Wave fingers skillfully untie Lin Elaine’s coat. Her dress is a sports ornament with no buttons and zippers. After the wave zippers, there is a white dress inside, and the bra surface is a towering mountain peak. He holds her body slightly with one palm and reaches behind her with the other palm, quickly and flexibly untie her bra, and the jade rabbits are exposed to the light when they jump outward.

These movements of the waves were carried out when he kissed Elaine Lin, who was half drunk and half awake. When she felt that her jade peak was exposed, she made a light call and grabbed the blanket with both hands, and seemed to want to refuse further invasion by the waves.
But her hands are so strong, her body is so delicate, and the waves easily control her hands, and she grabs the blanket with her backhand.
She wanted to grab the blanket, but her hand didn’t catch it. Suddenly, it bounced up like a touch, and quickly grabbed the waves’ hair tightly and deeply. Because the waves kissed her as elegant as a white swan, she kissed her chest all the way along the skin as fragrant as snow and jade. Suddenly, when I opened my mouth, I contained a small, delicate, soft but hard grape …
"Hmm …" Elaine Lin groaned and gasped from her nostrils, half awake and half drunk. She felt that her cheeks were hot and her body was surging with a terrible spring tide, which would overturn her and plunge her into the bottom of the sea so that she would never turn over. She was a little scared and a little hopeful that she would always be occupied by this * *, hoping that this * * would be satisfied. She heard her coquettish and tactfully wheezing, and her blushing cheeks were even more blushing because of * *.
The waves are still gentle and delicate, and the attack is launched. His dexterous tongue wraps around a small grape. The small grape is warm and soft, but now it has become shy and stiff. The tip of the tongue of the wave sucks the roll and sips it. He holds the jade peak in one hand and the other hand is dishonest, stroking another jade peak proudly and sometimes stroking it, and sometimes two fingers gently grip the purplish, lovely, small and exquisite little grape with the peak gently ravaging it.
The waves are rarely so gentle and delicate, and his work style has always been strong and powerful. This time, it can be regarded as a delicate extreme. Elaine Lin is a good girl and has a good taste. It is worth tasting. You must taste it carefully!
The waves tasted a small grape and another small grape. After he tasted the two Yufeng small grapes, he attacked the surface and swam along the flat abdomen. The flat abdomen was smooth and white, and there was a dreamy nest like a surprise. It was Elaine Lin’s navel nest, which was small and exquisite. The tip of the wave was gently detected and made a spin. Elaine Lin suddenly shivered, holding the waves and her hands suddenly tightened.
The lips of the waves are slowly growing. He has never had a hard male glory. Elaine Lin is in a mysterious valley. He appears to his lips and comes to Elaine Lin’s trousers.
Elaine Lin’s trousers are sports jeans with a button on the top. The button surface is zipper. The teeth of the sea wave untie the button, and then the teeth bite the zipper chain and slowly pull his teeth, which makes Elaine Lin feel a strange stimulus, which is not enough to satisfy her female vanity. Moreover, when the teeth of the sea wave bite the zipper and pull it, the hot air from the mouth of the sea wave erupts to her place, which makes her sour and itchy. She can’t say it. She looks up slightly from the ground and looks at the waves. Her head leans over her legs and looks at the waves. While zipping her teeth, she stared at her eyes with a smile that was strange and seductive. She groaned even more, bowed up and looked at the waves, and suddenly a strong impulse came to her legs. Although she knew that the waves would do that soon, she still hoped that his horse would do that …
The waves did that! After his teeth pulled the zipper of Elaine la Jolla, he saw the white underpants inside. He smelled the sour, sweet and strange taste of the underpants. The comprehensive taste like sour milk was the most exciting for men. * * The waves now felt like water burning in the stove, and it was already full. He tried to hold back his desire to taste it step by step. He zipped his pants with his teeth, and at the same time, his hands pulled the trouser legs, so that Elaine la Jolla’s trousers were taken off his knees, and the gullies in the white underpants were revealed!
That slightly towering hill, that slightly plunged into the valley, and quietly and mischievously poked out its head, a few unwilling grass glowed black, showing an attractive luster and snow-white thigh skin, which constituted the most beautiful landscape. The most beautiful landscape was the white underwear that was soaked by the spring water flowing out of Lin Yilian’s body, and a small piece of wet meat was faintly visible in pink flesh color and black grassland …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow
When the waves gently faded Elaine’s underwear, he knew that there was nothing more beautiful than it!
When the waves tried to take off Elaine Lin’s underwear, her lips seemed to shout "No", and her mind also shouted "No" but her body shouted "I want it"! Her consciousness enabled her to raise her hips to match the waves and take off her underwear palms.
The palm of the wave is very hot, which makes Elaine feel very comfortable, exciting and even more exciting. It is the wave that takes off her pants. She closes her eyes and enjoys being undressed. This moment will be the first time for her to show her most mysterious and holy place to a man who has known her for less than five hours!
The waves take off Elaine’s underwear and deliberately slow down, like slow motion. He first glanced at Elaine’s cheek. Elaine’s pink is full of faint purples, which can definitely stimulate men the most. * * Arouse men’s desire. This kind of beauty can, to a certain extent, make men raise their worship thoughts and also make men rise their desire for tyranny and abuse. Unfortunately, the waves belong to the latter!
