Sister, why do you always say nothing? What the hell do you want?

Good silence. There was a piece of silver building in front of it in less than ten minutes.
"Here we are!" Zhou Ye’s surprise is here!
Lake, I miss you so much!
Chapter 525 Once the landlord misses for life.
"What is this place?" Don’t touch me. I slowed down. Both of them stared at the building in front.
Sunshine galaxy maple is really shining.
All the buildings are like stacks of galaxies cut from heaven.
There is also a guardrail outside the building to enclose the inside.
Seeing that there is a security post at the door, Zhou Ye is a little hesitant. "Is this it?"
Navigation is really here, and the owner of the villa also made it clear that he would arrive when he saw a silver building.
Good to see the arrival of this car. Security guards have come out and waved their hands and stopped touching me.
When Zhou Ye drove into the car, a lake appeared.
"Is there really a lake?"
"Ah, I see, this is my friend’s construction site!" Zhou ye suddenly
"This is Huanzhou New Town!" Sister said, "Is this your friend’s construction site?"
"Yes, this is it!" Zhou Ye is too sure because this is the place where Zhuang has shown off several times.
Why is there a lake in a place like this?
"Ah, it can’t be my friend. I dug a lake!" Zhou Ye was moved by "good brothers are loyal!"
Next to the younger sister looked at Zhou Ye like a fool.
Zhuang is not far from being prepared.
Trees were planted by the lake to cover a boulevard, and wooden benches were installed on one side of the road. Besides, fishing rods and fishing nets were placed … Why are there fishing nets? Don’t I know how to net fish, Master Zhuang?
In addition, there are barbecue grills, seasonings, various ingredients and so on.
The fish in the lake are swimming around in groups, and you can catch them with your hand.
Zhou Ye is still very happy to play with her sister, but she just doesn’t know why she is silent when she chats.
Zhou Ye Huanmei doesn’t like talking very much.
At noon, Zhou Ye said, "Are you hungry? My friend has prepared a chef for me. "
Zhou Ye looked around and saw a building next to her, with her sister walking past with the door closed.
Sister took a look at this building, which is a simple doorway building on the roadside. There is a table in it, which is very simple.
Are you sure this isn’t a roadside shop?
Sure enough, the manor chef Feng Bin has prepared a sumptuous meal here.
"Please slow down" Feng Bin disappeared after preparing the meal. Improper light bulb.
After a quiet meal, my sister said, "I’m a little tired. Go home."
"Are you going back?" Zhou Ye grinned and I didn’t even get my little hand.
But my sister said so. What can Zhou Ye say? Can wonder to drive my sister home
Sister didn’t invite Zhou Ye to sit after the car, but politely said, "Thank you for taking me to the lake to play today. The food is beautiful and delicious. I thank you very much."
"You’re welcome. Keep in touch."
"Good" sister smiled.
Zhou Ye returned the car to Zhang Nan Zhang Nan and asked, "How? How’s it going? What’s the situation like? The brothers are waiting! "
"I think … it’s ok." Zhou Ye was a little guilty.
"Well …" Zhang Nan a wink how to feel a little bad?
Zhou Ye returned to his home, and a group of people were asking what was going on. Zhou Ye didn’t know what was going on.
Finally, he got up the courage to send a message to his sister.
"Play also heart today? When will you go out to play next time? "
"It won’t happen again."
"Huh?" Zhou Ye one leng.
"I don’t like people who brag too much."
Zhou ye was shocked. I didn’t brag!
"One, you said frankly that you didn’t touch me. I really have a good impression on you. Don’t touch me. I said that I attach great importance to this blind date. Frankly, I borrowed it and said that you are sincere."
"But then you brag too much!"
"Your friend gave you something worth millions. Your friend built a tunnel. Your friend bought a valley. Your friend set up billboards. Your friend’s construction site is Atlas State New Town. Your friend also dug a lake! It’s a roadside shop. You have to say that your friend helped you prepare a chef. "
"Bragging is tax-free, but please have some IQ at least, okay?"
"I came to think that you are quite good. I specially asked the introduction aunt to inquire about your family situation."
"I knew it very well before I got married."
"I know your family is an ordinary family, and both parents are working-class people. I don’t expect to be particularly superior. I can accept working with a young and ambitious man, even if it is poor, but I don’t want my future partner to be a boastful braggart."