Immediately said, "It’s a good thing they have strong reproductive ability, or they will be extinct."

In the face of only Kuroha crows, they roared for the third time.
After the sound wave spread, the crow in Kuroha fell and the black torrent disappeared.
Roar at the sky, step on the tail, throw your eyes around your territory.
This roar is different from the previous three, which is accompanied by strong coercion.
The low-order monster beast in the place where coercion has passed is very shivering.
Even the human monks who just came in were quite embarrassed.
Some turned pale, some trembled …
This can’t be blamed on them, because it comes from the repression of the strong, as if it were possible.
Ling Youdao’s face doesn’t look good either. After recovery, it is a dignified face.
"With just that coercion, this statue has even reached the third order."
"There is a monster beast here whose strength has reached the third order. Is the monster beast in that depth as powerful?"
Ling Youdao couldn’t help thinking about this problem.
Primordial aura is definitely not the strongest aura. The strongest aura is near the ruins of Zhenhai Palace.
"Forget it. It’s important to meet Erbo and them first when you think about this problem."
And he went on to Lingdingshan.
However, after this incident, many practitioners changed their minds.
Before coming in, both the elders and the five great schools of Jin Dan said it was dangerous and unusual, but many people didn’t take it seriously.
Thinking of coming in, I immediately went to the ruins of Zhenhai Palace to collect treasures as soon as possible
But just now, things have sounded the alarm for these people. It is very dangerous here. If there are powerful monsters everywhere, there are many people. One person’s strength is very limited and he can’t protect himself.
Before coming in, many practitioners had already formed alliances with people and formed many groups, large and small.
However, the meeting place of these groups is near the ruins of Zongmen in Zhenhai Palace, but it is not the grassland that has just entered.
But suddenly, there was a third-order roar in the air, which merged all the organizations.
It wasn’t long before Ling Youdao met Ling Dingshan.
"second uncle"
Ling Dingshan saw Ling Youdao’s face showing surprise.
"Are you all right?"
Ling Youdao shook his head and smiled. "The strength of Erbo’s nephew is not good. How can you easily make a mistake?"
He ha ha a smile don’t want to let LingDingShan worry.
Smell speech Ling Dingshan nodded, "I’m not weaker than you. If something happens to you, I’m not going to have an accident."
"Uncle, let’s hurry to find Yan Ran and eldest brother."
Lingdingshan nodded "well"
Immediately said, "It’s too dangerous here. My niece is a little weak. I have to find her quickly."
When Ling Dingshan spoke, Ling Youdao had already determined the position of Mu Yan Ran through the locator.
"Yan ran here is about 120 miles away from us."
Hearing this, Ling Dingshan immediately said, "Go!"
Say two people intellectual man fit blessing stepping on the grass.
Ling Youxian put away the locator in his hand on the other side.
"There is a saying that the two uncles have joined together, and they should go to their siblings first."