The moment when telepathy penetrated the smooth surface of the frequency energy tester, it was confirmed that his telepathy had also changed.

Or a certain degree of variation.
But what exactly is the change?
Telepathy penetration?
What are the trigger conditions?
One question after another, except for one question, it is partially solved.
The problem is that this frequency energy tester is good and evil!
Just as the former retreat is more than the decisive disintegration of telepathy, the retreat will not have a malicious first judgment on strangers, but it will definitely be vigilant.
But it is absolutely the greatest malice to extraterrestrial beings to speculate on them!
If you are not my race, your heart will be different!
I have learned this word several times!
If you touch this frequency energy tester for a short time, you won’t retreat!
It won’t be so reckless to retire before you have a certain understanding!
To tell the truth, Xu tui never imagined that the machine in Heita’s mouth, the chief instructor, was conscious!
Obviously, the outer base has a way to deal with the failure of frequency energy tester, such as rhombic flashing 99 grids.
After ten minutes of energy stimulation, this thing will return to normal.
Students who didn’t finish the test took the test again.
There is always an illusion when waiting for Cui Xi and others to retreat during the test!
It feels like this frequency energy tester is staring at him.
But Xu back spirit field is not abnormal.
Maybe Xu retired from his nervousness.
After about half an hour, it was finally Cui Xi’s turn and that few junior seniors tested the energy burst strength.
Cui Xi’s test is very rude. Three stick bombardment in a row!
The first stick energy burst value is 43 squares, the second stick energy burst value is 45 squares, and the third stick energy burst value has reached an astonishing 40 squares!
A stick is better than a stick.
And after three stick boom Cui Xi still have some unfinished business.
The energy burst value of several junior seniors is generally about 50 squares, which is slightly stronger than Cui Xi.
But it’s hard to say whether we can beat Cui Xi.
There is a junior who achieved genetic mutation six months ago according to the data and blew out 52 energy burst values 3!
Very powerful!
After reading these seniors’ tests, Xu retired and left the physical examination hall.
I don’t know if the feeling of being watched by people disappeared in an instant after the illusion of retreating was measured in vitro.
Of course, the physical examination hall is not necessarily a frequency energy tester. After all, it is normal for Xu to retreat after being observed on the first day.
Not long after leaving the physical examination hall, I received the instructor Lu Kang’s words.
"come to my office while I rest at noon, I’ll make up a missed lesson for you.
Go to the canteen and bring your own food.
Say while eating. "
"Okay, thank you, instructor."
To tell the truth, Xu tui still respects the instructor Lu Kang.
A strong genetic evolution environment, even if it is just a breakthrough, Bluestar is definitely a powerful person.
The lunar base, however, is quite approachable for these new instructors, although some of them are harsh.