Is this a Buddhist? I’ve thought about it, but it’s not Buddhist. What do you want with us? Sang Yu belongs to Taoism, and I belong to Yin and Yang. I really don’t know what it is.

It’s not surprising to see that we don’t understand him and take a deep breath-why do you say that ghosts are fine and take a deep breath? -"Six paths of Penglai Fairy Mountain turn over the ghosts of all beings and re-enter reincarnation.
Section one hundred and forty Penglai sentient beings ghost phase
"Ah, Sang Yu jumped up like a cat with its tail stepped on and even stepped back a few steps. His eyes were full of fear!
Dang got up in a hurry. She dropped the M5, and it was crunchy, but she didn’t pick it up! Pointing to Zhi Guangxiu, "You, you, you, you, how do you know the ghosts of Penglai …"
I’ve never seen a young lady so surprised!
Sang Yu and I have experienced a lot of things together. The nazgul, the troll and the ninja even said that Qiong Qi had seen fear, but everyone had it. But it was a surprise and fear. This was the first time for me to be so rude and stepped on my tail. There was also a gentleman from the Wangs, but this guy heard the noise and something was wrong. After running over to protect Sang Yu, "What’s wrong?" Although surprised, but not scared, I can see that the first thing is that I don’t know about it, and the second thing is that it should be a royal secret, but it’s nothing … damn it!
At this time, I figured out the smell. The half-day wisdom show has always been aimed at Sang Yu and me!
"It’s okay a surprised a at first glance! -You chat with brother Guangxiu and I ask your elder sister something. "I got up and Wang Xi pushed to the front of Guangxiu." You two brothers get together first and don’t bother me. "I pulled Sang Yu behind me.
The fire in your eyes is burning!
Would you like to say it? Anyway, the posture is not willing because of the face or panic. Anyway, Sang Yu and I walked more than ten meters and pulled a little distance from them. "Uh, Sang Yu, what’s going on here? Tell me about it, okay? " I leaned in with my face. "You can’t let me know nothing, can you? If you don’t tell me something, I’ll be ashamed. I don’t know anything … Come on, tell me something. "
Sang Yu was startled by my words. She waved her hand and shook her head.
"Oh, no, no, I really can’t tell you …"
She’s got a bit of a temper recently-I just stare at him with a big smile on my face and don’t talk.
"Oh, don’t stare at me like that … I won’t say anything even if you pretend to be pathetic …"
Keep staring!
"Don’t do this. You make it difficult for me …"
Go on!
"I really can’t … er, my dad will kill me … I’m afraid of you … I can tell you something …" Sang Yu finally couldn’t stand her moaning and said surrender. "This still has to start with the cult of the Five Dooms …"
As mentioned earlier, Wang Jialai’s ancestors were the leaders of Wudoumi Sect in Jiangdong, that is, after the leader of Jiangdong Sect, Zhang Lu’s demotion of Cao was blocked, and the followers denounced that this was contrary to the teachings of their ancestors, so they left the Sect one after another, and the leaders of Wang Jiangdong Sect took the lead in selling the real estate in their home and bought a sea boat and went out to sea.
At that time, the Three Kingdoms were at war, and Zhou Yu wished that hundreds of thousands of believers would split up-instead of stopping it, it helped the Wangs find a big ship, and Wang finally crossed the sea and regained his foothold in Southeast Asia.
The Wangs are a big family, and they have been paying great attention to the situation in the Three Kingdoms at that time. After Ma Chao went to Shu, they had their own plans-they made a copy of Yu Fu-to, the founder of Jiao Zhongbao, and got a backup. After Zhang Lu’s fall from Cao, the real thing changed to Jane, and then they crossed the sea.
Since we’re leaving, we have to get some money to save our lives, right?
Zhang Tianshi handwritten this orphan, although it is not the only thing in it, but after all, it was written by a grandparent. I think the Wangs had a grandparent to order the congregation. As a result, many spells in the dynasty were lost in the Wangs for a long time, and it turned back to Tianshi Daoshen.
Zhi Guangxiu said that the ghosts of all beings in Penglai are the same as those in the manuscript!
Sang Yu is a little vague here. Anyway, it means that the Wangs found their ancestors in the handwritten copy and left a clue. According to the clue, they can find Penglai Fairy Mountain!
Penglai Fairy Mountain? !
Is this thing really there?
It is said that there are ancient altars, and unclean souls can be purified here and re-entered into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma-it is equivalent to a rebirth place for cursed souls such as zombies, blood babies, monsters and ghosts.
In order to achieve lasting life and strength, these things go against the sky by hook or by crook. Although there are loopholes in heaven, their purpose is realized, but they are abandoned by heaven and earth, hated by yin and yang. They have lost three souls and only seven’ o methods to enter reincarnation. Once they are killed, they will disappear. Death is the real meaning!
Heaven will take it; Tian Dao heng ye!
The only salvation is the so-called’ six great crossings’ in the holy land!
Hey, Sang Yu, I’ve learned that it’s better to be ashamed than to be left out in front of our own people, right? I also understand the reason why Sang Yu was surprised-don’t say such a thing, even if I fold and the safe password is known by brother Guangxiu, it is estimated that his face is not much better!
Connected with this section also know how to deal with him "Sang Yu, do you think so? We don’t care about anything. Let’s give this matter to your father or master to get it-they should handle it better than we do.
I don’t want to care about this. I really don’t want to care! Come on, Sang Yu and Wang Xi and I are not too white. This is equivalent to giving several junior high school students calculus exercises to do. Even if you are gifted, you have to have a formula to substitute. Have you finished fooling around?
Sang Yu did think about this problem, even if I didn’t discuss it, she was ready to give it to her father. On the contrary, after I came out, she felt at ease. It is best to keep this secret secret secret and find out the ins and outs at the same time.
At least not with us.
Back in front of Zhiguangxiu, Sang Yu and I are smiling and calm, and ghosts can see that they are much more friendly-don’t say it’s really this ghost. "Penglai Fairy Mountain is still a clue and we haven’t found the real entrance and method. Even if we promise you, we won’t be able to give you six big turns for a while; There is also the fact that we are a little weak in this matter, and we may have to ask the elders in our family to do it … Otherwise, you can tell us what you know first, and it depends on the meaning of your family. "
Zhiguangxiu looked at us for half a day and didn’t speak for a while before he said, "Good!
Is this decision too funny? Come on, I’m going to ask for wild speculations, wait for him to sit on the ground and pay back the money, and then discuss how to win the trust. As a result, he simply agreed-hey, I really don’t know what he thinks!
We smiled in a daze. "It’s not as simple as you think. I have an additional condition …"
Tell me about it. I’m afraid you’ll turn the tables when the big problem is solved.
"I want to follow you."
Although so many things have happened today, some things must have become an immortal ghost world. The biggest difference between ghosts and people, demons and vampires is that there is no body, so there should be an object or another body to ensure that he can’t live without it.
Generally speaking, ghosts’ living possession objects have specific requirements, and they can’t be possessed by taking anything casually, or they can be made alive or have special significance. At the same time, the structure and texture are also particular. First of all, if they have special significance, they will have some kind of spiritual connection with the three ghosts, which is equivalent to the ability of a coded ghost to enter. In addition, the texture meets the requirements, and the ghost seven’ o will not be rejected and weakened after entering.
Things that can meet these two points are generally unusual, and it is estimated that they can have special significance-maybe he is going to ask us to steal an antique from the Warring States period and then let Ya possess it?