It is possible that the eternal yintie is buried deep in the trench, and it depends on the opportunity to obtain the eternal yintie in the ordinary situation of embedding Sun Haoshen’s trench wall.

The birth of a piece of iron in Qingyun Harbor is very dramatic.
A monk Tsukiji accidentally caught a small octopus and found the eternal yintie from its belly. It is said that when the eternal yintie was born ten years ago, the sea animals in the Shasiman trench almost suffered extinction, and a large number of large and small sea animals were killed by Gu.
But I didn’t find a half-year-old shadow.
In the end, the monks wantonly wreaked havoc and angered the king in the deep trench.
The king’s giant-eyed squid and the foot-deformed overlord chapter successively came to Brother Taobao in this world, and one of the top-class sea vessels was overturned, and two sea vessels and small sea vessels were not counted.
Smaller ships are even swallowed alive with people and boats.
It’s hard to believe that there is such a fierce beast in the Shasiman Trench. It’s hard to believe that the two fierce beasts raged for a while, and the trench calmed down.
Sea animals reproduce again.
The two fierce beasts sank into the depths of the trench again, but they wouldn’t come out easily unless they made too much noise.
After ten thousand years, Sun Hao consulted a lot of information, but there was no information to remember how to distinguish and how to explore.
Although Sun Haoshi has been preparing for many years, there is no good way to find Wannian Yintie.
Wannian Yintie will not respond if it is not Lingzhi Mudan; Wannian Yintie is not a small flame of spiritual fire and will not respond; Wannian Yintie is not a spirit with soil properties, and it is difficult to react even if the dust capacity is limited.
It is said that Taoist Duobao also visited the Shasiman Trench in those days, but it is a pity that Yintie could not even smell the smell of his "treasure mouse" and returned in disgrace.
Sun Hao, the trench wall, thought for a moment, and a glittering compass appeared in his hand with a vibration of his wrist.
Compass is the "mending the sky plate" that Sun Hao left behind by the young and old found in the fairy gate when he first entered the fairy gate.
Whether you can find the Wannian Yintie depends on whether there is any strange reaction in the "mending the sky plate"
If there is no response, Sun Hao can really get lucky.
Sun Hao guessed that the patch plate should be the base quality of Sumeru condensate tower in Untitled Scholar’s hand as well as the magic weapon fragments, just like grandma sparrow sent the fragments of the big summer dragon sparrow.
And it should be the most important and the largest, and it still retains some basic functional fragments.
Sun Hao was awarded two refining schemes for Sumitomo Condensing Tower. The second scheme is to make up the sky plate as the base to smelt Wannian Yintie, underground fire sand and soil to make the pagoda.
Strictly speaking, this scheme is just a patching scheme.
Since it is a repair, if the magic weapon level of Sumeru condensate tower is high enough, it will probably be induced to repair the urgently needed refining material.
Especially after approaching a certain distance, the induction ability will be greatly enhanced.
Sun Hao didn’t take it out to study after taking over the patch from Xu Zongzhu, but he hasn’t found anything in front. Now I wonder if there will be.
Sun Hao could not help but feel familiar, kind and warm in his heart. It seems that Sun Hao has a pair of eyes looking at Sun Hao, but Sun Hao can feel his unparalleled spirituality.
In my heart, a stream of Qing Di Mudan Stone Fetus Immortality True Yuan was injected into the patch panel, which was driven by Sun Hao according to the formula of young and old.
Different from Qinglao, Sun Hao didn’t refine the sky plate.
Sun Hao couldn’t bear to erase all the faces that were once young and old. Besides, he needs to use the patch to refine Sumeru condensate tower, and the refining effect will be better after the refining is completed.
Sun Haoneng simply drives it because there is no refining and sky-patching station.
Qing Di Mudan stone tire grows forever, and the blue light is injected into the sky plate, and the blue light begins to shine. The compass gradually forms and finally forms a needle shaped like a compass. The needle shakes for a while and slowly stops.
Sun Hao takes a look at the blue needle pointing obliquely to the trench as if it were firmly pointing to the needle.
Sun Hao couldn’t help secretly enjoying himself.
Patching the sky plate really responded.
The green light needle is bound to mean something, even if it is not the eternal yin iron, it is definitely helpful for mending the sky plate.
Face smiled. Sun Haoshen’s crimson light flashed through the gods and rushed out, covering the body surface.
Put away the water droplets and do all the water pressure to impact and squeeze Sun Hao from all sides, but Sun Hao was blocked by the gods.
Nodding slightly did not feel too much pressure as Sun Hao expected.
Sun Hao, holding the patch plate with his left hand, began to dive rapidly according to the direction indicated by the green light needle.
As Sun Haoqian fills the sky, the plate is slightly green and more energetic. The needle is aimed at Sun Hao’s front and vibrates like waking Sun Hao’s good things ahead.
Sun Hao dived to a distance of 300 feet, put away the compass with a jerk of his wrist and looked thoughtfully at the dark sea at the same time.
There are many shadows in the sea ahead of the gods.
A huge sea hole in the trench wall, a huge shadow at the mouth of the sea, shuttled back and forth.
Don’t move, lie on the trench wall, Sun is bold and unrestrained, and observe carefully.
Godsworn’s knowledge was suppressed to some extent in the deep sea.
Sun Hao’s knowledge of Xiu Yuan’s ultra-refined gas is that the sea animals found an abnormality before they found themselves.
Sun Hao didn’t expect that the patch disk was actually a huge sea animal community.
A huge Lena manatee herd
The huge sea cave is a manatee’s nest, and Sun Hao’s gods have not been able to sweep to the bottom of the nest. I don’t know how many manatees live in the nest
From the mouth of the cave, the number of manatees in the nest is even quite large.
The haunt value of Lena sea cowhide is not too high. Sun Haoyuan didn’t intend to shoot Lena manatee.
However, the patch panel actually pointed Sun Hao to the manatee nest.
More than that
When Sun Hao gradually touched a certain distance near the manatee nest, the stone tire, that is, the tiny dust, actually had a filar silk reaction
As the discovery of haixuanshi, the dust shows a faint desire.
Manatee nests have earthy spirits?
Can strengthen the spirit of micro-dust?
It seems that it is necessary to wipe out Lena’s cattle.
After thinking about it, Sun Hao clung to the trench wall and gradually disappeared into the trench wall.
Trench walls are also soil properties, and soil evasion can still be done.
However, the pressure in the sea is huge, and the soil escape technique is also greatly suppressed. Sun Hao can only escape into the soil to a depth of less than half a foot, and the speed of escape has also been greatly suppressed.