Speaking of which, when the curtain falls, I patted my shoulder.

"To be honest, although I hate to say it, I have to say that your shoulders are really heavy at this time."
When I heard the ending, I thought it was a long breath and then I squeezed out a smile.
"Not as strong as I am."
I have a strong command.
It looks like a word of comfort, but it reflects Fang Xiang’s extreme unwillingness to end, and he opened his mouth and didn’t speak again.
And the car he was driving soon came to the Fantasy Westward Journey Hall.
Looking at the magic capital, this dream westward journey club is located.
Fang Xiang is also full of regrets.
A few years ago, the dream westward journey just rose, and at that time, it once fell to the bottom. Who would have thought that the dream westward journey could still meet the difficulties and was given such attention by the society?
Even successfully entered foreign countries.
Even if these are not mentioned, this is the huge building in front of us. A few years ago, who would have thought that such a building would be a special hall for the Fantasy Westward Journey Competition?
In the final analysis, this reality is due to the official insistence on thanking Suk, Fang Xiang and others for taking the dream westward journey for three times.
As the end of the curtain said, it is really a heavy responsibility to think about it at this moment!
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Laughter repeatedly
Because people think they are going to the special passage to enter the gate, but no one else has passed by.
And the other party wants to watch it for more than ten minutes before it slowly opens its mouth.
"Almost. Let’s go in."
Nodding his head, Fang wanted to enter the Fantasy Westward Journey Hall together with the ending.
There is still one hour before the semi-final match starts.
Modu airport
Because this competition is held exclusively by Netease, Ding Sanshi also personally rushed to the scene to meet Suk.
Looking at Ding Sanshi and his party coming from the plane, Suk and Wan are both stunned.
"Su Shao has worked hard all the way."
After seeing Suk, Ding Sanshi also smiled and shook hands with Suk, and then smiled at Ah Wan, who was beside Suk, as a greeting.
"Director Ding’s pleasantries are not to mention. The 3s Championship is currently the event with the highest gold content in the history of fantasy westward journey. It is my honor that you can ask me to be the commentator for this kind of competition."
Sook will naturally say pleasantries, and Ding Sanshi will smile again after hearing Sook’s words.
"But really speaking, although foreign countries refused to let Su Shao you old urk participate in the competition, I personally think that the final champion must be the strongest team in our country."
"oh? Is this your personal meaning or the official meaning? "
After hearing Ding Sanshi’s words, Suk showed an intriguing smile, and after seeing Suk’s smile, Ding Sanshi laughed and let out a ha ha, which led the topic to the past.
"Now the teams are already in the hall, Su Shao. Do you think we should go directly to the hall or not?"
"Go directly to the guild hall."
Suk nodded and said
So the group bought two Mercedes-Benz cars and hurried to the Magic Dream Westward Journey Hall.
There is still half an hour before the semi-final.
The Fantasy Journey to the West Hall was already packed, and all the ticket departments were snapped up when they first started selling. This is compared with the previous seating rate of 10% and 90%. It can be said that even when some A-list stars hold concerts, there may not be such a hot scene!
It was also at this time that there was a commotion in the crowd.
Because a few people walked out of the field channel.
And these people will not be strangers if they have dream friends!
Ding Sanshi, the boss of Netease, is at the front, while Suk and Wan are behind Ding Sanshi.
This ranking is also due to Suk’s intention. Before Ding Sanshi wanted to say that Suk should go ahead of him, but this is the official stadium after all. If he really goes ahead of Ding Sanshi, it will definitely cause many malicious people to guess that it is better to let Ding Sanshi go ahead.
Although everyone is familiar with Ding Sanshi, all the commotion points are not around Ding Sanshi, but-
Around that man with strange color behind Ding Sanshi!
"It’s …"
"Brother S … s……sk?"
"oh, my god! It’s brother sk! Can it be said that brother sk will explain the semi-finals and finals? ? ?”
When more and more people see Suk clearly, this discussion will be loud and clear.
And there are more than 100,000 dream friends on the spot, but there are not all the dream friends in the country. There are some dream friends from foreign students and a few who come from abroad to watch the game. When foreign dream friends look at the male figure behind Ding Sanshi, their eyes are also full of light!
This man’s name is sk.
Is a man who once led a dream westward journey!