"What did you say?" Lao Feng went on the rampage and even kicked Xu Nianwu in his prime and hugged him tightly to prevent him from dying. "No, you can make this project my name in three months … not me. Feng Liangzhou has your last name!"

Laofeng remembered that he had lost a bet not far from Zhuang, and he had to write the word Feng upside down as Ma Er.
Chapter 59 "Brutal face" achievements!
"ZhuangLiangZhou? That’s a good name, too. "Not far from Zhuang, he peeled an orange with a smile and shook his head." But forget it. I’m not interested in you and my last name … If you lose, don’t work hard for me for three years. "
"Don’t say I’ve been working hard for three years and I can sell it to you!" Lao Feng is not afraid. He is an old man who is half buried. If he is so angry every day, he may not live for three years.
And three months?
If only these grandchildren would stop wrangling for ten years!
"Well, then I won’t bully you," Zhuang said. "I’ll lose if the canal doesn’t start for three months and one month."
"What if you lose?"
"What do you say?"
"If you lose, you have to apologize in the newspaper. The title is Grandpa Feng. I was wrong!"
"It’s a deal" Zhuang not far way
"Master Zhuang …" Xu Nianwu’s eyes popped out next to him. The two men bet really hard.
Besides, the landlord is too big. How can a month be enough?
He also knows that those people in Liumangzhou have urine Lao Feng Deli, and he didn’t follow Laofeng to run this project. The people in Liumangzhou are so angry that they are crazy.
Zhuang is not far away, but he is not worried at all. Lao Feng’s family had a leisurely breakfast with Aunt Li, and then he went out smiling.
Zhuang not far before going out, he turned back and took a photo of Lao Feng with his identity card for the duke.
The circle is still green to the extreme. Of course, the "futile rebellious line" outside is also red, purple, thick and bright.
Capable people are often not so flexible. This is not a street. Just pick up a servant. This is a city owner.
Unless you want to kill a person, you must finish this rebellious line before you can take this person into the manor servant.
At this time, not far from Zhuang received a message saying, "Benevolent manor owner has been cruel for a long time, and you are ready to show your minions again. You have already achieved the achievement of’ brutal suppression’ and obtained the skill of’ manor owner’s brutal face beating’"
"Brutality opens a new achievement,’ Brutality in the face’, and even more brutal means to slap the face ten times to despise your servant’s current completion times /1"
"After the achievement of’ Brutal Face Punching’ is completed, reward brutality and upgrade the skill of’ Manor Master Brutal Face Punching’-‘Manor Master Brutal Face Riding’"
"Manor owners brutally ride their faces in the face of more and more powerful enemies. When hitting the face can’t solve the problem, of course, they will ride their faces directly! Riding a face can cause ten times physical and mental damage and may directly defeat the enemy’s will. "
Not far from Zhuang, I think …
This skill is really evil. I don’t know who sent it, but … I like it!
And poor Lao Feng is estimated to be a stepping stone to this new move and new achievement.
He smiled meaningfully at Laofeng and saw that he was so angry that he stared behind him.
Wait until Zhuang doesn’t go away. Laofeng just sat down angrily.
"Well, don’t be angry," said Aunt Li. "I think this kid is much better than you. Be yourself and be yourself. Maybe people can really do it."
"Besides, people say that things don’t go to the Three Treasures Hall. This child has come to the door in person. It seems that he really has the sincerity to invite you to your home all day. Isn’t it noisy and moldy all day?"
"Well, do you think I don’t want him to succeed?" LaoFeng is wry smile "but you don’t know the difficulty ….."