It is hard to say again.

However, several Mahayana monks still recognized Sun Haoxian’s voice, which was a bit white.
Although it is not the exact news, they will be agitated to think that Sun Hao may have taken the last step to practice in Mahayana dzogchen.
Is it true that there will finally be a rising monk in the virtual world?
Or is it that he can finally get rid of something and lead everyone to finish it?
The Mahayana monks at the scene are very tough-minded people. Sun Hao doesn’t say that they are gradually coming in vain, and immediately they no longer ask more questions. Of course, Sun Hao knows that these Taoist friends will not go far and will wait for their call at any time.
After the Tao has ended, Sun Hao said "Do not forget your initiative mind is my way", Zhi Chi and Xiao Wan have organized the monks to retreat in an orderly manner.
The whole Abel war star seems to wake up, fireworks bloom and cheers resound through the sky
The grand occasion of Zhan Zudao has ended, but the influence of Zhan Zudao has just been expanded
Everyone who witnessed the Zen ancestor, even the monks who saw it near Abelta, talked about it at this time.
Zhan Zudao is a wonderful limit of ups and downs.
Zen Ancestral Taoism not only makes people understand what Taoism is, but also points the way for avenue practice, creating a practice that predecessors did not create and benefiting all the people in the virtual world.
Zhan Zudao returned the importance of monasticism, and realized that "I am a Taoist" was right. Finally, my brother added to Daewoo and became "Do not forget your initiative mind is a Taoist"
This may become the most powerful methodology for monks to cultivate.
Zhan Zu’s brilliance will inevitably travel to every corner of the virtual world with this argument.
Of course, in addition to the Terran Friar, thousands of virtual worlds witnessed the birth of Terran, and the third and fourth Mahayana Friar races worshipped gratitude, which also caused all kinds of horror and extreme fear.
Terrans are too strong and ancestors are too strong.
It’s already like nine stars, which makes people dare not imagine.
Powerful beyond people’s imagination, the key is to remember history. Terrans are not good men and women, but they are full of aggression and greed.
There are four peerless Mahayana monks in this generation of Terrans, and even more, there is the super killer of Zhan Zu. I don’t know how many races will be conquered by Terrans.
Who is the opponent of Terran’s peak strength?
Once the Terran launches a war of aggression, it will cause great disaster to the virtual world, even beyond the tide of insects and beasts.
The fame of terran war ancestors also spread like wildfire with this talk.
Let Sun Hao didn’t think that Sun Hao was famous this time, but it was two things. First, naturally, Sun Hao thought of "I am a Taoist"; Second, it was Sun Hao’s alchemy, and many races vowed that the Terran had been born two Mahayana monks in a row, all of which were the effects of fighting the ancestors to seize the day.
Take heaven, take heaven, take nature, take birth to Mahayana friar.
Terran Warrior is not only the most powerful monk in the virtual world, but also it is hard to imagine whether it is Terran Warrior or or the most powerful alchemist in the virtual world.
Maybe the great master can’t fight the ancestors, maybe it’s more appropriate to call Sun Hao a double fairy master.
An alchemist, a great immortal, a refiner, a great immortal.
If it’s not so terrible that Terran Warrior’s individual strength reaches its peak, it’s even more fascinating to be able to be a great immortal.
Think about the great achievements of Zhan Zu, and the foreign monks can’t help but get chills.
The eternal myth that Jaabel, the peak of the refiner, fought for the virtual world; The alchemist’s peak is outstanding, and the alchemist is eager for the great monk in the virtual world.
What a strong Terran Warrior!
When all the people in the virtual world lamented that Sun Hao was powerful and powerful, Sun Hao was very quietly silent.
After the road, Sun Haoma closed his door to the outside world and did not intend to intervene in Terran affairs.
What makes people more surprised is that Ren Huang Hao Anyi Dragon King Xuanyuan Xiaolong Jin Wang disappeared to Daewoo Qiqi without giving instructions on Terran development.
And more Terran high-level officials are also very strangely closed to digest the Zen ancestor’s understanding.
