He doesn’t know the price, forget it.

It’s not easy to shoot yet
By comparison
It’s more realistic to grab mobile phones, wallets and watches!
in this regard
Olga’s face still looks cool and satisfied.
Seat said some.
"I like this place, this custom."
Say it.
In the driver’s puzzled eyes
He directly hit the locked car door and went to it, leaving it behind.
at this moment
The driver was immediately furious and wanted to shout when he felt that he was being treated as the car door was locked.
"You …"
Holding a gun in his hand, he immediately wanted a gun.
But before he finished those moves, his face and body, which were a little lean, swelled up as if they were quickly inflated.
"poof ~"
Like a balloon leaking.
His eyeballs were first squeezed out by high pressure, and then the brains of various organs came out from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears one after another.
All kinds of foul-smelling plasma filth.
in the twinkling of an eye
Filled with the whole taxi department
Let it become a closed pool of blood.
Only a whole human skin floats
Let the whole alley be filled with a kind of silence, fear of silence and fear …
And Olga, who had already taken a taxi, had already walked out of the quiet alley and came to the busy street. He looked at the well-dressed white-collar workers on both sides of the street and looked at the tramps, addicts and gangsters in every corner of the street.
Same street
Heaven and hell are close at hand but organized.
to tell the truth
Olga likes this feeling very much.
Although it still tastes a little worse.
But the sense of disorder is already there.
If a few more alien spacecraft bomb the streets in a circular way and a few cannibals show their cooking skills on the spot and everything is still in order, then the taste will be moderate.
When the time comes, he will also give a little blessing here.
But unfortunately.
The purity here is not enough
You need more exercise …
Those passers-by were surprised to see Olga, a person who is expensive to wear at first sight, walking out of a remote alley alone.
Jietou alley
Gotham is not a good place to go in and out.
If you are not careful, someone will ask you for money, and please try your fist.
From time to time
It will be pulled out of two bodies …
Even if Gotham people are used to the big scene so early, they are not too surprised after all.
In the eye
More curious about the devil’s corner above Olga’s head.
I think each other’s headdress is very innovative and special.
Has a different aesthetic feeling.
It can be said that Olga is still so maverick
Although it has become a human form, it has not completely changed …
Two hours later.
With a scream from the cleaner
The taxi in the alley was finally found abnormal.
After the alarm, the cleaner was also left with a psychological shadow that he would never forget all his life
By the way, the other party has automatically infected all horror movies since then …
Of course, although the Gotham police are well-informed, the beach stuff in the taxi is clean and tidy, which makes them vomit in their consciousness.
Many police officers have the idea of retiring on the spot.
Even the famous [Gotham Police Department] [Director James Gordon] was born with physical discomfort after visiting the scene.
"Oh … Xie Te …"