"Xu retired"

While sleeping, Xu tui slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes shone like stars.
That is a sign of strong and full spirit.
United is the most efficient communication between the two sides in the shortest time because of the unstable signal!
It was a fleet that invaded Lingweiyi.
According to Xu’s order before retreating, if Lingwei encounters external forces, it will make the guardian Lingwei, a silver tree and five trees quickly withdraw to the brainwave star.
The implementation of Yinwushu is thorough!
When the invading fleet was still far away, it evacuated Lingweiyi at the first time.
But a day ago, the invading fleet still found a brainwave star.
And sent scouts!
A brainwave star has already entered a defensive state. According to the strategic requirements of Xu Retreat, according to the fortress, he will defend himself.
However, the intruder scouts also made some observations when they scouted Lingji Star.
Step clear autumn found that the invading fleet scout turned out to be blue star human!
This discovery made Xu retreat stunned!
The intruder is a blue star human?
Is this the dawn, redemption, counterattack and revenge?
If it’s dawn redemption …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-nine I really gave you a chance and steps.
Capturing Lingwei I is a blue star human?
This information made Xu retreat from the deadlock.
If the capture of Lingwei I is a blue star human, then it is highly suspected that it is the dawn redemption team.
And if it’s the dawn rescue team, then this speed is a little scary
But the strange thing is that it was June 12 when the intelligence guard was attacked step by step, and today it is June 14.
It’s been two days since the invaders captured Lingwei I, and it’s been twice since they scouted Lingji Star.
We should have found them, but we haven’t launched an attack yet!
This is a bit weird again.
This frequency of action is not the wind of dawn redemption
If it’s dawn redemption, it will attack the first time after discovering the brainwave star and reconnaissance.
Instead of waiting!
Or what is this intruder team waiting for?
Xu tui, an xiaoxue, qu Qingshan, Wen Shao and others have studied it for a long time but have not come to a definite conclusion.
In the end, I will make a decision
"Huang directly advances into Lingwei-I don’t need to hide the signal to amplify the signal of our fleet. It is best for Lingwei-I to notice us early" Xu ordered.
Huang won’t hesitate to execute the strategic and tactical orders. If he makes a retreat, he will execute them at the first time.
The law of the jungle in the universe is vividly reflected.
From this point of view, this invading Lingwei-Bluestar Terran fleet, whether it’s dawn redemption or its origin, has the greatest possibility of not attacking Lingji Star for the first time-it’s not too confident in its strength!
In this way, we will successively scout the Lingji Star.
Or is it a team that cherishes feathers extremely, just like making a retreat!
But the strength should not be too strong!
If you had absolute crushing strength, you would have attacked the brainwave star on a large scale.
No matter what the power of the brainwave star is, let’s talk about it honestly
Anyway, it would definitely be like this if Xu retired.
Decided to retreat directly into Lingweiyi!
At the same time, it is also a time to win for the star of the brainwave!
The left-behind power of Lingji Star is too weak.
There are two quasi-planets!
It was a long wait, but it passed quickly.
In less than an hour, Huang gave feedback that Lingwei had already reacted over there and should have found their fleet.
If there is any movement, you can rest assured that his strategic goal has been achieved.
The discovery of them means that they have dispersed the pressure on the brainwave star and also put pressure on the invading ship. I dare not attack the brainwave star casually until I understand their situation.
At the same time, Lingwei and a group of blue star terrans also called an emergency meeting.
The first is a star-rated strong man.
"How long will the reconnaissance team come back this time?" The first line of star-rated strong asked
"Lord Notos, Lord Wantong, they are on their way back. It is expected that this satellite will turn back in three and a half hours."
"Have you sent the reconnaissance results?"
"Sent them to say that a brainwave star has found two quasi-planets! For the time being, there is no sign of the star power in the intelligence search.
But there may be a large number of three-phase thermal explosive bombs.
Lord Wan Tong means to attack, but be careful and control casualties! Besides, Lord Wantong asked Lord Notos if you were going there directly, and they would meet to launch an attack on Lingji Star. "asked the adjutant