Just five hours ago, Woolf Wen launched the largest round of surprise attack on the binary star!

Even though the binary star had already prepared for the invasion, this time Woolf’s offensive was by no means the same as before, so it can be said that it caught them off guard.
At this time, the number of nearly a thousand binary fleets and a large number of semi-permanent fortifications are pouring a lot of artillery fire in the direction of the wormhole
On the side of the wormhole, more than a dozen golden flying objects, which are as huge as golden shields, are scattered and scattered to decorate hundreds of kilometers of star fields.
Behind the golden shield, a large number of cyan mecha are drilling out of the wormhole with the help of the shield cover, and then immediately rushed to the binary defensive position in a fairly sparse formation scattered in all directions!
This kind of golden shield is quite powerful in defense, and it has the dual defense functions of physical and energy weapons.
It seems to have a strong deflection force field on its surface, and the high-speed magnetic projectile attack will be easily reflected and deflected, and its melting point is extremely high, which can effectively isolate the force field attack.
It is with the help of this "siege equipment" that Woolf Wen has exported a large number of elite mecha units here, relying on the flexible skirmish attack of high-speed mecha to quickly enter the melee!
However, after all, this is the home of the binary star, which has a great advantage in both firepower and strength.
After fighting for several hours, the fierce fortress fire attacked the golden shield, and there were potholes everywhere, and several of them were even melted through several big holes, and the defense was greatly reduced.
And into the cyan mecha group also won amazing results, and then gradually eroded by binary superior forces encirclement and suppression!
The direction of this war is getting better …
It seems that Woolf’s commandos have slowed down the offensive and finally left some troops behind. The remaining mecha quickly retreated and did not forget to take away the broken gold shield when they left.
Straight to the last gold shield surrounded by a large number of cyan mecha backwards into the wormhole behind him. This war of words finally came to an end …
Millions of kilometers behind the battlefield, the binary star belongs to the Woolf front headquarters-the star of fear of war!
This is a rogue planets that has been militarized and is the size of the moon. The eye is full of mechanical and metal transformation marks.
Three huge planetary thrusters, covering an area of 100 kilometers, sprayed huge plasma tail flames to push the war star slowly towards the wormhole defense line.
In this way, the propeller has dozens of evenly divided planet surfaces, which can be used to fight the stars at any time.
In addition to nearly 100 escort ships guarding the left and right battle stars, hundreds of various warships are quietly moored, and engineering robots are undergoing maintenance and supply, and the industry is as dense as ant nests.
There are many battlestar turrets, not only various weapons production lines, but even large shipyards have several hangars and material storage warehouses for mecha and fighters.
There are also several large-scale war equipment with unknown functions and huge area.
If the Earth’s aircraft carrier is a fighter weapon platform, then the double star is a super aircraft carrier that can fight with warships!
This is the top strategic strength of the double star, which can be said to be a heavy weapon!
The core of rogue planets’s battle to build a mobile large-scale fleet is the development of binary stars, which gradually formed a cosmic war body in the late interstellar era
The planet is too big and the huge gravity is not conducive to the take-off and landing of the fleet, and the power will be quite urgent. The volume is too small and Fana has enough troops, so the size of the moon is the best to transform the stars!
This "fear" is that the binary star consumes a lot of resources to build one with only three war stars.
The other two war stars are "Double" and "Death" respectively, one permanently guards the central star and the other is mysterious …
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Wen threat level
The senior commanders of the dreaded war star and binary star are calling a post-war meeting.
"In this campaign, we lost a total of 124 warships, including 3 large destroyers, 423 mecha units, more than 50,000 man-machine losses, and some fortifications were damaged and repaired in about 5 days …"
Listen, a series of losses, everyone looks solemn
"What about the results?" Someone asked
"Destroy the enemy more than 56 new mecha …"
Everyone looks more dignified.