eyes of both sides seemed to have revealed a lot to each other.
"It’s a surprise to meet you people." Cirengu smiled as if habitually raising her hand to sort out her neckline. The hand was thin and slender, but the whole hand was covered with scars one by one all over the palm, back of hand and fingers.
Smiling, CiRenGu as if suddenly thought of a bunch of eyebrows slightly asked "ah? How can you find me? I’m hiding very hidden, waiting for the order to see blood. "Talking, my eyes have moved to Longxiao, far behind everyone, and then I nodded my head without showing any surprise." Oh, that’s it. "
Long Xiao turned pale and hesitated for a moment or quickly came forward and said with his head down deeply and earnestly, "kind Lord!" We are also forced to endure! We … "
Words don’t say that finish CiRenGu hand still playing with the neckline but interrupted Long Xiao words asked "we? You’re not the only one, "he said, turning his head slowly to his side and asking," Are you there? "
Crazy turn CiRenGu hesitated a shook his head in the eye.
"Hmm …" Cirengu nodded and turned to the other side, looking at Furong in a flat tone and said, "That’s you?"
Lotus leng one eye face a white sweat has come.
"The Lord of the Black Domain has raised some officials." Cirengu’s slender eyes curled lightly and Lotus said softly, "Without strength, you will become a traitor and betray the Lord."
"Good Lord! We are also saving our lives! " Furong got excited, leaned forward and bowed his head at Cirengu deeply. His hands were very feminine, and his little finger was still shaking.
"Look up" CiRenGu playing neckline mouth gently jumped out of the two words.
Lotus hesitated a slowly raised his head.
"naughty!" Cirengu smiled slightly and played with the neckline. The hand was slowly extended to the back of Furong’s head and patted gently, just like a parent walking over and joking with his child.
But Yang night one leng summer throat towards jun one leng Monsieur beaucaire ling one leng everyone one leng.