Lin Yi saw Dad looking at the door in a trance and asked, "Can Dad have something?"

"No, no," Qin Gumei came to her senses to hide it, and then he took the game in Lin Yi’s hand and said, "You have worked hard to get back all the way, change clothes and eat something, and then give it to Dad."
Lin Yi said, "Then please dad."
Qin Gu Mei took one look at the house and whispered, "Until now, you and Fang Qin’s family are the two veins, and that animal’s frenzied father just didn’t raise him, so you’re left with Xiaofu. You must have a boy and let me have Qin’s family veins constantly …"
Lin Yi smiled and nodded.
Lin Yi washed herself first, changed her clothes and ate something.
Then he left the courtyard and headed for the Chamber.
Halfway through a garden, I saw Xiao Quefeng standing motionless in a corner of the garden.
Lin Yi then walked over.
It turned out that Quefeng caught a big mouse. He tied the mouse with a rope and hung it by its front paws. He watched it struggle desperately. He had been watching it for almost an hour. Whenever the mouse was tired and struggled again, Quefeng stabbed the mouse with a steel needle, and the mouse continued to struggle with a squeak.
Lin Yi looked at the mouse and thought that the child was so withdrawn and eccentric.
Lack of front looked up at the eye Lin Yi and turned his attention to the exhausted mouse.
He said, "Lin Shu, I want to get out of here. I want to find my friends."
Lin Yi knows that besides Su Jiner’s lack of front with him, others don’t say anything, and it’s very difficult to get along with others. He and Su Jiner have gone through these changes one after another and have no time to manage the lack of front, which really left him out.
Lin Yi felt a little guilty. He touched Xiao Quefeng’s head and said, "Do you blame Lin Shu for not teaching you swordsmanship and not accompanying you?"
It was a steel needle in his hand, but the mouse was stabbed again.
The mouse gave a sharp squeak and twitched in pain.
Lin Yi pointed out that the wind hit the mouse and ended its painful fate.
Lin Yi said, "Uncle Lin has had too many things recently, so uncle Lin will ask someone to teach you swordsmanship first. I will teach you when I have it, okay?"
At this time, Taishimin came to the garden and she approached, "Lin Wang, everyone is waiting for you in the Chamber now, and the Duke has arrived."
Lin Yi said to the lack of front, "I have something important to discuss and we will talk about it later."
There is no lack of front.
After Lin Yi and Tai Shimin left the garden, Quefeng took out a small cage from the grass and there was a mouse in it. He grabbed the mouse and tied its front paws to hang it …
Lu Taishi Miner said to Lin Yi, "Wang Lin, when you told us to accompany Quefeng, but this child was really weird and cold. Yesterday, I accompanied him for more than an hour and talked to him in a different way, but since then, he said two words and he was so young, but it made me feel very uneasy. Wang Lin, did you see him torture that mouse?"
Lin Yi didn’t speak to him with a sigh.
The boy who is short of front is really too cold. Lin Yi is very suspicious that his blood is cold.
Lin Yi and Tai Shimin came to the front door of the Chamber and stood two rows of guards.
Seeing Lin Yi coming, one of them shouted "Lin Wang is here!"
Lin Yi and Tai Shimin entered the Chamber, where there were sixty-seven heads of various sects.
On the left are the first elite factions of Huajia, Majia, Taishi, Kongjia, Shengui Island, Flying Tiger Race Historian and broken arrow Guliangjia.
On the right are the leaders and elites of the Huyan Zhou family, the Zuo family, the Zeng family and the South Courtyard.
Su Qinghou sits at the head of the left.