The nurse said, "Are you and I here 24 hours a day to be kind and wait to help you?" You, others don’t know where your knife came from. Let’s be honest, I am sure that you dare not go to a regular hospital, which is why the price is so high! You don’t want to leave at any time! "

The waves were ridiculed by the nurse. Instead of becoming angry from embarrassment, she laughed and took out a stack of RMB from her pocket, with more than 50 thousand.
He has more than 100 thousand cash in his body and can’t put it in one pocket
The waves laughed, "Brother, I don’t have any money left now!"
The nurse said faintly, "That’s good! Now you are covered in copper smell, which is better than anything!"! No matter how much money you have, it’s your life. I won’t ask for more than 5 thousand. Let’s say we can’t reimburse you without a receipt. "
The waves said, "I don’t have a wife without reimbursement!" "
The nurse said, "There is also a sad person missing."
What she means is that the waves will lie dead on the street one day and his wife will be sad.
The waves counted out fifty hundred-dollar bills and handed them to the nurse.
The nurse took it and threw it into the desk drawer without looking.
The waves are a little strange and say, "Are you a girl who is not afraid of being robbed?"
The nurse glanced at the waves with strange eyes and said, "Are you new here or just a novice? I’m a bunch of young and dangerous people. Help Guanyin. That gangster was cut, not treated by me! Who dares to touch me! "
The waves said, "Oh, it’s Sister Guanyin. It seems that we will have a connection in the future."
The nurse said, "white is good."
The nurse took a big bottle of disinfectant, and the waves scrubbed her wounds carefully.
The peculiar smell of that disinfectant made the waves feel uncomfortable and frowned.
There is a burning pain when the cold medicine wipes the wound. The waves shut up and don’t hum.
The nurse looked pale after watching a wave and said, "It’s ok, just like hanging out."
The waves smiled and didn’t speak. It hurts like a knife wound!
The nurse scrubbed it for more than ten minutes before she disinfected more than ten knife wounds on the body of the waves. Then there was a wave to sew up the abdominal wound.
At the corner, the driver let the waves go.
The waves looked at the facade of this humble health clinic, which was very small, and there would be no good technicians, but what pleased him was that there was a light inside.
The door was bolted from the inside, and the waves knocked on the door. A girl said, "Wait a minute!" "
After a while, the door opened. It was a beautiful young girl.
She wore a nurse but didn’t wear a white hat. Her long hair was slightly curled and dyed into light yellow, which naturally hung down. She was tall and slim, elegant in temperament and slender in melon face. The eyebrows were fascinating and the phoenix eye could make a man stunned with a glance.
Although this female nurse is still a little sleepy, she is still sexy, which makes men want to rise. "Hey, the seduction nurse is good!" Not bad! "
The female nurse glanced at the waves and said lightly, "Come in."
After the waves went in, the nurse asked without looking at the waves, "What’s the matter?"
The waves can’t see this female nurse’s swaggering expression slowly saying, "I’m a man, of course I’m not here to have an abortion!" "
The female nurse glanced at the waves again and suddenly smiled and said, "I can’t do a man’s abortion. I mean, how did you get this knife wound?"
She smiled and winked at the waves like silk, and felt a desire to rise. She was dissatisfied with this female nurse and flew away for a long time. Now there is a kind of kiln scenery smiling and saying, "I have a tendency to abuse myself and paddle for fun."
The nurse smiled and went to the front of the waves without asking, and said faintly, "Take off your pants and let me have a look!" "
A man will think of evil when he says this!
The waves are also men, but they are calmer than other men. After a short period of complacency, they immediately sank their faces and solemnly took off their clothes and pants.
Now the waves are left with a pair of very short, narrow and sexy pants.
The nurse walked around the waves and said, "One of the fourteen knives is deep …"