The spring tide gave birth to the practice of Buddhism and Buddhism, which is quite wonderful. Among the many newly-established Buddhism, it is excellent, but the ancestors are arrogant and arrogant. Although they have not yet challenged the Tianzong Sect, they have not bothered the nearby ones, and the disciples who have repeatedly won the victory have become more and more arrogant.

Suddenly, the figure swaying in the barren hills flashed a middle-aged female crown. With the yellow face of the female Taoist priest, she looked ordinary, but her eyes turned with a charm, which faintly revealed a sweet charm.
The female crown stepped forward to the megalithic tablet in the Shura River, but not yet near, and suddenly a string of silvery bells came again. "Sister is Shura River’s younger brother? Or do fellow initiates come to visit us? " A beautiful girl in a red dress fell to the ground and blocked the front of the crown with a smile.
There are two people behind the servant girl, a big-headed dwarf, and a housekeeper of a secular family dresses up with two koi fish in a copper basin. Another man with heavy eyebrows and eyes was born in his early twenties.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-six Road
When the servant girl fell to the ground, she could see clearly that it was "Oh, my gosh" and a low voice called "Don’t take it amiss for my little sister to fail to recognize the master of the fairy family when she was driving around."
The yellow-faced female crown’s eyes swept across the three people opposite, and her voice was hoarse. "Digging the valley, the famous people spread far and wide, and now it is an honor to meet."
The three groups of Taoist practitioners turned to sweep the shadows of inexplicable figures in the new religious practice, digging valleys and wandering clouds, which are generally known as loud digging valleys and wandering clouds. When they saw each other, they couldn’t guess who they were in front of.
Not only know each other’s names, but also know what people are doing here. Today, Shura River is full of auspicious stars, and both maleficent stars find the door at the same time.
Ye Fei, the younger brother of "Digging Valley", thought about it and made a gesture of "please" to the female crown. There is no need to fight a new small clan. This time, the opportunity to hit people "Dig Valley" was given to "You Yun Guan"
However, Ye Fei didn’t leave immediately because he heard that there was something subtle about the shurajian spell. Ye Fei didn’t want to start work, but he had to see it. In addition, after the female crown won, he wanted to do a fencing test with this yellow-faced Taoist priest.
Or see through each other’s thoughts or the same thoughts as Ye Fei. The yellow-faced woman smiled. "Thank you for waiting for the owner of Shura Stream to dig the valley again. I am very grateful." Say that finish and raise my hand with a sword of light to hit the front door stone.
Is it customary for outsiders to come here casually? As far as it is concerned, there should be a guest brother who is on duty day and night. I wonder if it is because the Shura River is too big or why his brother is guarding the gate near the gate. Everyone has come to check this chat, which is even weirder. The mountain of the female crown is still desolate and silent, and there is no movement.
Ye Fei’s maid in red giggled before driving. "Didn’t you get the news before the Shura River that the wandering cloud view mainly escaped from the sword?"
"Taoist friends are joking". The tone of the female crown is relaxed. When the firm but gentle is revived, the strength is overbearing. Many large rocks are smashed and turned into dust in the soup, and they go directly with the wind without leaving any trace.
It’s no longer a slap on the face, but even the face is torn off. So, there is a movement in the mountain by such a mixed method. The yellow light in front of it rushes to turn the gold ring into a cover, and the painted skin of the mountain is swept away. The scenery in the eyes of all people is steep and broad, and the rift valley on the ground is more than ten thousand meters wide. The ordinary eyes can’t see the other side.
I don’t know how deep the rift valley is, but the rock walls on both sides are inclined to be chiseled along the wall, and pavilions and pavilions are scattered all over the place, but most of them are unfinished and look rather sloppy. After all, they have only lived for decades, and they can’t talk about the foundation, so how can they have a decent scale?
Menzong appeared and still didn’t see Shura Jian’s younger brother coming forward. There was an echo in the rift valley … but it seemed that there was no one.
The crown of women frowned and raised her hand towards the half-grasp, as if time had gone back. Just as the wind blew away, the dust on the door tablet and hurried back. The crown of women caught a handful of consciousness from it at will, and with a little discrimination, it became clear that the painted skin of the door tablet covering the mountain in the Shura stream was removed one after another, not by the mountain practitioners, but by the broken painted skin of the door tablet. Naturally, it failed and was revoked.
Immediately, the female crown will hit a mountain stream with a spiritual knowledge and probably find out that she has no intention of repairing her family.
It’s true that the female crown is disguised as a noble brother to challenge, but it’s already the "limit" to smash the signboard. She won’t take the initiative to go to other people’s homes. She won’t bother to pay attention to the place where the Shura stream is repaired and her brother goes, so she will pull down the female crown and turn her eyes to Ye Fei. "Don’t the host family ask for public advice?"
Ye Fei nodded, but just took out his sword. Deep in the mountain stream, a piercing scream suddenly appeared.
Bellow at first fell to an abrupt end in half. Ye Feiwei was one leng and then laughed. "Crying is so sad, even death is not very happy."
The female crown is sparse and the eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. When people in the noble family encounter this situation as a probe, it is two different things from the other party opening the door but not taking the initiative to enter.
Ye Fei took out his sword and took it back into his sleeve. "I’m curious, too. I’d like to go and see the Lord first. Would you like to go with me?" It doesn’t matter whether the crown nods or shakes her head. He has taken two hands and jumped into the mountain stream.
The female crown turns her mind to protect herself, and a few treasures are drawn by Linxi, ready to fly to the depths of the mountain stream with heavy breeze.
"You almost broke the road?" In the nether world, Su Jing was staring at phase liu in front of him with horror.
"phase liu is different from others. You can’t be too fussy to talk about it." Little phase liu’s voice is always cold, but everyone’s friendship is there. If you are impatient, you should explain things to your friends. "phase liu’s nine-headed and nine-headed practice path will also encounter nine kills, nine robberies and nine kills, that is, nine times of life and death. It’s no good to survive, but you will die. Nine robberies are similar but slightly different. "
Nine kills are destiny takes a hand; Nine robberies are caused by practice.