Disconnect from the invisible paper man. I shook my head with my forehead.

I looked at the room where I was practicing goo tsai, and saw goo tsai closing his eyes and holding a lotus tactic with his hands on the ground.
There is a strong ghostly spirit shooting out from Goo Tsai’s body, surrounding the array blaster for a circle, and then surrounding the array blaster for a circle with the flame of ancient lamps to return to Goo Tsai’s body again.
Over and over again, goo-goo is full of ghosts.
More and more haunting things are flying out of Goo Tsai’s body and returning to Goo Tsai’s body through array method, ancient lamp flame and array method.
What I saw in front of me surprised me
Although I can’t practice the ancient lamp power for the time being, I am already full of joy.
I restrained my emotions and began to cultivate the fifth floor of bamboo slips.
It was not until the sky was about to light up and Goo Zi returned to Yinzhu that I stopped practicing the movable bed, put out the ancient lamp and put it back, then closed my eyes and took a nap.
I didn’t see Wang Hao when I went to school in the afternoon
I’m surprised at this situation. I don’t know whether Hao Wenwen’s hand or Shuchuan Lich King’s hand has made any progress in the investigation of Lin Hui’s incident.
In the second class, I tracked Wang Haowen’s invisible paper man.
I saw Wang Haowen go to the Lich King’s House in Shuchuan early in the morning to analyze and discuss the attack on the monster kept by the Lich King in Shuchuan last night.
Hao-wen wang promised that he would visit fz in the shortest possible time. Who are the demon hunters and where are they staying?
Wang Haowen got the answer within half an hour after typing a word.
Wang Haowen told the Lich King of Shuchuan that in recent days, since 7: 00 last night, demon hunters have been staying in Tianhe Hotel one after another, and the houses of those demon hunters have been booked before.
The Lich King of Shuchuan asked Wang Haowen who booked those rooms.
Hao-wen wang shook his head and said he didn’t know that the other party didn’t leave any message, which was a precaution against being peeped through by another person.
The Lich King of Sichuan frowned and said that if you book those rooms, shouldn’t you at least leave any ID number?
Wang Haowen shook his head and said that the hotel is also very competitive. If you can afford the money, you can book a room with any documents you need.
The Lich King of Shuchuan said that it was so. He said that he would go to meet those demon hunters later.
Wang Haowen asked the Lich King of Shuchuan if he needed his help.
The Lich King of Shuchuan shook his head and said that there was a specialty in the art, saying that a layman like Wang Haowen, a demon catcher, couldn’t help.
Wang Haowen said that in that case, he would leave now. There are classes at school in the afternoon.
As Wang Haowen was about to leave, Lingling came to the Lich King’s Room in Sichuan and said that she wanted to buy something, but she was a stranger in fz and asked Wang Haowen if she could accompany her.
Hao-wen wang glanced at the spotted snake wrapped around the wrist of the Lich King in Sichuan, and hesitated to nod.
Lingling looked very happy, pulled out her hairpin and handed it to the Lich King of Sichuan, then left the room with Hao-wen wang.
Not long after Wang Haowen and Lingling left, the door of the Lich King in Sichuan was knocked.
The Lich King of Shuchuan opened the door. It was his five hands who came in.
The Lich King of Shuchuan told Wang Haowen the message he told him, and after five hands, he released a part of the black-shield wasp in Lingling hairpin.
The Lich King of Shuchuan asked the five hands to cut their right middle finger and drop a drop of blood into different cups, then took out a jar of honey and let his five hands mix the honey into the cups.
Then the five hands held the cup and stretched their arms forward.
The Lich King of Sichuan waved his hand, and the black shield wasp in the room was automatically divided into five parts to eat, and the blood and honey were mixed in the glass.
When the black-shield wasp ate the added honey, the Lich King of Sichuan once again said that he would let his hands each take a part of the black-shield wasp back to cooperate with the special department to track the monster together.
The Lich King of Shuchuan said that before all the tracking continues, it is necessary to send monsters to track the demon hunters in Tianhe Hotel.
In this short time, the Lich King of Sichuan commanded that the black shield wasp had finished eating the honey in the cup and then lined up neatly behind the five hands of the Lich King of Sichuan.
Five hands together said that the Lich King of Bai Shuchuan told five hands to go and save their strength. Tonight, they will go against those new demon hunters who stayed in Tianhe Hotel.
Someone asked the Lich King of Shuchuan that there was a new demon catcher in fz city. It was last night that the Lich King of Shuchuan was sure or guessing about the situation of their party.
The Lich King of Shuchuan said that it was close enough for his five men to arrange the tracking of those demon hunters. It should be possible to determine whether the real murderer was them last night in a daytime.
If so, then play against them directly tonight; If not, you should not take it lightly. After all, this point is running towards fz city to catch demons, and it should be another plan.
After the Lich King of Sichuan finished speaking, he waved his five hands to leave his room with a black shield wasp.
The Lich King of Sichuan got up and locked the door, took out the bamboo flute, and the spotted snake began to repeat the practice of spitting Dan before.
Lian na ke stealth paper man is the same at the moment
Segmented reading 225
Step I disconnect the invisible paper people.
Will you tell Xie Yiming about the situation? I quickly left the classroom and went to a remote place to call Jiang Yan to tell him about the situation just now.
Jiang Yan said that he knew, that he would deliberately confuse the situation, and try his best to get the Lich King of Sichuan and his party to have a duel with the demon catcher tonight.
After hanging up, I breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the classroom again
Sit down and look at Xie Yiming’s inquiry. Look at me. I told Xie Yiming that I saw that I had informed Jiang Yan about it just now.
Xie Yiming smiled and nodded, saying that, we will wait for the night and sit quietly.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Mulberry appeared
For Xie Yiming’s words, I nodded and said that I thought that there would be a confrontation in the evening, and I was full of expectations.
I walked home with Xie Yiming after school at noon.
Because my family and Liufeng College talk about whether the journey is long or short, we will choose to take a taxi or drive ourselves if we are in a hurry. If we are not in a hurry, we usually choose to walk.
After the door was full of people, Jiubo stopped me and Xie Yiming.
Although Jiubo didn’t move to his home, he kept in touch from time to time. Plus, every noon after school, he was full of people. When he met Jiubo at the door, he also knew about my current situation.
Jiubo asked me and Xie Yiming how things were going.
I truthfully told Jiubo the current situation, and Jiubo nodded and said that since the situation has reached this point, he also made a lively and high-priced trip to invite a few high-point demon hunters to come to fz City.
I took out my bank card and handed it to Jiubo to tell him how much money was in it.
Jiubo waved his hand and said that his spare money was enough to pay the so-called high price.
Jiubo finished talking about Xiaoqiang. Jiubo said that Xiaoqiang is a burden in our situation. If you send it here, he will take it first.
What Jiubo said is also true. I also heard Jiubo’s proposal. I nodded and said that I would ask Xiaoqiang first when I go back. If Xiaoqiang agrees, I will send Xiaoqiang later.
At this time, another group of guests came over, full of people, waving their hands to let Xie Yiming and I go back early and be happy to meet the guests.
Xie Yiming and I went home hand in hand and met a red light at a traffic light intersection. Xie Yiming and I stopped and waited for the red light to turn green.
While waiting, my eyes swept across the intersection at random, and when I saw a taxi passing quickly at the traffic light intersection, I raised my eyebrows in surprise.
The taxi that drove quickly through the traffic lights was sitting impressively, and it was Musang who lost contact with me.