The Duke of Ruby finally realized what it was, but all the entreaties had been stopped by Kuroshio. The distortion body behind it was wrapped in a false god, and something happened before their confrontation place was completely covered.
Everything starts from the mysterious dimension.
The collision came from the crown and the Kuroshio that stretched behind the divinity, but it was not very close, and it also brought some harm to Lano himself, but he seemed to be smiling silently at all.
The result of the collision between the weak but complete deity and the vague deity is unimaginable, but the sound of the deformed scream is so sharp that everyone thinks it is a scream-from the Kuroshio and the distorted scream!
The blinding light seems to appear from another dimension, and since that light appears, it rushes straight behind the false gods and distorted bodies!
It seems that at the same time, there are also faint illusory shadows, like covering the sky and bones, but it is only a short moment.
It’s still the light that stays, and it’s still the light that hasn’t stepped back in the black!
"Mother tree."
Elf high priest can sigh like this.
"What did he do? What happened? "
I didn’t understand all this, but the federal generals asked nervously, but what I got here was silence or silent admiration and sigh
Such intense emotions and perceptions can’t be deceived. Besides, a fantasy species is one in a million.
Hista Lou couldn’t help recalling that Lanuo had just said that sentence.
Is this the real king fried?
No one has ever done such a thing. He just blew up the crown regardless!
All explosions spread outward from the mysterious dimension, and even though the huge body of the false god barely maintained its body after a moment, it slowly disintegrated inch by inch!
It’s like a mountain finally collapsed.
After a loud noise, the false god completely fell to the ground as if there were no stones at last, but this may be the true form of the false god. All the characteristics of the former false god came from divinity-and the crown of the holy dragon carried the deity. After the collision, both sides were no longer there!
It seems that strange and brilliant light can be seen in the place where the false gods disintegrate, just like gold or gem fragments.
But that was just a moment.
The star’s light seems to have spilled quietly at this time, just as black as when it was dispersed.
There was a long silence in the command room and then incredible cheers.
"We … won?"
No matter what the sea demon king has done, there is a great victory in front of them!
Besides, there is another exciting news.
"Look at those places that have been eroded by the Kuroshio …"
It is impossible to save all the records and records that have been eroded by the Kuroshio, but now the darkness has really retreated when the light shines!
Distortion has disappeared, as if the overwhelming distortion was an illusion.
What if it can be discouraging?
Even in the face of the distorted body, the legions also believed that they had once again seen it visually, and some of the soldiers who were closest to it had already shed tears.
"The stars are too dazzling."
They explained this, and then there was a little commotion and cheers.
However, the joys and sorrows of about all races are not connected.
It is almost equal to slowly spreading the pain of tearing yourself and then gradually becoming a burst. It feels like it is the same as being blown up by yourself. The pain Huang Jinlong maintains the final posture and does not fall, but it seems that some subtle blood red can be seen in Ji Lieyang’s double golden eyes.
Pain is very painful.
There was despair in the pain. At this moment, he finally knew clearly that from now on, the dragon could never have a king and no crown!
But even at this moment, Ji Lieyang couldn’t help but think of another place.
Was he in such pain before?
Does it hurt so much?
What makes you think it’s fake?
It seemed to completely wrap him in pain, and he already felt that it was difficult for him to think, but the memory was amazing, and he always replayed the picture over and over again, holding Lance in his arms and warning the picture condescendingly.
It seems that he really deserves it
The golden king wants to curl himself up a little bit. For the dragon, this is what they looked like before they left the nest, but he can’t and he will never do it.
Ruby duke half knelt down.
No one can answer his question, and the Ruby Dragon knows that all his pursuits, pursuits and this moment have gone up in smoke-if he knew it would end like this, he would rather not have felt it himself!
He is too cruel.
It seems that consciousness brought some blame. When Duke Ruby realized it, he was faced with double pain.
regret deeply
But if he had to do it again, would he still make such a choice? Will he do the same thing again?
The Duke of Ruby can’t fool himself. He will
Everything is self-inflicted. It was just a bubble when he met him.
Rosie looked at all this blankly. The emerald dragon’s delicate nerves enabled her to protect herself a little, and then suddenly she felt hatred. But all this was because she didn’t stop it before they persecuted her.
What? Nobody stopped it?
Lanchen, the holy dragon empire, suddenly paused for a walk
In the blue rose flowers, the face of the sapphire duke quickly changed from pale to pale, and it became more and more ugly, which made the followers unable to help but exclaim, "Your Excellency!"
Lan Chen said nothing.
His eyes seemed to want to go over those blue roses and look over the sapphire to the distant place, but finally Lanchen stared at the rose bushes and smiled gently.
Very gentle and indifferent
It’s good that he has such strength, such courage and such cruelty.
Lanchen seriously thought of it
Not just the top floor of the Holy Dragon Empire.
All powerful dragons will have such vague perception.
Mozifeng found Jiyu almost for the first time.
"What?" The black dragon rarely has some uneasiness. "What happened?"
He saw that young Huang Jinlong show a smile.
"Congratulations to him."
Jiyu said slowly.
He knew that Mozifeng could quickly understand what he meant, just like their little inexplicable tacit understanding.
The black dragon consciously looked at the sky.
It’s like he’s lost something forever-but he’s already lost it. There’s no need to relive that feeling at this time.
So just follow Ji Yu’s advice.
Lano is still there.