Elaine Lin is now closing her eyes, and she is shy. Secondly, she enjoys being undressed for a moment. She feels that she didn’t see the waves. There is a trace of tyranny in the evil smile. If she is seen by women, this kind of smile can also make women raise two thoughts. One is fear, the other is excitement. Of course, the biggest possibility is that fear and excitement are mixed together. That is the most exciting and heart-wrenching pleasure!
The waves glanced at Elaine’s cheek, then bowed their heads and paid attention to it. Slowly, the white cloth underwear faded away, with a kind of pink flashing, which made people feel comfortable. There was a circle of elastic bands on the top of the underwear, and the legs of the underwear were also in a triangular symmetry. The underwear moved bit by bit, and every inch of Elaine’s snow-white skin showed an extra inch. Soon, it came to an end, and the rich black prairie was one by one. A clump of dazzling grassland has not yet reached the end, and suddenly a faint red corner flashes like a red wall covering the depths of a dense forest, which makes people fascinated, dazzled and imagined.
Elaine suddenly reached out her hand to hold on to the waves so that they wouldn’t continue. She was weak enough to resist the waves, but the wave hand was still firm and hesitant to let go of Elaine’s hand. So she said that the Peach Blossom Spring Mountain appeared in the heavy water …
That hidden black jungle with a touch of thread, a touch of pink petals and a thin flower diameter … my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow, of boughs and flowers, to a Buddhist retreat!
The waves seem to be crazy, and they feel beautiful and shocked when they look at them.
Elaine Lin felt very uncomfortable. She had never shown herself before a man. Now she not only showed her body, but also showed her most precious and mysterious place to a young strange man. She carefully watched the place where her heart beat faster when she was afraid to see it. She twisted her body and seemed to want to get rid of the waves. She seemed to want to hide her shyness, but as soon as she twisted her body, she presented the mysterious peach blossom garden in front of the waves and divided a fine flower path for the waves to peep in.
The waves are not peeking at him, but also looking, smelling, asking and cutting!
He is looking at that place-look!
He also sniffed at the place-smell!
He even reached out to "point" to the place where Shui Ze was warm and shining. He gently pointed his finger, and Elaine was trembling uncontrollably-cut!
Then his lips slowly and gently kissed the place-q!
When the lips of the waves kissed Elaine Lin’s Peach Blossom Garden, Elaine Lin opened her mouth "Ah, ah ….." All of a sudden, she tightened her body, and her pleasure finally rushed to the highest peak, screaming and surging, pushing her wave after wave to the tip of the wind, and then a higher wave came and beat her hard and fiercely to the bottom of the sea … She tightened herself and trembled like a fish, limp and limp!
The waves wouldn’t let her sleep at the bottom of the sea. He deftly stirred her up with the tip of his tongue. He woke her up from the bottom of the sea and sent her to the surface of the sea. The waves pushed her one after another, and then another wave was bigger than another. When a wave was higher than a wave, it sent her to the highest peak, and a higher wave took her to the bottom of the sea! She really can’t stand this sudden high and sudden low parabola, and she can’t stand this sour and painful pleasure, but she can’t bear this feeling, which makes her intoxicated, dizzy, sleepy and rushing!
Every time Elaine Lin tightens and relaxes, a lot of spring water will pour in, and some of this spring water will flow into the lips of the waves that are in close contact with her peach blossom garden.
When Elaine Lin sank to the bottom of the sea for the third time, she couldn’t help but give a surrender signal. Her nerves were a little impatient with this kind of joy and sorrow, which stimulated the waves to let her legs go, put her on a blanket and take off her clothes as soon as possible.
Elaine Lin looked up in her intoxication and opened her eyes, just as she saw the waves hard and straight. The male was majestic and arrogant, and she was eager to move in front of her legs. She couldn’t help but be shocked. It was too thick and too big. Is she feminine?
At this time, the waves have aimed the strong male glory at Elaine Lin’s delicate and tender peach blossom hole and gently ground it. Each grinding makes Elaine Lin’s heart beat faster and her body numb, but she still dare not try. The waves are too big and thick. How painful will it be if she really goes in? She didn’t dare to think that she had imagined the beauty of * *, but when it came to the last moment, she was afraid and cowered. She twisted her legs and tried to push the waves to try not to let them succeed.
By this time, the waves showed his wolf side, and the good horse was about to become fat, so he wouldn’t let her escape. He gently relaxed his ape arm and grabbed her legs and ankles to prevent her from moving. Then the tiger body shook and aimed at the Peach Blossom Garden, and the hard and tall male was in full swing … 1 … 6K novel network mobile phone WAP …
"Oops …" The huge indescribable pain made Elaine Lin’s eyes black and her brain white, and she almost fainted. Her lips were closed, her teeth were clenched, her brows were tight, and her body tightened. Every cell told her that she couldn’t bear this kind of broken melon pain. She clamped her legs tightly and clamped the waist of the waves. She clamped tightly and tightly to prevent the waves from moving a little.