"Hum also want to run? Can you run? " Changsheng sneers at thousands of magic weapons in a day and suddenly flies out at the same time and hits one by one.

The huge gap in strength made the fugitives fall to the ground in a moment.
"Hum, since you don’t want to surrender, come on in!"
Changsheng saw that no one took the initiative to enter Qianbao City and immediately controlled Wanfuta, and all the remaining giant sword gates were collected into Wanfuta.
The surrenders can be Qianbao City Qianbao City, which is where the Qianbao City Lord and his hand live. Everything is free except that they can’t go out, and there is nothing but freedom in the Wanfa Tower.
Chang Sheng just took them away and walked to the front of Gu Jian’s madness. Gu Jian’s madness was full of worship, and his eyes had not come yet. Suddenly, there was a slight airflow change in the sky
Chang Sheng sensitive raised his head and looked into the distant sky. Suddenly, a huge gourd with two or three thousand feet was flying rapidly from the distant sky.
"This is also the arrest warrant I received to kill me." Chang Sheng said to the ancient monty in his mind after seeing the flying magic weapon of the gourd in the sky. "First, the flying sword followed by a gourd ancient monty. I found that you mainlanders seem to like to get a particularly huge magic weapon, just like a flying magic weapon, and then everyone will attack the enemy together."
"That’s right. It’s different from your Daqi dynasty. Almost every sect on our side is like this. Because of this, everyone can attack with a magic weapon, and everyone can attack with their strength, so the fighting is more powerful."
"It is indeed more powerful!" Chang Sheng nodded his head. Before that giant sword gate, there were four masters of nirvana in their sect. However, they cooperated with the remaining sect brothers to fight with themselves as much as six or seven nirvana realms. At the same time, they fought at this level. Those yin and yang realms and the immortal roots could not be inserted. However, through such a magic weapon, they could also play the role of yin and yang realms and immortal strength.
"The old man hit a flying sword and then came a gourd. After a while, the old man broke the gourd and won’t come with a gourd." Chang Sheng muttered that he took out the mirror of the past and the future in his heart. I don’t know how many people came after him now
It’s a breathing effort. The mirror of the past and the future shows everything around.
There are huge magic weapons flying from different directions in the local center of Changshengsuo, including bronze mirrors, huge umbrellas, huge hammers, and even boats that are somewhat like boats.
"One, two, three, four …" Chang Shengyi was shocked. "It’s not wise to fight them here. Let’s run first!"
Chang Sheng was surprised and didn’t talk to Gu Jian crazily. He grabbed Gu Jian crazily and rushed to the sea in the distance. His strength could be restored. That’s when he stopped to play against each other.
The giant gourd was soon discovered by all, and it was always prosperous to want to escape.
Chapter 753 Escape for a pretence
"Also want to run is wanted by the holy desert luo teach he can run? Without a magic weapon, I’ll see how he ran to the head and chased him. We have to catch up with everyone and chase this little thing. We have to stand up. "
With a strong sound in the gourd, the huge gourd suddenly sped up and chased away towards Changsheng.
Chang Sheng ran quickly in front of him, and it didn’t take long for a huge copper hammer to appear in front of him. This magic weapon, the front hammer, looks like it is not small at all than many mountains.
"The man that’s not holy teach wanted man? I actually fled in the direction of the door and attacked immediately. We want this credit! "
Although the flying speed of the copper hammer is not as fast as that of the giant gourd magic weapon, it is even more powerful to attack. Suddenly, a huge copper hammer virtual shadow falls from the sky like an extraterrestrial meteorite, and it seems that it can be hammered to break the world, and everything is smashed in the direction of Changsheng.
"What a strong breath!"
Chang Sheng’s heart is tight. If he wins, he won’t be afraid of the other party, but now …
Changsheng suddenly gritted his teeth and offered Wan Fatali to stop this hammer attack.
Wan Fata collided with the virtual shadow in the sky and immediately made an earth-shattering noise. Then the virtual shadow of the hammer in the sky disappeared, and Chang Sheng, who controlled Wan Fata, was shaken backwards, flying out of the hundred meters distance, which stabilized his body.
"eh? What’s going on? How can this little guy stop us from attacking? "Hammer, a strong man with a full face of whiskers, looked at Fang with an incredible face.
"The man wanted by the holy land is not a mainlander on our side. He is going to be suppressed here. How can he stop us from attacking so many masters? We have a master of nirvana here. Even a master of nirvana can’t stop this person. He did it! "
The sledgehammer was surprised, but at this moment, another huge fan flew in as a magic weapon, and at the same time, a series of fans flew out as a virtual shadow, constantly smashing it into Chang Sheng, who had just been rocked.
"This Lao Wang egg took advantage of our attack on the little sneak attack, and the credit will be made by them." The bearded man in the sledgehammer immediately scolded him, but he was surprised to find that the root was not knocked down by the sneak attack on the holy city!
"hmm? This ….. Is this little guy going against the sky or not? How can his body be so tough! Even if you are always hit by such an attack, it is hard to say that you will be destroyed by a dozen forms and spirits. This small one turned out to be beaten back. How can it be so powerful! "
Chang sheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief after being hit by a fly. Fortunately, although his strength was suppressed, his physical strength did not change
You can’t keep being suppressed like this. You must return to the surface as soon as possible.
Changsheng showed his posture and fled quickly to the sea.