"Then I’ll call the physician" and he was about to get up, but in a second she grabbed her eyes and looked at him. Leng Ruixi knew … something must have happened! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be like this!

Sure enough, she succeeded in one sentence, and he set off waves in his heart …
"Leng Ruixi, will you marry someone else?"
"I don’t understand what you said." He suddenly couldn’t understand anything. She suddenly said such a thing and looked at her sternly
"Leng Ruixi, you answer me first"
"Why should I marry someone else when I have you?" He said confidently as if this sentence had been rehearsed many times in his mind.
Everyone will feel warm when they hear this. She smiled and asked him, "If one day you have to marry another woman, what will you do?"
Looking at her, Leng Ruixi suddenly realized that he had just heard that a pair of ministers would come here at that time! I didn’t expect to say such a thing
One by one!
"What can I do! Let me ask you, Han Yiqing, would you like to marry me? "
"I …"
"If you marry me, I won’t marry anyone else. If you don’t marry me, it’s all the same."
Chapter 368 Can you be selfish? ! 【 one more five 】
It’s not that she hasn’t heard of his words. At the beginning, he also said that it’s the same to marry anyone, but now she can’t marry someone else.
"Leng Ruixi, then you can marry someone else now."
"Do you really want to push me? Do you really have the heart to see me marry another woman? " His questioning made her speechless. When wait for a while looked at him and touched his eyes, her heart felt guilty. She bowed her head and said softly, "Of course I don’t want to …"
When I heard this, Leng Ruixi really felt that everything was worth it! I wish she didn’t want it! He really doesn’t know what to do if she says hope!
It’s uncertain whether she will really marry another woman in anger and deliberately annoy her … Fortunately, she said she didn’t want to.
He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Why should I marry another woman if you don’t want it?"
"But …"
Hear her say but LengRuiXi really angry but "Han Yiqing! Can you be selfish! People asked you to tell me to marry a little wife, and you agreed! "
I don’t know who came up with it! But when he turned to think about it, it was white!
Mother! This must be the queen mother’s trick!
"You men are not all like this … don’t talk about it, maybe you all want one in your heart!"
"Han Yiqing, can you stop comparing me with those men?"
Leng Ruixi really wants to hit her on the head to see what’s in her brain! It’s all those things!
He gave her a white look and then took her. "Why do you want to stand me up when you agreed to go out with me first?" !”
She nodded and went to the closet to get a dress. When she came out, his eyes flashed a little amazing, but he was still satisfied and said, "I really have a good eye."
"Leng Ruixi" she called him, and then he responded with disdain. "Is it so difficult for you to praise me?"
Why can’t he say that she is a natural hanger! Everything looks good! But he kept saying that he had a good eye!
"Difficult," he said honestly. "It’s really difficult for me to tell a lie."
"Leng Ruixi, I really can’t think of going out!"
"But you have promised me to go out! How can you go back on your word at this time! " And he dragged her out of the house regardless of her resistance …
"Feed! Leng Ruixi, where are you taking me at this time? !” He dragged her out of the house without saying anything. She really doesn’t know why he would be so persistent. He must take her out of the house today!
Leng Ruixi hung a smile on her mouth and turned to her and said, "Don’t wait."
We’ll see … What is he selling! Doubtful, she followed him to the square, but there should be many people in the square at this time, but there is really no one today!
This is so strange!
She looked at him doubtfully and said, "Leng Ruixi, what are you doing here? ! There’s really no one here … "Nothing brought her to breathe? !
His mouth teased and she pointed to the sky not far away and said, "Yi Qing, look …"
Chapter 369 HappyBirhday
Han Yiqing looked in the direction he pointed out. At this time of the dark day, it was lit by several fireworks as the day.
It was at this moment that her eyes became so unreal that Han Yiqing almost didn’t dare to blink at this moment because she was afraid that everything would disappear in the blink of an eye.
She raised her head full of expectation, and the tribe entered his eyes. Her blue eyes laughed with her, and she watched the fireworks with her.
One by one, they are blooming in front of them.