The Terran was incredibly calm for a short time.
Someone happened to catch the bitch of Sun Hao’s family and wanted to buy some intelligence from this guy. As a result, he got the word "Don’t say it!"
Chapter DiErJiuErWu Nine pulse peak
Who is the richest in the virtual world? Historically, this is a problem of solution, and the virtual boundary is too vast.
Even the Mahayana monk can hardly run the whole imaginary world all his life. It seems meaningless to care about who is the richest in the imaginary world.
But that was before.
Up to now, if you want to ask who is the richest in the virtual world, nine times out of ten monks will really give an accurate answer.
It’s not that the war ancestors’ two industries are the highest in the world, so people have to say that the war ancestors may be rich and have everything they need.
Two major industries: pharmacy; Primary refiner
The whole medicine clan fights for the ancestors, and the whole medicine clan monks all take medicine Shengwu Idle Lang to lead the agarwood pharmaceutical company to open a furnace for the virtual world monks to make an alchemy, and collect it according to the quality of Dan medicine.
The industrial chain runs through the imaginary world, and half of the ethnic groups are eager to make money and resources. That is a must.
Compared with the pharmaceutical factory, St. Zhu Dezheng’s technology master refiner, it is even more the biggest miracle in the virtual world, and there is no business that makes money in the virtual world.
Terran agarwood refiners are bigger and more profitable than pharmaceuticals.
Don’t talk about it, just say that the Abel Tower brings the income of Zhan Zu every year, which is difficult to count.
Thousands of races in the imaginary world of Zhanzu Road erected the Abel Tower.
After the war of ancestors, these races discovered that the Abel Tower was terrible to the extreme and had the ability to lose information.
This kind of information transmission speed is extremely fast and extremely confidential, which is the strongest information technology in the virtual world at present
What is even more frightening is that the Abel Tower will be built, which means that you have connected other continents and other races, and you can find many unimaginable resources.
This is simply the greatest cross-historical refining device that benefits the whole virtual world.
Therefore, those races who erected the Abel Tower after Zhanzu Road rarely removed the tower, but continued to apply to Abel War Star to continue to erect more towers by their own races.
The core technology of Abel Tower has always been in the hands of very few people. To be precise, this technology can only be truly mastered by a true brother of Sun Hao’s refining device, and there are three people who can crack the core code of Abel Tower: Sun Hao, Zhu De Zheng and Xiao Wan.
His brother and Zhu Dezheng’s disciples can master some of the core technologies, and it is unknown which branches Zhu Dezheng divided these core technologies into.
The Abel Tower to be erected can only be produced if the Terran Warrior’s special password is opened. If you don’t erect it according to the technical requirements, it will be a pile of scrap iron in the end.
Zhu Dezheng is mainly responsible for the production of this flag. There are no less than one million large refining plants specializing in the production of Abel tower Abel receiving terminal, which is Zhu Dezheng’s named mobile phone.
I don’t know how much money I make every year for this alone.
And Xiaowan is responsible for the operation and management, which makes more money than Zhu Dezheng.
Xiao Wan receives information. If she transmits information through the Abel Tower, Xiao Wan can intercept the information and collect it for the war ancestors.
However, Xiaowan was Sun Haoda’s housekeeper from an early age and learned to run grocery stores from an early age.
During the promotion of the Abel Tower, it was keenly discovered that the Abel Tower has great commercial value, and it is mainly set up and operated for different equipment and different terminal products to facilitate their own monitoring and collect certain operations.
Xiaowan Management collects a certain number of times of Abel Tower on a monthly basis and ensures the normal operation of Abel equipment.
Moreover, a large number of Terran monks were recruited by Xiaowan and enriched to the Abel Tower. They were stationed in the virtual world, many races, many continents. These Terran monks have a lofty position and are very comfortable in the past.
Terran range charges are relatively low, while aliens are more than twice as high.
At first glance, this is not high, even ordinary people feel that they can afford it without much pressure, as if they don’t make much money.