Zhou Xiaolong immediately found that the lucky cat was surrounded by golden light. What was the reason? !

This means that this lucky cat is not an ordinary decoration, and it is likely to be a magical spirit! ! !
Chapter 37 Lingqi
The so-called spiritual device is simply an object with spirituality and spiritual power.
It is easy to produce a spiritual thing when a certain number of things are made, such as the kind of fat little carp New Year pictures. It is said that the picture printed in Shihou Zhang is a spiritual picture
Anyone who is lucky enough to buy that painting goes home and sticks to the water tank. The water in the water tank will never be stored, and the water tank is always inexhaustible.
What do you mean by this? Zhou Xiaolong feels that seeing this lucky cat today seems to be a similar spirit.
"Hello, what are you doing here? What can I do for you? !”
At this time, the manager at the door looked at Zhou Xiaolong strangely, but it didn’t seem that he was here to buy something.
What do shoppers usually look at the counter? Why does this teenager keep staring at the lucky cat? !
The store manager is a middle-aged woman. Although she keeps a good figure, her face looks a little old. Her eyebrows are very slender and slightly erect. I feel that this woman should not have a good temper, let alone be gentle.
"Can you lift the lucky cat and have a look?" Zhou Xiaolong said to the manager
"What? !” The manager seems to feel that Zhou Xiaolong is looking for something. When his temper comes, his tone becomes cold
"I’m here to help you solve the case. If you don’t believe me, you can lift the lucky cat and solve the case!" Zhou Xiaolong said gently
Zhou Xiaolong’s words will definitely not be listened to by the manager, but at this moment, the owner of this store walks downstairs.
Maybe the boss saw Zhou Xiaolong so imposing and didn’t feel like a mortal.
So the boss said to the store manager, "Just listen to him pick up the lucky cat and have a look …"
Since the boss has sent a message, the manager naturally wants to listen.
Zhou Xiaolong motioned the manager to pick up the lucky cat. Although the manager was puzzled, he did it, but when she held the lucky cat in her hand, her face immediately showed surprise.
"It’s … like … like something! ? ?” The manager looked at Zhou Xiaolong and turned back to the boss and said
Why did the store manager say that? Because she heard a metal crash and came out of the belly of the lucky cat. Unfortunately, she rummaged through it several times and couldn’t find any gap in the lucky cat.
Maybe I was nervous, maybe my hand slipped, and the lucky cat fell to the ground.
Lucky cat is porcelain, which easily breaks. Zhou Xiaolong’s mouth twitches. It’s a pity that such a good spirit is destroyed, but what can he say?
However, some people in the place were shocked to see the lucky cat hit the ground, so there were many gold rings, necklaces and bracelets carved on the lucky cat fragment.
"This ….. this is to lose that a batch of gold jewelry! ! !” The boss made a mistake.
The boss was the first to pick up those gold ornaments from the ground, took a look at them and soon recognized them as the ones he put in the safe himself and later stole.
"It’s no wonder that the jewelry was hidden in the belly of the lucky cat. Didn’t it be discovered? !”
"Yes, when was this hidden? I didn’t notice it every day. !”
"I am also arguably, if someone hides these gold ornaments in the belly of a lucky cat, we should be able to see them? !”
"It’s really unnoticed? !”
Wang Dafu’s shop assistants were all shocked and whispered to each other for a while. Their eyes were shocked and incredible when they looked at Zhou Xiaolong.
Maybe the shop assistants are thinking, can this young man with strange hairstyle be counted?
How did he know that these gold ornaments were hidden in the belly of a lucky cat? Did he observe them before?
All the shop assistants can’t figure it out, and the manager can’t figure it out, but she also knows that it’s not the time to ask Zhou Xiaolong.
The female store manager raised her eyebrows but looked at Yang Li.
Yang Li, the security guard of this store, should at least observe more carefully than her.
Besides, all the employees know that Yang Li cleans this lucky cat every day. If you want to say that this matter has nothing to do with Yang Li, no one can trust it.
"Lao Yang this is how to return a responsibility? !” Before the manager asked Wang Dafu, the boss asked Yang Li first.
"I … I don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t know there would be gold in the lucky cat." Yang Li spread his hands and said, "Although I wipe this lucky cat every day, I never moved it! I have never hit it! "
"Lao Yang, you said yourself that you wipe this lucky cat every day, and you are the easiest to tamper with it …" The manager chimed in.
"How can I tamper with it?" Yang Li looked aggrieved. "This lucky cat is placed in such a conspicuous place. If I make a small move, so many people in the store look at it. It is impossible for no one to see it. Do all employees cooperate with me to steal jewelry? !”
Listening to Yang Li’s words, all the clerks nodded secretly, and it is true that there are so many people and so many pairs of eyes in this shop. Yang Li can’t tamper with such a conspicuous place without being found.
However, after listening to Yang Li’s words, the manager’s face faded a lot, because listening to Yang Li’s words is also reasonable
"It’s really strange that this lucky cat can’t be stuffed with such a big object as a bracelet without his gouges where whole pieces were missing …" Boss Wang Dafu said.
On the one hand, the boss is also at a loss. This lucky cat was brought back when he traveled from the island country. Later, he put a decorative base in the store and didn’t take it seriously.
Although the lucky cat’s paw is detachable, it’s a small hole. It’s okay to put a ring in it. It’s as big as a bracelet. How can you get into this lucky cat without being solved? !
I bowed my head and thought for a long time. Boss Wang Dafu racked his brains and didn’t figure it out, but he had already seen that the big pill-headed guy in front of the counter must be an expert.