You just told us that the robots will be reborn soon after we passed here, and when you come out after searching for a building, the horse will be surrounded by a bunch of reborn robots.

"There was such a situation." Aquinas nodded understandingly.
"Did you hear that? Run faster later. "I’m awake
"Got it"
Just after the battle, the new killer repeatedly threw out explosives to bomb others, guns, archery and archery, and the arrows flew in front of him. The explosive power of ammunition ignited the raging flame, and after several barrels of petrol cans were placed outside, the fire was even more out of control.
"rush! "I shouted at them," I’m in charge of the road with Aquinas. When it breaks, it moves faster! 」
We rushed into the building as quickly as possible, cut down tables and cabinets as soon as we saw robots. Fortunately, the building has two floors, and we can quickly find out the situation.
"Is there? 」
"Nothing here either."
"Back! To the middle building! 」
In the former way, we ran to the middle building while playing, and just finished solving the small role, a low voice appeared unlike human voice.
"Damn intruders dare to trespass here and I will destroy you! 」
"Wow || There is a BOSS here! "Sugar-coated poison panic shout.
"I hate the appearance of BOSS when I am so tired." Li En complained breathlessly at night.
Previously, I tried my best to run around, playing tricks and throwing bombs, which made everyone spend a lot of energy and look tired.
"It’s a matter of course," the killer grinned. "Every card should have a big devil, otherwise it won’t be fun."
"Come on! The more unfavorable the state, the easier it is to stimulate the potential! "I cheer said.
"Master Cat, you said that stimulating potential should refer to the reality, right? "Night Shadow Jie retorted," Games are games. It is impossible … "
"Shut up" I hit him on the head and grabbed his collar with one hand. "If you don’t believe me, try it! 」
"Er, teacher, master, are you going to …"
"That’s right, that’s what you want." Hold hands and I choose him to land. "Are you ready? It’s time to go! 」
"No, no! Your roots are pushing me into a fire pit! No way! "He struggled to scream.
"come on! "Ignored me and threw him directly at the BOSS|| || armored robot.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." After a series of screams, he fell to the back of the robot.
Found his armored robot moving.
"Blood teacher to prepare! "I raised my hand with a long knife and shouted at the crowd," Spells, bombs, machine props, whatever they can attack, throw them in! 」
"Hey! Don’t be ridiculous. I’m still in here! "Night shadow jie roar loud.
"Then you can think of some way to live! "I attacked the robot with a knife.
"pounds! "There was a loud noise, and its gun body blocked my attack. The big umbrella swept away against the robot’s foot.
"yeah! Not down "umbrella, he swung again.
"Its feet are harder than you think."
When the robot arm swung, I climbed his shoulder and poked the blade at the shoulder joint, trying to peel it off.
I shook the armor several times, but I made a small hole in it. I was accidentally grabbed by it and threw it aside to knock the wall out of a big hole.
"Pain …" Just hold your feet and the machine gun came at me. In an emergency, I quickly put up a protective shield to stop the bomb.
After the first attack, the robot strode towards me.
"Cat! Hide! "It people shouted at me.
"Howl ||" A shower of arrows suddenly appeared and inserted the robot into a hedgehog.
Because of this arrow rain, the robot turned and rushed towards Aquila.
"Hey hey come on! Ready to set off fireworks! "The new killer and Aquinas are holding long bows and arrows with explosives at the top.
At the same time, the two men put two arrows into the robot chest, and the blasting power finally shattered its chest armor smoothly.
"See! 」
Night Shadow Jie grabbed a long knife and rushed to the robot to aim at the red chip on his chest, ready to hit the robot hand at the same moment to form a bayonet and hold it high.
"Idiot! "I quickly ran towards him.
Blink an instant bayonet through the night shadow Jay’s chest and his blade stops in front of the red chip.
"Didn’t I tell you to think before you act? "I denounced.
Cut the robot arm directly with a big knife and rescue him from the knife edge.