"Drea is our company." Looking at Ya Ya Fang Siyi, she said seriously, "If Suo Yingbao leaves Drea, her star path will be limited. Although I won’t deliberately suppress her, you also know that she seems to be in case I accept any pillow talk …"

Ya ya blushed and gave him a beating.
Fang Siyi continued with a smile, "Yingbao can’t leave me because of her own interests. This is male."
"What about private?" Ya ya is a little curious.
"It should be …" Fang Siyi’s face became a little strange, but the doorbell rang.
Glances Fang Siyi took the initiative to open the door.
Looking back at the puzzling Ya Ya Fang Siyi opened the door.
Then ya ya panicked. In the reaction, the two men talked about Yingbao and walked into the room with a small backpack.
The atmosphere in the room was slightly awkward.
Three people, look at me. I’ll look at you. You’re inexplicably silent for one.
Yingbao will backpack solution directly to the sitting room chair to sit down.
"Didn’t you say you were busy filming?" Fang Siyi took Yingbao’s backpack and asked in surprise, "What is so heavy?"
"I’m asking for leave," said Yingbao, pouting and unhappy.
"Leave?" Fang Siyi hung her backpack at the door in a funny way, and then just wanted to walk back, only to find that I didn’t know when Ya Ya actually sat in the chair, just face to face with Yingbao.
Looking at him at the same time, Yingbao and Ya Ya Fang Siyi felt a crow flying overhead.
Which side to choose?
This is a proposition.
And ya ya’s eyes are full of shallow smiles.
Although we don’t have to fight yingbao to the death, since yingbao has deceived the door, wouldn’t it be too cheap for her if she didn’t do some counterattack?
Besides, she is also a little curious.
How would Fang Siyi choose?
Because of the same curiosity, the two men looked at Fang Siyi together, and their eyes were full of expectation.
Fang Siyi with black line simply pulled up a chair and sat directly in the middle of two people.
That is, neither favoring one side nor deliberately alienating the other
But it is clear that even this choice still makes the two people somewhat dissatisfied.
It is obvious that Fang Siyi’s attitude of muddling along proves the weight of his heart.
Ya ya also just, but YingBao look at ya ya eyes is full of a little depressed.
Fang Siyi belongs to her alone!
It’s not that she’s not ready.
In fact, Yingbao had been prepared since Fang Siyi founded Drea and fired the first shot.
She believes that her dedication to work is relatively important and inevitable, and she will stay less and less with Fang Siyi.
Although she is unwilling to do this kind of thing, she also knows that she can become an artist not only to fulfill her dreams.
Or in other words, for Yingbao, she can be a star and bear Fang Siyi’s wish.
However, although I knew that the two would become more and more estranged, Yingbao could sit back and watch it happen gradually.
Not long ago, when she learned that Yang Mi broke up and became single, she had tried to ask Fang Siyi if she would be tempted.
Although Fang Siyi immediately answered that she would not.
But Yingbao knows that it is different from Sun Mei.
Fang Siyi and Sun Mei have no situation. Although Fang Siyi later looked like a guilty conscience, Yingbao was not at ease. Later, he took the initiative to bring Sun Meiling back.
It’s normal for your boyfriend’s excellent best friend to try.
If two people have real hammer YingBao naturally don’t want to, but their boyfriends can resist the temptation, shouldn’t they be rewarded?
There’s a limit to being unreasonable, isn’t there?
Although she is stupid, she also knows the limits.
However, Yang Mi is different.
Although Fang Siyi later told Yang Mi that she would never see malicious words again, Yingbao knew that two people …
It’s really a little entangled.
Ying Bao knew very early that Fang Siyi could not really care about Yang Mi.
It’s not Yang Mi’s initiative to invite him to star in "Love Story in Beijing". As a result, didn’t he just come over?
Fang Siyi has always really refused to Yang Mi, and Yingbao knows this.
What YingBao also know that two people may really hammer is not only ambiguous …
Yingbao is supposed to be very angry and make a scene.
But that sentence is still accompanied by her increasingly busy career, so how to maintain her feelings with Fang Siyi?
If you don’t care, you will probably end up in the old entertainment circle-gathering less and leaving more and breaking up.
And how attractive is Fang Siyi, the only member of the Billion Box Office Directors Club, to actresses?
This can be heard even if the crew members chat in private.
I hear it occasionally, but this is the real threat!